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  1. Just tried 20 minutes at brands hatch in the wet. It’s great fun. Not fast at all, not clean but an absolute hoot to drive!
  2. Nah, I have to take my team out for Christmas dinner. Given I haven’t actually met half of them face to face seems like a good opportunity. Hate the car though, so it’s worked out well.
  3. Have fun tonight guys. So glad I am missing this one as I just cannot get on with the car. Someone remember to save and upload highlights if @Valver is not about!
  4. I stopped using VR. I couldn’t be bothered with the faff and more cables lying around my home office. Also can’t smoke or drink or type with the stupid headset on. Had a few usb 3 issues that made it even more tedious. I miss the immersion but at least I have a high resolution image to look at compared to the muddy view through the occulus. edit: here is a nice picture of my clean home setup (racing seat not shown)
  5. Aah okay, I wondered if I was being cheated somewhere due to a setting. I will goin watch some livestreams and maybe see it live.
  6. Can anyone help me? Watching Dave’s lap and his break indicator is fully depressed, but for me I get abs yellow when it is pressed halfway. I have noticed this before when watching other laps. Does anyone know why that might be. Also this car is crap, glad I am missing the race this week
  7. Sorry I wont be about this Thursday- we are into Christmas night out season. Will probably pop on midweek to do some practice though.
  8. Glad I came along. Had some real fun racing against @Valver and @Count Buffalos? Probably my best night because I was going balls to the wall trying to be fast and managed a mostly consistent couple of laps.
  9. Guys just to let you know I can’t make this week, selling my car for something more practice for winter in the countryside, and more economical (a Corolla!) Officially an old man more concerned with mpg than bhp Edit : and right after I post that I get a call that it’s not going to happen until weekend so I will maybe turn up Thursday if I feel up to it.
  10. Gonna try and get some practice this weekend so maybe say you guys around! wont sign up yet until I see how I feel next week, also may be travelling for work.
  11. I think so, the brake is a rack and pinion so more travel means more rotations of the pinion that get you to 100% braking. As the spring is under less compression it should be easier to press. However the springs could be that they need pretty much the same force regardless of compression/extension. I am really just guessing here. There may be more luck in calibrating the brake as you can tune that less force results in 100% brake.
  12. Thinking about it the brake still has the same tension at 100% pressed, it will start firmer or softer but it’s the change in travel you may notice the most.
  13. Your throw is shorter / longer and the spring is under more or less tension (strain / stress). ? firmer/softer break and more / less pedal travel for brake modulation. sorry not a mechanical engineer
  14. Guys don’t think I can make it - got a lot going on right now and don’t feel up to it. Have fun without me
  15. I started practice, managed a decent lap that met the timing during the week was happy with consistency for 20 minutes and then it just disappeared. On both races I had more pace (or the car in front was getting slower) later in the race. Fun racing, apologies to Matt? (sorry struggling to reconcile all the names) who I verstappened at the final chicane, it was tight and ultimately it was me hitting the hole/kerbs there that spun us both out. Also to the Mercedes guy, on the run to the 1 st chicane in the second race I gave you squeeze on the outside defending and I wasn’t sure if it was too much… @Valver - fair play for sending it at the hairpin when I was fuel saving, I was just happy that I saw it coming and managed the cut back
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