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  1. The new tracks are pretty good. Had zero clue where I was going on the Berlin one, but it was great!
  2. You'd be better off getting an SSD to expand the PS5 storage, I got the 1TB WD one and its been a godsend. You get the full TB plus the 600GB or so on the console. PS4 games benefit as well from faster loading from it. I still have a 2TB USB as well for my PS4 games as well, but the SSD was money well spent
  3. You should be easy ready for it. You can come back and do the other shrines later too
  4. Yeah, it'll be this afternoon. Looking forward to playing on that OLED screen. Doing a lot more in handheld since I upgraded
  5. Well done I hate that boss fight, Its the one I struggles the most with, I still reckon its broken compared to the others
  6. Vorgot

    Dungeon Crawls

    I agree you can't go wrong with any of them, I have not played Untold 2 yet, have played Untold 1 and enjoyed the story mode as it provides a balanced party to start. 4 was fun too. If you like Persona, then definitely look at Q and Q2 which are Etrian games with a Persona slant. 2 of my favourite 3DS games.
  7. I've got a NG+ waiting to go on the PS4 Royal version which I'll do later next year, P3P and P4G are definitely first up for me. Both will be replays but its been a long time
  8. Just realised it's the first one, not 2. Sorry about that!
  9. Edited, as its the first one, not the second
  10. Its in the Nintendo Online app, its one of the trials where you need to have a sub, but its the full game for 7 days
  11. It's on game trial in the UK next week for 7 days. Got it downloaded ready
  12. 30/11 - Later Alligator - Switch Had fun with this, though it's pretty slight. Some great writing and character animation make up a story that revolves around talking to Alligators to solve a mystery and playing each characters mini game. They are pretty hit and miss but are fun little diversions, especially of you use the touch screen. Glad I got it at 50% off, not sure I would say it it worth the full price. But at a discount, it has tons of charm and some genuine laughs.
  13. Would be amazing if it happens
  14. Thanks for pointing this out. Got SotN on my Vita, nice to have it on the big TV
  15. Was hoping it wouldn't vanish as its offered through the game rather than the shop itself. They gave already said redownloads will be available, was hoping this would be the same
  16. Still need to get to this at some point, been sat of my 3DS forever. Not finished the 6th AC game yet though.
  17. Just watched it, think it looks great! Tons of nice touches, think it will be fun, which surely is all it is aiming to be.
  18. Wow, what a typo, I meant to say NOT abandoning. Going to edit post and say I did
  19. One of the few games I bought at full price on PS4 as it was still cheap and you could see the effort they put in. Definitely agree the mobile version probably brings in more money, but glad I am able to play this new one on the TV with the controller.
  20. Well the environments are definitely better! No fuel pickups in this one though, is that only a turbo thing? I really hope this release and the lack of the China and Japan DLC on Turbo means they are NOT abandoning the console versions. Chase 2 played with a controller on Apple TV doesn't feel as tight as Turbo does, its a bit more forgiving in the handling, which makes sense as its a mobile game at heart. I can see the extra effort they put into Turbo and hope they continue to do so Edited to add to NOT which should have been there!
  21. I think the China and Japan stuff was only for the mobile version. Didn't notice this was on Apple Arcade, just downloaded it to my Apple TV but my DualShock I use for that is out of power. Charging now......
  22. Good to hear as well, will be helpful to get back into the mechanics if its not tough
  23. Later Alligator is 50% off, lowest ever I think, and it's a chucklesome but short play
  24. Wish you had not posted that. I had plans for tonight, now I'll have the 3DS out to make some progress on an Etrian Odyssey game. Its not pen and paper, but so great making your own map
  25. Really looking forward to jumping back into the DLC. Good to hear it's decent jumping back in point
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