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  1. Oh man that looks so good. A billion calories though. Also how can you sit that on your mug of tea to melt it?
  2. Thanks meers. Have a stroopwaffle on me. I could not handle the stress of being part of a team. It’s stressful enough as a solo and worrying that you ruin someone’s night
  3. @davejm watching that replay yeah I don’t give you enough space sorry, lack of awareness. I blame my coach, Max Verstappen for that. Would have joined you for LFM races if I was about today.
  4. @davejm No I ran wide, because I was struggling a bit with the tyres. It was a good battle. I felt I was faster in a few of the sector 1/2 corners but then you would just fly though that second last corner and I could not take that anywhere as near as fast, so it was a good battle. Id like to thank the team, the sponsors, etc. And thanks to all the people who got out my way. Today has been such a good day for me. At the start of November my partner broke up with me and it was doubly hard because she was my best friend before we got together. I don't have a huge number of friends because I can get socially anxious and have a few issues. Before Christmas I was really low and had some dark thoughts but getting to race with you guys was really helpful. I feel lucky to be part of this community. I have been losing weight since the break-up and I finally hit 3 stone lost today. This is a huge deal because I had real issues with how I looked. And I managed to set up a date for tomorrow - so an amazing day. I may be enhanced right now hence the openness.
  5. Have you got the rotary set up for CONST or PULSE in the wheel menu?
  6. Get you arse on there mate. Also watched a lot of Jardier’s stream over the weekend it was good stuff - the last stint with the weather was quite something.
  7. Finishing on Kyalami and starting a new season on the same circuit is great. As the track is still fresh in my head it means I can try different cars and get a feel for which cars are working for me. Good job!
  8. winky

    Assetto Corsa

    Is the plan to have a tootle on Thursday night? I promised my sis I would take the kids for the day so she could wrap their presents so might not make it, but will try some practice.
  9. I loved Horizon played on the PS4 and have started on PC. What’s not to love about hunting Zoids. Not noticed any problems on a 2080ti.
  10. Good fun in the first race last night, had some fun chasing @valver who defended really well. second race I forgot to update fuel then got a 30sec stop and go after diving into the pits, I just rage quit instead and went and had a nice smoke to unstress. congratulations to everyone and thanks again @davejm for organising things and providing the practice server
  11. Oh I love metal, grew up on Thrash ~(Metallica Anthrax Slayer) and now that I have just discovered streaming music really enjoying metalcore type stuff. Death metal probably too much for me but like harsh vocals. A lot of the stuff I have heard recently is a mixture of harsh and melodic vocals that I am really enjoying.
  12. Your voice is lovely, from talking with you in races I just didn't expect something so nice (no offence meant there - just suprised and a compliment) Really appreciate the rock / guitar - but no where near heavy enough for my tastes
  13. Wow both of those are amazing. Neither quite for my tastes but I wish I could be that talented.
  14. Hah definitely setting myself up for disappointment when this does not translate to qualifying or race pace. My only saving grace is that most of my laps seem clean(ish) or at least not spinning out wildly.
  15. Don’t sweat it too much, the car does not get out of shape as much as it would in a GT3.
  16. It definitely is . anyone planning to be online tonight - need to drown my sorrows after the Grand Prix today and may do some drink driving
  17. Just tried 20 minutes at brands hatch in the wet. It’s great fun. Not fast at all, not clean but an absolute hoot to drive!
  18. Nah, I have to take my team out for Christmas dinner. Given I haven’t actually met half of them face to face seems like a good opportunity. Hate the car though, so it’s worked out well.
  19. Have fun tonight guys. So glad I am missing this one as I just cannot get on with the car. Someone remember to save and upload highlights if @Valver is not about!
  20. I stopped using VR. I couldn’t be bothered with the faff and more cables lying around my home office. Also can’t smoke or drink or type with the stupid headset on. Had a few usb 3 issues that made it even more tedious. I miss the immersion but at least I have a high resolution image to look at compared to the muddy view through the occulus. edit: here is a nice picture of my clean home setup (racing seat not shown)
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