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  1. According to Gamespot The Royal is exclusive to PS4 and will be enhanced for the Pro, so you could well be right!
  2. More details! https://personacentral.com/persona-5-the-royal-revealed/
  3. The end of the trailer shows the PS4 boxart only, but they could be waiting until tomorrow. In my opion though, Atlus is pretty good at keeping Sony and Nintendo both happy with exclusives for each console, and thats why I think The Royal will be PS4 exclusive for now, while they give the base game on the Switch, which is still brilliant news for Switch owners. Lets be honest, if you are a big Persona fan, you probably already have a PS4 and a Vita so you could play P4G and P5 (and P3P!) and the Switch version will mainly bring in new fans, which is no bad thing. 24 hours until we know, another 5 weeks to Persona Q2 release, which is what I am looking forward to the most at the moment!
  4. Yep, looked really cool, lots of extra stuff.Still suspect it will be PS4 only with an announcement for the normal version on Switch tomorrow Trialer :
  5. Got it on now, looking forward to a proper trailer for P5R!
  6. I can understand those criticisms, I wasn't talking about people on here as such, just a general moaning on the net as a whole. I find some of the acting lets it down a little as well, Emilia Clark just doesn't seem to be able to bring much to the screen compared to some of the actors around her. But that might just be me. I'm actually looking forward to be it being over now, I've not enjoyed the recent series as mych as the earlier ones and want the story closed off now.
  7. Completely agree. I've seen some moaning on the internet about how it was a slow episode with nothing happening, those people must not remember the first few seasons when this kind of drawn out character interaction was the focus of the show rather than the action sequences. Didn't like last season with it's fast travel and rushing plotlines, but this seems a lot better so far, the painful signposting aside
  8. Vorgot

    Now TV

    No question, I was laughing out loud when he first appeared mugging to the 'camera'. Need to add this to my list of 'cheer me up' films along with Lego Movie and Lego Batman
  9. Vorgot

    Now TV

    I used to watch the series with my two boys and we watched the film at the weekend. It's gloriously silly and very funny. It knows it's childish and stupid and revels in it, we loved it. And references across the Marvel and DC universes abound, without being snotty and taking the piss. Good to see Mr Cage finally getting to play Superman as well
  10. Vorgot

    Edge #332 | Control

    Heavens Vault came out on PS4 this week and looked interesting. Story driven, involving travelling to different locations and deciphering an ancient language, looks very different from anything else I've seen. Good to see it has a decent score, but need to read some reviews https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP3273-CUSA11824_00-HEAVENSVAULTGAME
  11. Vorgot

    A Lumines Thread

    I think it's that the music wasn't as good as one on the first one, the core gameplay is still solid. I'd love to play the PS4 one as it has the original music, but have the Vita version on the handheld and just think this game is so well suited to being portable rather than on the TV. But I miss that first song, its a classic
  12. Vorgot

    Konami 50th Anniversary Collection

    In the Castlevania collection I would really like to be able to play Belmont's revenge from the GB. It was one of the first games on a Nintendo system I played, and I bloody loved it. It's not been released on the 3DS VC which means it probably never will be now, but for old times sake I'd love to play it again. But not sure how bothered about the rest I am, I have IV on the 3DS and those are the only 2 that I played back in the day, so depending on the price, this would be a maybe for me.
  13. Vorgot

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Good idea for when the MP is out. I'm on there but don't use it much as I don't tend to play online too much, but would be good for Dangerous Driving
  14. I didn't realise that there was a half decent emulator out there. They have done a heck of a job by the looks of things without having all the bits of the architecture documented and laid out for them.
  15. Vorgot

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I agree with this, and I'm playing both at the moment. Very different games really, Witcher is much more story focused, Skyrim is about tooling around and doing what the hell you want. Yes the combat in Skyrim is not always great, but it doesn't diminish the experience.

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