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  1. Here is a link from the elite forums which explains things better than I could. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/297632-Community-Goal-Guide
  2. It is useful if you are planning a route through a system exploring to optimise the path to each body. Our home system of Mukhang has no discoveries. I mapped the first planet, so everyone else should pop down and tag something.
  3. Is cqc matchmaking not always dead :p I never had the patience to wait for a match
  4. The results from the poll are in ... https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/288348-Transfer-Poll-Results
  5. I always look at exploring as a role play kind of experience, and the hunt for some nice screenshots. To this end EDdiscovery will rename screenshots on the system. you never know when the next system will have a moon which is in rings, a moon with a fantastic mountain or deep canyon or a satellite with a really short orbital period, or perhaps a supergiant with an orbiting M class star which will give you that fantastic screenshot.
  6. Here are a couple of snaps from my flyby the moon and the Gas giant...
  7. Made it out to Mukland tonight, and grabbed myself AB 5a, to have a Moon with a View
  8. Hi, Danster I was going to head out there soon but thought it might be useful to keep track of the bodies that had been claimed. Perhaps we can get the first post modified? Anyway I hope you don't mind me doing this -if so let me know and I will edit the post. I hope I got the naming convention correct - I was working from the picture only. PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 * = star O = planet 0 = ringed planet / Gas giant o = moon / small body Stellar Body Forumite CMDR --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 A O - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 A 1 fragglerock ??? O - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 A 2 O - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 A 3 * - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 B O - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 B 1 0 - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 1 o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 1a o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 1b o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 1c o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 1d o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 1e o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 1f o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 1g 0 - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 2 0 - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 3 o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 3a o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 3b o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 3c o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 3d o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 3e o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 3f 0 - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 4 Karzee 0 - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 5 o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 5a o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 5b o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 5c o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 5ca o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 5d o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 5e o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 5f O - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 6 o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 6a o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 6b o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 6c o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 6d 0 - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 7 Danster ??? o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 7a o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 7b o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 7c o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 7d o - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 AB 7e * - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 C O - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 C 1 * - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 D
  9. Dood, I don't think the in game super sampling works particularly well (or not at all with HMD). I was initially disappointed with the graphical quality. If you are using your rift use the oculus debug tool to run super sampling (pixel density greater than 1.0 Results may vary depending on your overhead available, I use 1.6 with a seriously powerful graphics card so experiment. There are some reports that lowering in game super sampling to less than 1.0 and increasing the pixel density in the oculus debug tool can return a sharper image with less overhead but I never saw it. Also remember that planet surface is generally more graphically intensive than space incase you set your options to high and get a bad case of motion sickness when you land on a surface.
  10. winky

    Dark Souls 3

    You also need to use the
  11. I am really enjoying this. Currently playing with auto gears and driving line on and no other assets on the pad. Had a blast in the Clio cup. I couldn't get on with the karts so just abandoned them. My race at brands hatch I went from 3rd to 1st and then back to 3rd due to an ill timed pit stop that saw me come out in traffic. I love that you get a practice session and a qualifying session - gives time to get used to the cars. Not had any bugs per se but had the following couple of problems: Disappearing hud - seriously annoying, however I bound the cycle hud command to the ps4 touchpad and this means I can get it back, and I can bring up telemetry to watch brake and tyre temps! Pitting. I have been caught out by pitting at the same time as my teammate (and you don't get any warning, unless they are in the pit box) The annoying part of this is that you don't que at the pit box you keep driving through. It would be nice if you got some sort of warning that your teammate was going in on the same lap so this could be avoided as right now it's like a drive through penalty Otherwise enjoying it so far and the clios have driven fine on the pad and I have enjoyed getting to grips with the caterams. Hopefully the fun will continue with the other cars.
  12. Redemption Ark is probably my favourite of the series but I enjoyed The Prefect for the timing of its setting. I have never really enjoyed Absolution Gap but may try reading it for a third time and see if I can get it. Galactic North was a fantastic set of stories to read after reading the Revelation Space arc; but I don't know if I would want to read it before I had read through that arc as it could kill a bit of the mystique of the series.
  13. I haven't touched it in over a week. Can't be bothered with a new build or NG+. While I enjoyed it working through it, I currently have no desire to replay it, which is telling and a shame. I may still buy the pc release as it might run at a consistent frame rate and not look like shit.
  14. I am just about done, and it has been fantastic but it has a few minor problems, which are probably a result of familiarity with the series (and technically there are mechanisms to address this) The rate that items drop is ridiculous and presumably this is to counter the fact it is not possible to grind with the despawning enemies. I miss the grind and I am not a fan of the bonfires warping me everywhere. Also the rate at which souls are dished out is very high and with bonfires everywhere it is too easy to keep them, resulting in reaching SL100 very easily and that seems overpowered. I guess I should use the bonfire thing, but I find myself rushing through so no one spoils anything for me. That said, I am looking forward to NG+ and/or a different build. And really looking forward to the PC build, which will hopefully address some of the graphical shortcomings. I still have plenty to explore as I have only managed about 50% of the achievements. So minor niggles aside, I would say this is a great addition to the series and hope From get some well deserved financial success of the back of this release.
  15. Was this not the same as dark souls? A successful invasion or jolly co-op would result in a restocking of spells and estus.
  16. I think you are missing the point that each person has different builds and strengths. I found the Pursuer to be incredibly tought but everything else has been pretty straight forward. Lost sinner in particular was a cakewalk. That said the smelting dragon(???) is giving me a few headaches last night, so much so I turned the game off in a huff, after my sixth death. My main complaint was the lack of damage so time to experiment a bit.
  17. I have mixed feelings about this. It's good, and it's still a challenge, but sometimes that challenge seems to come from being mobbed by enemies. I do not think it looks good so I can understand the criticism. The world seems muddy and washed out and reminds me of demon souls more than the superior looking dark souls. This is not a result of running dsfix on a PC; I have been quite happy to jump between the PC and ps3 versions for the last few months. It was dark souls that was in the ps3 when I stuck dark souls II in. The movement is different to dark souls and I am not sure if I like it, but maybe it will grow on me. The enemies are definitely more aggressive and I like that a heavy swing leaves you more open to be punished. Overall first impressions are that I am glad to be playing more dark souls but looking forward to the PC port that isn't blurry and runs at a decent frame rate. And there are definitely some input problems using the DS4 on the ps3.
  18. The trick is that the timing is always a little later than you think. Listen to the 'scream' and wait until that's finished as a guide for timing your dodge
  19. Can you press the start button? If you can get to the item menu and use the dark sign. Though you will loose all souls and humanity (no bloodstain will be left)
  20. winky

    Battlefield 4

    Hi :wave: I had a similar problem with Fishy, whom from now on will be referred to as PishyPishArcade to me.
  21. winky

    Battlefield 4

    No mention of the server side fixes. The rubber banding has got worse for me. The EU server have a poor ping for me a lot of the time and I hate joining the US servers because you lose out on every 50-50 gunfight. Unless of course it is my connection that is the problem.
  22. The timing for this attack for me was to wait until the end of the 'scream' and then roll/dodge. This should mean that you avoid the attack once you nail the timing.
  23. I thought the curse bite ring was picked up in New Londo Ruins. You can pay the Sealer to remove the curse.
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