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  1. New Secret Band LP is pretty great
  2. My favourite bit of that After The Burial guitarist bit is this: After which he tells the story of what happened on the 6th of June, followed by what happened on the 7th of June...
  3. Burgers aren't great. The fries are quite nice though (especially the cajun ones) and you get a sizable portion for the price, unlimited refills on drinks too.
  4. If you like the idea of a James Bond film crossing with Kick-Ass, go see it. If you think that is a shit idea, don't bother. Simple.
  5. or have they dropped that bit of the plot? He is . Saw this last week at a preview screening. Film was a fucking riot. Over the top violence, a few nice scenes with excellent cinematography. The .
  6. zektbach


    So this is some good shit. Her debut album is coming out on the 19th of September, not usually my thing, but everything I've heard from the album so far is pointing to it being one of my favourite albums of the year (click album cover for Soundcloud with 7 tracks) : Videos: Latest track released from the album: Lowell - LGBT
  7. If you like these you should listen to more FACT. New album is pretty damn good and has delightful artwork to boot:
  8. zektbach

    Tesla Boy

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b7cj4zWiyo Yes!
  9. There's a guy who regularly does music from Konami's GuitarFreaks series of games called Asaki. His second solo album just came out, I personally think its brilliant. A wee bit mental, the vocals might put off a few, but it's rifftastic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37OHTx1LYKQ
  10. Really salty McDonald's fries dipped in their strawberry milkshake.
  11. Anyone watch The Retinal Circus the other night? Bloody brilliant
  12. I just got my 'By A Thread' DVDs, holy fuck... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57hs37Yq_3s It's very rare that I would buy any live shows on DVD, but this was totally worth it.
  13. Why aren't more people playing this on muk? I'm glaringradio/Zektbach, Ship 2, block 20 when available, 22 when not. Only level 8 but having so very much fun. Spending hours dancing and chatting in the lobby has never felt so good.
  14. This is better than PSO. So so so much better. I think I could spend a full day in the character creator alone.
  15. It's growing on me. I do love Glissandra though, a really nice track.
  16. Listening to the new Smashing Pumpkins album and it's actually good... What the fuck?
  17. zektbach

    Short Songs

    Doll by the Foo Fighters wins this thread by a golden mile.
  18. I need to know the name and location of this pub. Were they definitely proper sized bags? 95p is a bloody bargain.
  19. Hanover, PA (Pennsylvania) They are absolutely fucking magnificent though, however I suspect you're being gouged at your pub for a packet of them given that now most ASDA/Sainsburys large-stores are stocking them for £1.29 a bag. Recently, although it isn't relating to crisps, I have tried all of the varieties of the new Sensations Nuts range. Honestly, I can't fault any of them. The Californian Honey & Salted Peanuts are just the most addictive snack food ever, whilst the Mexican Smoked Chilli Coated Peanuts are my new favourite crunchy snack. The other 4 flavours are equally delicious, but don't approach the aforementioned pair. The one thing I will say is to wait until they're on offer. £2.49 for a pack is pretty ridiculous, however Sensations Crisps went for that amount a bag when the range was first introduced, so hopefully their new snacks will go down around the £1-£1.50 a bag mark.
  20. Do not do this. The materials you gain from the blacksmith, you can just purchase in numerous amounts on the auction house for dead cheap. Any weapons you get, blue or yellow, if you don't need them sell them to merchants. If you get any legendaries that you don't need, throw them up on the auction house or give them to a friend. In my experience, never waste any of your auction slots on anything other than legendary equipment or high level gems.
  21. Check to see if you have any Tesco Extra stores nearby. That's where I got my copy of the Standard Edition, £32.91
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