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  1. Sorry about that, windows did an update at the start of the race - I had no headset, no FFB in my wheel and then I decided to reboot again for Race 2. At that point my wheel was not detected in the game so was late (again) for qualifying lap. Start of race and once again no wheel - got it detected after the start, and when I tried to catch up got a drive though for speeding before the green light, still no FFB and at that point I gave up because it was no fun. Sorry in race 1 for the dive bomb into turn one (whoever avoided me good driving)- I will like to blame my flakey USB devic
  2. I woke up this morning to Argos alerts and in a bleary haze managed to get an order through that is apparently awaiting collection! looking forward to finishing work to goin get it, so fingers crossed it’s not a cruel joke.
  3. I had tried a couple of cars offline and the Aston suited me in terms of gearing and it’s easy to catch oversteer. Now I have a better feel for the track I will probably go back to try some other cars offline - not sure if it’s too late to change cars now as I find my way about. The BMW was lethal for my lead foot.
  4. Hi I just moved house, wheel is not set-up yet nor do I have internet. If I get online (and get my hotwater fixed) then I may be able to join, but probably will have to miss this one. How does one join the server, as when I get setup I can at least put some practice laps in to see how far off the pace I am.
  5. I really wanted to get into this game and get involved but I found I was so slow compared to the AI that I ended up pushing too hard and constantly spinning out. I was 8 seconds off the AI when I was completing clean laps. Then in one race I noticed that I was getting overtaken constantly on straights by the AI regardless of the car I picked. Turns out my accelerator is only calibrated or travelling to 75% input!. Not sure if it needs lubrication or mounting differently but I recalibrated the accelerator in ACC and now the AI are getting smoked. So might be interested in joining so
  6. I design pumped systems in the real world. You want the pump at the low point the system so that the pump gets maximum liquid head on pump suction and so that air settles out at the top and not pulled into the pump - in theory. otherwise I guess noise would be expected as air will be drawn into the pump and or you get vapour bubbles formed in the suction which collapse on the discharge side. Not only is this noisy but pump won’t be as efficient (which I guess means lower flow rates). The noise you are getting could damaging the pump - in theory- what to AIO manufacturers say about
  7. Here is a link from the elite forums which explains things better than I could. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/297632-Community-Goal-Guide
  8. It is useful if you are planning a route through a system exploring to optimise the path to each body. Our home system of Mukhang has no discoveries. I mapped the first planet, so everyone else should pop down and tag something.
  9. Is cqc matchmaking not always dead :p I never had the patience to wait for a match
  10. Like ???? Dislike Can’t log in
  11. The results from the poll are in ... https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/288348-Transfer-Poll-Results
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