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  1. As I pointed out a few times. Repeating the Elite 4 100 times ( the first time ) is not much of a joy. ------- N|E|G ------- EDIT:Curse you Pickford!
  2. Another one comes to mind. A friend tricked me into swapping Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 for some sega sports title that was rubbish and Toy Story back in the the school days. Though he did give me Ecco 1 for something I can't remember. Loved Ecco2 so I HAD to have it. ------- N-E-G -------
  3. Oh man. I found out I CAN'T get kyroge/blue until I beat the Elite 4, doh! ------- N-E-G -------
  4. Oh yeah! I lent my friend a fully completed Majoras Mask, a official blue controller, Perfect Dark and an Expansion pack. Never got it back. He apparently "lost it". ------- N-E-G -------
  5. I paid £30 alone for Mario Advance 3, and £20 for the Hori pad. I lost my whole Master System years ago. I think the perents threw it out to try get me away from gaming. I still have the carts/boxes though. --------- -N-E-G- ---------
  6. The US/JP cases are slimmer and black. PAL is chunkier and white/see-through. Apart from that Lunar game ( which I don't know much about ) I'm pretty certain that lawyer game will come out here. This is Capcom we're talking about, not Obscure Gundam Game Making Company. We most likely won't get special stylus's and headphones. But if we managed to get the Pac-Pix stylus, theres hope yet. And no, I'm not joking about the VIP points.
  7. Caught Requaza after 3-4 resets. He knows fly, so its goodbye to my flying blue bird.
  8. If we meet and battle, we'll see whom is shit sir! Got the last badge. Now off to the Sky Piller to get Requ, hunt the other two gits, I'll forget about the regi's, and then wonder off to the Pokemon League. Liked the new leader, the gym itself didn't change, which is good since its my fav puzzle in the game. Took a while to actually find Sky Piller though. Max Repels have been handy. Suprised quite a few water pokes can't learn dive ( like magikarp ).
  9. Ah, leave me be. Try this. I get them online. PAL. I buy, PAL GAMES, online. I'm sure crazy. The way I see it? "Play last months games for more money, but get a bigger great case that also smells nice, and VIP points to use against getting fantastic things from time to time". I'm not against importing to the extreme ( see Pokemon ), but well, my collection would sure look weird if I started importing now. I might get a different coloured DS soon if they don't hurry up though.
  10. Agreed. Took out N64 issue 10 the other day just to read the "How To...Get Your Head Around Pocket Monsters" article ( I have all issues ). The quality is still pretty high, I just think the design got stale on me, they've hardly changed it too much over the years. I mainly miss the old folks. Zy doing a 5 part guide for Mario 64 ( last two being coin guides ), Wil showing which japanese magazines to buy. Making Boo shaped cakes. In-jokes regarding say, Tim's swearing over ISS or Paul's Plant or Andrea's Stick... It just feels like they had real love for what they do. Even if they got paid peanuts. I should pick up the Super Play ones someday. Anyone want to tempt me with good things about SP? On note, they had a major error in this months issue, on the retro page they show super play, but they date it 98, which of course, SP couldn't have existed then. Long live this fantastic publication! ----- NOB -----
  11. Only for the first time Elite 4, then I'll level up my usual team. Its better then running out of money and re-fighting them 20 times. Which what I was made to do in FireRed, then after I transfured my Ruby team, bwahahaha..cough.
  12. Captain Olimer


    Only rented the N64 version. Utterly loved the concepts. Lightsaber Kirby, turning him into a fridge...and other crazy creations... He really is Nintendo's least sucessful mascot blob popularity-wise. Outside of Japan, I mean.
  13. Doing Team Aqua's Secret Cavern RIGHT NOW! Erm...harder then Magmas, oh my. I think I'll hunt down the regi's and catch kyroge/blue thing/green thing before I go to the pokemon league. Otherwise I'll just keep on losing unless I get a billion revines and hyper potions.
  14. What I'll do is a seperate listing. One for with 2 Stylus's, and one with 1 stylus. There we go.
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