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  1. Yeah that was great fun, I had a blast but was exhausted by the end :P. Look at all those lovely porkers:
  2. Unlikely, my qualify time will let me down and then I will spin on every second lap Maybe you can lap me
  3. Just a heads up - I have signed up for tonight but I have to get rid of my old sofa at 6/7 pm (finally new furniture Friday!) old man is coming with his van tonight. Should make the race but might miss it if something goes wrong.
  4. Yep wonderful article @Yannik
  5. Then sorry for the cynicism good sir. Have a funny as an olive branch
  6. With proper pumps a lift pump is a pump that has to overcome a static head due to elevation, literally lift fluid from one elevation to another. Arguably all (or nearly all) pumps are designed to overcome static but when I have been designing them a lift pump is lifting on the suction side rather than the discharge. In this instance i assume it’s just a name to detail pumping from a fuel sump at the bottom of the body and back out. Unless this was a beard/shave comment
  7. I read that Djocovid was not necessarily commenting on Biles, he was responding to a question about the pressure on him to get the the golden slam. Even if that is true, the guy is still an arse.
  8. I hope he is okay and is just showing respect to red bull by not celebrating too much when they had a bad day.
  9. Haha missing punctuation, sorry. This season might take quite a toll on Hamilton.
  10. Jesus Hamilton looking really shakey there…
  11. Bottas messed up the start but still a managed to stick to team orders
  12. Yeah - great fun thanks!
  13. I signed up but I have no idea how to join a multiplayer race, is there an option via content manager?
  14. @SharkyOB thanks for the tips - car is much more controllable now, managed a couple of clean laps.
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