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    Nintendo Switch

    It shouldn’t do. I just got a couple of out of warranty drifty joycons repaired and it was free. They may even have replaced them with new ones. They certainly look new and I had to pair them with the Switch again too.
  2. Thanks. That’s DLC-only, right? Probably worth it at this point. I’m sure there are places I haven’t explored properly in my wandering, but I can’t remember where I’ve been in sufficient detail to know where they are.
  3. This has been my aim too. I'm on about 70 or so at the moment with one divine best left to go. As new shrines get harder to come by, I think, dare I say it, that I'm starting to get a little bit bored. An hour or two of wandering aimlessly (which I had been loving) can result in no tangible progress. Any tips for finding shrines at a satisfying rate when there aren't so many left?
  4. Totally agree about playing Phillips and Williams or anyone who's actually a defender at centre back. There's really no point in shoring up the defence when we look so unlikely to score ourselves. Right now I'd take scoring a few goals and still losing over the dross that's currently being served up.
  5. I think Klopp said it would be Henderson and Phillips again. Something along the lines of "it wouldn't be clever" if the new signings had to play straight away. Edit: my memory wasn't quite right. Klopp said "so if they would have to start tomorrow night together, I think that would be not too cool. But we will give them a few more days."
  6. Even more so given that we were still joint-top scorers.
  7. Completely forgot we had a lunchtime kick off today. Did I miss much?
  8. Thanks again for the tips everyone. My queue's empty now so, given how generous you've all been, I'm going to close up now and hopefully let @DAB in on the action.
  9. Thanks. Sorry, looks like that's a mistake in the fossil exchange spreadsheet. There's only a skull, torso, and tail.
  10. Thanks for the tips everyone. Just need two fossils now I think: Plesio Neck and Dimetrodon Tail
  11. Yeah, can't see why not. I'll try to keep open as long as my kids and their lust for Minecraft permits.
  12. Thanks for the offer. A peach would be much appreciated as that's the only one we're missing. I think there are four fossils that I'm still to get: Plesio Neck, Megacero Torso, Dinosaur Track, Dimetrodon Tail. Any of those would be great too but feel free to leave whatever you like or nothing at all.
  13. Here we go: https://turnip.exchange/island/33bfb34c. There are a few recipes on the beach. Nothing particularly special IIRC, but help yourselves.
  14. I have 544. I'll open up if anyone's interested.
  15. Turnip Prophet's predicting a large spike (206 - 618) for me this afternoon. I missed yesterday's @evil p bonanza so here's hoping it's nearer 618 than 206.
  16. Thanks. I left a few bits on the beach in front of the shop.
  17. I’ll be over in a bit if that’s ok, @Daley? Anything you’re looking for at the moment? I have a loads of fossil spares, for example, if you’re missing any.
  18. I laughed at this when I first read it while wondering how on earth you managed it. I now know exactly how you managed it
  19. Yup, but for ease my friend code is SW-2278-5656-1208.
  20. @ilpostino Thanks. Tomorrow will work for sure. I’ll accept and open up to friends. Not sure I have a coherent enough plan to really want anything at the moment. I’ll have a think. Edit: Oops. It was @MagicalDrop who sent the friends request. Only two concurrent trades and I’m already getting confused.
  21. if you fancy a classic white and black one, I can order it. It’s the soccer ball here.
  22. @MagicalDrop Yep, sounds good to me. Some time this evening?
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