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  1. New Golf content for no cost is good. After being killed by Mario Golf on 3DS, this is better
  2. I did end up flailing about like a mad man at some points with the waggle controls, but as I got on with them I stuck with them. Good that button controls were an option and worked well then too
  3. They are worth sticking with. I didn't even use the button controls at all in the end, just used the motion ones. I gave up on the Wii one because of the camera and motion stuff but its a huge improvement in this version. It still can be a bit hit and miss, and cause some frustration, but works well overall
  4. The dungeons were really nice to get back to after the shrines of BotW, and they had some really nice designs. I though the re-use of areas would be a pain but as you say, it was mixed up enough and was a whole new dungeon. But note collecting in Faron, escort mission in Eldin and Cart escort mission in Lanayru were annoying. The sound design was nice too. There were themes and riffs from a lot of the previous games in there, particularly Link to the Past and Ocarina. Given the setting of the game in the Zelda timeline it was really nicely done. Also, with no spoilers, how the final boss played out in the cut scenes. No scenery chewing, quite a thoughtful set up for the Demon King that I thought felt nicely understated
  5. Just finished this today and enjoyed 90% of it. The collecting the songs bit was obviously crappy filler, but the rest of it was a joy and I agree with @Mallet, I think it looks great. I much prefer the art styles of WW, SS and BotW over the brown 'realism' of Twilight Princess
  6. Not sure what to make of this reply 3 years on. And I still stink at Tetris
  7. You might be doing the same thing I was on the ropes. I was twisting the right joycon. You just point it left or right. Is a breeze after that
  8. I'm just in there now and have saved at a decent point as I'll be up all night if I carry on. This is further than I got 10 years ago with none of the frustrations. The fight in the cistern against the Stalfos was so much fun to nail with motion controls. I played BotW with detached joycons too, so the motion stuff is fine, but swimming is a pain in the arse. As it is in any game though
  9. I don't think you are in a minority really. I hope there is room for more Zelda titles like this, it's been great so far. But I wonder if its mainly older gamers who feel that way? My 17 year old son will be giving it a go at the weekend and he rinsed BotW, I'm really interested to see how he gets on with it.
  10. I was annoyed about this at first but there are bird statues everywhere which let you go back to the sky at any point, even multiple in a dungeon, so its not a huge deal. But it would have been nice for the older amiibo Zelda versions to support this. Or call me crazy, maybe the Link Skyward Sword Amiibo?
  11. Thanks for that, will give it a go later. Edit : Tapping A doesn't work in motion controls, but flicking up is pretty easy. Just got through Lanayru desert to the mining facility and it was pretty fun. Not too taxing but fun to figure out. Having a blast with this
  12. Second dungeon done and just arrived at Lanayru desert. Fair amount of flailing with the motion controls, particularly fighting Lizalfos, but they work well in general. I'm forever recalibrating but its just a tap of a button. Was struggling with flying until I realised you can flick up to gain height. Same with walking on ropes, I was twisting rather than turning left and right. Really enjoying that to get into a dungeon, you have to do an area thats like an outdoor dungeon. Finding the key parts at the volcano was particularly satisfying. While I love BotW it really is nice to go back to a dungeon centric Zelda game. However, this does remain as the only Zelda game I didn't finish. I got past the toe boss fight last time and was back in the desert when I abandoned, but I think it was because of the camera and controls, so will be interesting to see how it goes when I get to there. I remember very little about the game but I remember very clearly where I gave up. But anyone who loves Zelda games and didn't get on with this on the Wii, its worth a look. I am really enjoying it this time round where last time I felt I was perservering for the sake of it.
  13. Yep, you can invert. Only played about an hour so far, but its great. Having camera control is a big improvement. I'm using motion controls and are finding them pretty good so far, but I like motion controls in general, its how I played BotW. I don't remember too much from this first time round on the Wii so its really nice to have a traditional Zelda to have a go at.
  14. I had an update today for Hyrule Warriors that was showing as failed but it worked when I did it with the Switch on. So its hit and miss which isnt good enough. Want to grab Mario & Rabbids in the sale, just hope I can download it
  15. I have the same issue too with downloads. Manage to squeeze some small ones through but its all a bit random
  16. Installed mGBA and that does exactly what I want it to do with a nice small footprint so that'll do me!
  17. With Sony shutting down the store I decided to finally mod my current Vita and get the SD2Vita stuff going, all works brilliantly. The only thing I am finding a pain is emulating my gba stuff. Back in the day I used one with Adrenaline, but everyone seems to point at Retroarch now, which just seems a mess on the Vita, massively overblown for what I want to use it for really. Or am I missing something? What do people here use at the moment?
  18. Going to give it a go over the weekend. My Vita is on 3.73 so need to downgrade to use the permanent hacks but been through it before so fingers crossed it works OK
  19. Yep, its one of the ones I am making sure I download. It's effectively a visual novel, so there is a lot of text, it's all about the story rather than the gameplay. If thats not your thing, you may bounce off it
  20. I was thinking of modding mine to be able to use the sd2vita thing, but I could put EP on there then too. Hmmm. Just got a replacement Vita memory card so might try it over the weekend
  21. This is the only one I don't have and I presume its a pain getting games from the US PSN store on am unmodded Vita. I have a US account though, but I don't think you have have 2 at the same time on Vita
  22. I'm going to do this anyway just in case, I use QCMA to do the backups on my mac and it works really well. Going to go through the download list tonight and try and make a list of everything. It's a pain in the arse. Maybe I'll end up modding it in the future but done that before and since I own all the games I want its a bit pointless
  23. The Miku game has a few annoyances, but its still fun. The hint numbers go faded when you have a piece in the right place but there are still other possibilities. So if a row is 1 2 and you have the 1 in the right place, even if it could still be part of the 2, it greys out the 1. Small think but it makes it easier. Plus it tells you when you fill in a square incorrectly and its not an option to switch that off. Its does fill in a row or column with crosses when you have all the right squares shaded though which is better, saves some manual filling in.
  24. More Picross more Miku, whats not to like!
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