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  1. The demos are up on the US store, downloaded them today and they are good fun. Excited for this now. Each demo has 2 songs and one of the Persona 3 ones is Light Up the Fire from Persona Q which is a result!!! That will be played a lot this weekend
  2. Vorgot

    Persona 5 | PS3, PS4

  3. Vorgot

    Persona 5 | PS3, PS4

    Need to try’s that in the slow cooker I think! Playing through P4G at the moment having completed the PS2 version last year, and it’s lovely on the Vita. Kept me busy while I’ve been away with work
  4. Vorgot

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I really wanted to change mine to match other online profiles i have but I'll wait and see how this works out. Not going to risk losing stuff when my current id isn't ridiculous or offensive. Going to be interesting to see the rages exploding if people have issues
  5. Vorgot

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Will check that setting later. Only in Velen at the moment and just found some locations with easy enough things to do, so I was probably just wandering too far afield. Plus I've not remembered how to play the bloody thing. Will concentrate on this game now looking forward, but Gwent can bugger off
  6. I was going to cancel mine at the end of November but have just got a Vita and the games I had lined up on that I still want to play. Just started the final Zero Escape game for one. I very rarely play online, though my lads do, so I'll end up with a cheap one from CD Keys and forget it for another 12 months.
  7. Vorgot

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Sounds like a plan. It just seems every new location I find, the mobs are too high level. Doing the main quest then shooting back to explore sounds like a plan. I can see a lot of the quests I have are higher level, was obviously leaving those as well. Cheers for the advice
  8. Definitely ebooks. I imported the first Kindle from the US and don't go anywhere without my paperwhite now. It's just incredibly handy to have a massive library to pick from at any time and it takes no space. Also my eyes are very dodgy, and I struggle to read a physical book in bad light. The paperwhite I can read anywhere
  9. Vorgot

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Picked this up again after finishing some other long games, and now I've remembered how to do everything, I'm chugging along. Just one question. I'm following the main story quests and doing the Ciri chasing quests. I'm only level 4 and currently in Velen about to go off hunting a witch. I thought I'd have a bit of an explore, but everything is in red and a much higher level than me. Am I better just pressing on with the main quest and then exploring later on?
  10. Vorgot

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Shouldn't be an issue. My account and my son's both have the same card on them
  11. My eldest who is a demon on the Diva games games did this straight away and was smashing the higher difficulty levels so its definitely the way to go.
  12. Having had a go on some of the harder difficulties on the PS4 using a pad, I really would not want this without a drum controller. Seems it would be a lot more fun with it, and I already have Miku Future Tone for finger contorting shenanigans. Will wait until I can afford the game and drums I think
  13. Vorgot

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    Batman Arkham Knight : PS4 I was late to the PS4 party but loved Asylum and City (didn't finish Origins), this was a brilliant end to the Rocksteady trilogy. I don't normally like open world games, but this has a tight but packed map and gliding around the skies as Batman was a bloody joy. Loved the story, loved the majority of the missions, was really sad when it ended. But the ending section was superb, and an amazing way to finish everything off. Having the Joker around all the time was a genius idea that really worked removing Batman as a silent protagonist. Yes it had some problems, the Batmobile sections could get a bit tiresome, and the Riddler trophies was the only Most Wanted section I didn't do, life is too short for that stuff. I also thought the Arkham Episodes DLC stuff was pretty weak, very short sections that they made longer by making ridiculously hard (the Catwoman v the Robots fight), but the DLC that was embedded into the story worked really well for me, enjoyed all that stuff. Wanted to get this finished as I start a new job on monday and will have a lot less time, but this helped keep me sane while I was waiting to start work again. The one thing I really didn't like, and never like when games do it, is gating off a 'True' ending behind a "You need to finish everything" wall. If it's a nice extra, then OK, but after watching it on Youtube, I think the bit tacked on to the end of the Knightfall Protocol was pretty important to see. I mean I did 13 of the 14 main missions and the 4 DLC ones, I put my time in. I don't like that devs do this. How many people actually did everything in the game? However, in the days of Youtube its a small gripe about what was a magnificent game. Previously
  14. Just had a blast now and it's pretty good fun, can imagine it would be better with the drum controller but it's still good on the PS4 controller. Grrr. Another game to add to the wishlist I think
  15. Didn't realise it was on, my son might have liked to have gone a couple of years ago, but at 15, he may not. The concerts look mad, we've watched a fair few on Youtube

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