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  1. Yep, just the fact you can only pin one recipe. It’s not a huge deal, but would have been a nice quality of life thing.
  2. Not being able to see which items I don’t have at a merchant, particularly herbalists, is something I hope they change. Pain in the backside chasing missing ingredients and I don’t want to have to use guides and the like as that spoils the fun
  3. I'm around the same point I think, just finishing up in Novigrad but I've spent the last few days hopping around Velen mopping up quests, fist fights and horse races. Thank God I can't stand Gwent so am just ignoring it or I'd never get the main quest done. Quick question for those who have played this...
  4. Couple of new completions Resident Evil 2 Remake - PS4 Not sure this counts as completed, I've done Claires initial campaign. In my mind though, I completed the game so can move on to something else for a while. But I will definitely be back to do the extra stuff. Loved 90% of this, fantastic game with tons of atmosphere and just the right amount of challenge. Mr X was genuinely scary, the inventory management was well done, and it never got too difficult to progress. The only thing I disliked, and it's something I hate in most games, is the boss fights. Taking a game thats all about careful exploration, ammo conservation and inventory management and then throwing in ridiculous boss fights is way too jarring for me. I realise I'm probably in a minority with this but I hate those moments that pull you out of the rest of the game. But still, a fantastic experience, and in a few months I'll come back to to do the other runs. Donut County - PS4 After Resi, I felt I needed a quick game and really enjoyed this. Super easy, very short, but funny and daft. Paid just over a fiver for in in a PSN sale and felt I got value for money. Ended up getting the platinum as well. For the same price as a cinema ticket I got some beilliant entertainment for a few hours, can't complain at that. Up Next - Back to Witcher 3. Person 5 Royal is out at the end of March so I'd like to finish this by then. And its been great jumping back in. Previously SAO : Fatal Bullet
  5. Vorgot

    Atelier Series

    That always put me off the others, and I love my JRPGs so I think I will give Ryza a go when it appears in a PSN sale
  6. Vorgot

    Warcraft 3 Love-in

    Just downloading it now, I own the classic game and the expansion and can't use those clients any more. Apparently I'll have to use the classic graphics which is fine by me, I'm not paying £25 for what amounts now to a graphics pack. I can see why a lot of people who pre-ordered this will be pissed off when the graphical upgrades have not been well received and the game is still playable with older graphics by anyone who has a classic key linked to their account.
  7. Definitely start with the DS ones, they all flow together really nicely.
  8. Was enjoying this, doing a Claire run first, and was thinking it really wasn't that tough a game, that I was fine with managing inventory etc. but bloody hell does it step up the pace and panic once a certain hatted character appears. Places I thought were safe are not now and I am running round like an idiot and struggling to have all the items I need on me. Just got sent back to an earlier save as I got jumped when I wasn't expecting but really enjoying it. I think I need to plan my routes from here on a bit more carefully.
  9. I’m already annoying my boys by chirping ‘time for adventure’ in my best Toad voice at every opportunity. It’s brilliant and the first decent use of the analogue stick thing on my 2ds xl
  10. Didn’t realise there was DLC but it didn’t make it to the 3DS which is a shame, but understandable.
  11. I grabbed Captain Toad from Argos for £12.99 and it’s a little belter. Just oozes that Nintendo charm
  12. Completely agree. I very rarely buy games on release and wait for them to drop in price, but Persona 5 Royal is sat in my PS4 download queue now as a pre-order.
  13. Enjoying season 4 but flying through the episodes at the moment. The cliffhangers are all too good. Amos is still the star for me, great character brilliantly acted. it’s a bit different from the other series but that’s no bad think. Better than 95% of stuff I’ve watched recently
  14. First of the year for me Sword Art Online - Fatal Bullet - PS4. A vast improvement over the last SAO I played, I had a lot of fun with this. The games have created their own timeline from the other media and find ludicrous ways to pull characters in from newer series, but this one was probably the best integrated, as it blended the anime series plot into the game. Play it on normal level and it's not particularly challenging but the gameplay loop is fun, you have lots of different ways to play depending on the build and weapons you choose and it's fake MMO style works quite well. The DLC is a pain in the arse though. They make the same mistake Ni No Kuni 2 did which is to make the DLC insanely hard unless you grind a shed load of levels, add in super hard bosses, a boss rush, a section where you can't open a door unless you have 5 keys from another area etc etc. Great if you have played the game to death, done online, maxed your weapons blah blah blah but stupid if not. I just wanted to play through the story so banged the DLC on easy. I've got the last DLC to play yet though which I don't think is as daft in it's obvious padding but we will see.
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