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  1. Ah, you didnt mean in terms of content! That's OK then.
  2. It is? But I was just getting into it
  3. Just a Tad. Being the 'leet' gamer that I am I have multiple accounts. Send a Clan invite to SUSAMAJI. Or even easier, I'll send it myself and remove my PMS gt. Unless I've been made a peon of course.
  4. Random Fury, I like it. So much so in fact I joined! Google image search says this is Random Fury:
  5. I woke up at 3 am on the sofa and realised it had bored me to sleep. Utter pish.
  6. Sakura

    Psp Elitism

    If it didnt seem to fry my eyes so much I might play it at home more. I love it though! I think most peole who see me using it public think it's some kind of strange mobile phone
  7. Looking forward to seeing it, good film. Seen it a couple of times already of course. Quite fancy the boy in it
  8. All games magazines come with a wrapper... I like them anyway, I always say, beat reading cosmopolitan! Gaming is my interest and so I invest my cash in it the same as would buy fishing magazines if that happened to be my hobby.
  9. and what about knitting needles while we're at it? I've seen some tubby old ladies who sit around doing nothing but knit.
  10. It really winds me up when people go on about gaming causing obesity! I play 15 hours+ a week and I am FAR from obese! It all just comes down to the individual and what else they do in thier spare time, ie Going to the gym vs. Eating donuts. Do TVs come with health warnings?
  11. Just started playing Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and I love it! Very impressive graphics and gameplay. Now I just can't understand why I've ignored Spliter Cell for so long! Also playing Ridge Racer for my PSP and Halo 2 as ever. There are simply too many games I want to play these days!!
  12. Yeah add me, SUSAMAJI I'll train you up
  13. My favourite Science quote was when he was watching Makosi and Orlaith kissing and Vanessa goes "Errh, you're watching them like it's a TV show!" To which he responds "But... It is a TV show!" Love it
  14. I saw that rainbow too, on my way to work. It looked brighter than that up on Farm Hill though.
  15. Yep, that was important! It was bit of a Rocket Whore map too but it didnt matter.
  16. Agreed! There was just something special about playing on XBC halo 1. Chill out was always my favorite map.
  17. Aaah, Halo 1 on XBC was just the best Brings back happy memories. *tear*
  18. Science is by far the best looking man in the house at the moment, after watching him working out the other night I think I've got the hots for him!
  19. Sakura

    Head To Head

    OK. Seriously, you don't much hiding anymore. Send me a friend request, if you be bothered.
  20. Sakura

    Head To Head

    That's right, bring out the Gimp costumes...
  21. Sakura

    Head To Head

    You speak from your own knowledge of course Benito?
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