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  1. New Secret Band LP is pretty great
  2. My favourite bit of that After The Burial guitarist bit is this: After which he tells the story of what happened on the 6th of June, followed by what happened on the 7th of June...
  3. Burgers aren't great. The fries are quite nice though (especially the cajun ones) and you get a sizable portion for the price, unlimited refills on drinks too.
  4. If you like the idea of a James Bond film crossing with Kick-Ass, go see it. If you think that is a shit idea, don't bother. Simple.
  5. or have they dropped that bit of the plot? He is . Saw this last week at a preview screening. Film was a fucking riot. Over the top violence, a few nice scenes with excellent cinematography. The .
  6. zektbach


    So this is some good shit. Her debut album is coming out on the 19th of September, not usually my thing, but everything I've heard from the album so far is pointing to it being one of my favourite albums of the year (click album cover for Soundcloud with 7 tracks) : Videos: Latest track released from the album: Lowell - LGBT
  7. If you like these you should listen to more FACT. New album is pretty damn good and has delightful artwork to boot:
  8. zektbach

    Tesla Boy

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b7cj4zWiyo Yes!
  9. There's a guy who regularly does music from Konami's GuitarFreaks series of games called Asaki. His second solo album just came out, I personally think its brilliant. A wee bit mental, the vocals might put off a few, but it's rifftastic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37OHTx1LYKQ
  10. Really salty McDonald's fries dipped in their strawberry milkshake.
  11. Anyone watch The Retinal Circus the other night? Bloody brilliant
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