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  1. This is a joke, right? No, what is happening here is that you've found yourself at the receiving end of smitty's rage and you don't like it. Nothing else is different.
  2. Kicking myself for not getting the FC30 pro a bit because of the analogue sticks, but the SFC30 is perfect for playing all those definitely legal SNES roms i have.
  3. Event horizon was great! Why did Anderson just give up on life and end up making a procession of shitty resident evil movies?
  4. Having kids means that going to the cinema is a rare treat. I had the choice of either this or GOTG 2. I feel I should have gone and seen the latter instead. it was ok I guess, but things that annoyed me were: But it had some decent scares and I didn't hate the plot tbh. but gtog 2 it should probably have been.
  5. Reason has some brilliant midi plugins now, and I've always hated having to rewire stuff to take advantage of effects in Live so it's definitely going to be worth it but yeah, that whole stability claim is about to get thrown out of the window.
  6. I thought that, but then I took soundtoys up on their offer of Echoboy for $50 and holy shit. And Fab Filter's Timeless 2. I'm a sucker for delays.
  7. This week's episode was SHIT. And who the fuck is that guy? I've never even seen him before!
  8. Holy shit https://www.propellerheads.se/reason-95
  9. No one is usually in mst3k that much. It's just people chatting hilarious shit over a rubbish film. The old ones are there so yeah, watch manos.
  10. No idea how or why this passed me by the first time (think i thought it was some kind of Cordon style 'talk to people in a car' thing at the time) but caught up, rinsed the new series and that was GOOD. The attention to detail was great. Just about the most British programme ever, in a good way.
  11. Started off well, turned into total bollocks.
  12. I think it's amazing. The melodrama! The cliffhangers! Except for yesterday's one, which was a bit weak. TBH you just know that the shadowy conspiracy is going to be a total letdown but it'll be watched anyway.
  13. Cabin in the Woods was just batshit mental. Another one - Drag Me to Hell - a great crap ending.
  14. Kill List as well! great ending.
  15. yeah yeah yeah, I meant original thing not the reimagining of the thing aka 'thing from another world, then.
  16. Bit more mainstream, but i thought the endings to The Thing (original) and Invasion of the body snatchers (remake) were pretty perfect/depressing. Shout out to Prince of Darkness as well just for the fucked upness of the whole thing.
  17. Fucking hell at your list, @Rowan Morrison! My far humbler list includes: Korg Minilogue Volca Beats, Sample, FM, Keys Novation Circuit Novation X-Station Teenage Engineering PO-14 (which barely counts, tbh) Beatstep v1 I'd love to go full on mid life crisis and get loads more but it's all about the space. If that and money wasn't an option, would get an Elektron Analog 4 in a second, and some of the Airas are bloody great as well. TBH, what I need to do before anything else is work out a way of connecting it all. I assume that a mixer and some multi midi thru is required. What's your set up in this regard?
  18. Given that most of my free time has been sucked by kids, decided to merge the two and sample one of the little buggers. A side of Live i'd completely neglected, but the new tools make it quite fun. Well, I enjoyed it anyway
  19. I left because it simply because I was starting to hate it. having decks that had previously worked wonders get trounced, even on my slide down back to arena 3, was just demoralising. still, was fun while it lasted! cheers for the cards again!
  20. I do basically wait to see what they do first, although that's mainly about seeing what side the come from and then immediately throwing a prince and pekka down the other side. So at least if they're going to chuck a giant down, it don't have my gang wasting time on it, and I would have refreshed enough elixir to deal with problem by the time the first tower is (in theory) done. Although I think this is most people's strategy I've played. after about 20 seconds of nothing happening, they go, 'fuck it' and throw down a bunch of stuff.
  21. Some of the changes to the cards seem a bit strange. The Giant is already a pain in the arse tank,and they're increasing it's damage? I hate skeleton army though. sure, it uses a lot of elixir, but can basically batter any ground troops. Although obviously I mainly hate it because I don't have it. have to say, found myself sticking to the same cards from the first two arenas. are the barbarians worth it?
  22. Sorry - that was me! Probably would have made sense to say what my forum name was in the message....
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