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  1. I might be up for this too. Arguably I would have further to travel from the banks of Loch Lomond than travel from the Netherlands
  2. Yeah still about. After Knockhill I went to Hungary for holiday. Started a new job (in a new field - mining!) so have just not had the time. Maybe later in the year once I am settled into the job.
  3. I finally got out of gold, last fight was an Ed with a dodgy connection: Then subsequently lost the next two matches and was back down to Gold.
  4. Phew busy week. Started a new job and now I am off to Hungary for a week on Sunday. To bump the thread here are some pics from my day at Knockhill BTCC. Also I think we should consider King Dick Tools as our next sponsor!
  5. Is the server up? I went for some TT just there and could not find it. I assumed it was to do with the update (or @davejm had tripped over the power cable) What could I have changed that I cannot see the server on the browser?
  6. Nothing particularly clever just a children’s TV presenter: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rod_Hull Edit: Jesus! is anything sacrosanct these days?
  7. Its hilarious watching commentators advertise it as ‘coming soon’ I am sure last time I watched CPT Ringe couldn't say it with a straight face.
  8. This drip feed of information is great, but the big question no one is asking or answering is will Streetfighter Duel be released outside China before or after this!?
  9. Maybe the end credits will be Putin arriving in a helicopter to do a squat dance.
  10. I had that too. I assumed it was because of using a dry setup in the wet. I assumed it was a little bit of aquaplaning with the low ride height. I enjoyed the wet race but there was no time between the short practice and qualifying to get setup. I need more time to get into the groove so the reduced schedule really hurt me. After Q i had to quit out of setting up a strategy for race start so was very flustered! Found the pack was slow at the start and I got really frustrated first couple of laps with the spray being stuck behind and inventively binned it as i could not could not get a rhythm at all. A stop&go and a drive through then destroyed my race.
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