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  1. I think with any game that you put so much into you hit a wall at some point. I was charging through but am playing some other stuff on the side as well, and levelling my crafting and gathering all to 50. Makes a nice change of pace, but with my boys around I'm playing more on the 3DS and Vita as well which is giving me a decent break. Enjoying the Hildibrand stuff too, it's a very silly change of pace. Just finished all the stuff with him at the Costa at that did make me chuckle a few times.
  2. Cheers guys. I’ll leave it to melee dps on bosses. I think it resets before bosses so it’s fine to use on big trash pulls as a summoner
  3. Through into 2.4 now and feels more like a story building again. apologies for not chatting last few days but boys are here and keyboard not plugged in. Have to grab logging in time when I can! another question. Should I be using the Limit Breaks in dungeons? Tank just gave me instructions in one on where not to stand if I used it. I understand it’s a shared pool, should it be dps who use it?
  4. No I get it. I'd watched a video of the Moogle fight so I knew there was an order to take them on in, that one tank should have the king over at the edge, but the majority of the people didn't. No one marked, so we were in a bit of trouble, but got there in the end. Darkhold was bad as well, because we had 2 summoners, I was getting dots up, casting bane, outburst, ruin etc, the other SMN was just spamming Bio. So the tank was getting really annoyed about it. I did Sunken Temple shortly after and that was fun because I knew the mechanics and felt I was contributing. I never go into a dungeon blind, too terrified to do that still. I'm avoiding the hard versions of the trials and Ultima because I can't do with the stress of them, those quests can sit there and rot. Moogle Hard is an issue because I assume anyone farming it is on Extreme (even if anyone does farm it now), so it was sprout central in there. Compare it to Praetorium where 80% of the people in it know exactly what they are doing, and it's a breeze. Its a fine line between spoiling a fight by reading up, or just enjoying it. The Moogle one should have been a fun thing to see first time but it was kind of ruined by having to look it up beforehand.
  5. Had some bad dungeon runs today. Did Darkhold which was a disaster with an ultra snooty tank and the king Moogle fight was a mess with no marking and people not getting the fight properly (including me) but they are done now.
  6. Doing this now and it's painful. Some really shitty quests followed by a dungeon or trial! What fun! About to do the King Moggle one, just hope the queue isn't too long. I also know I then have a loooong way to go. But the quests are just genuinely awful, they were obviously concentrating heavily on HW and minimal effort went into them.
  7. So my gear is all at least i120 now, think I'll pass on dungeons and just crack on with the MSQs to HW. Not donw many of the hard dungeons or trials but I assume they are optional and I can catch up with them later. Don't want to be too over levelled at this point. Also doing the the Hildibrand stuff as well which is fun. But a bit weird. Just met Gilgamesh and his friend. Shame the changes to shortening it isn't coming for a while but I'm looking forward to the HW stuff so I'll just crash on.
  8. So I can do this now. Level 54, Gear level about 100, what do we need to do to sort out out a Muk raid? Happy to get everyone together, throw me preferred dates and times (You are all going to really regret getting me into this game) Also, should we move the thread to the online folder? Small point but I can imagine people getting pissed off at us
  9. Yep, people are great in general. I got pissed off in my first run of the Praetorium as I was left dead, but they knew I would teleport in at the next boss. And when I didn't authenticate my magitek key someone ran be back to where to do it. They didn't have to do that, but they did. It's a lovely community when they are not talking french
  10. Another reason to love this game and the community. I just did a dungeon on daily roulette, I still don’t know what it was, I’ll look it up shortly. I died on first boss. And again. Asked for help and the mechanics were explained. Before each fight I asked for tips and got them. At the end, one member said it was fun when things went a bit wrong and people hung around for me to thank them. There was another sprout who did the same. In WoW, zero chance that happens, but it took the anxiety away. apparently it was the sunken temple. Need to read up on that
  11. That’s a good point. I was amazed at the price I paid though and the price people pay for my stuff. Once I get crafters up to my main level it’ll be brilliant to be self sufficient and sell this stuff though. That’s got to be the goal at the moment
  12. That’s my plan this evening. The market boards can be good though. I just did the summoner relic quest and needed a picatrix at level 50 with 2 specific materias in. Got one for 20k on the board. Now when I am managing to sell level 20 armour for 5k a pop, that’s not too expensive. Am going to spend some time now getting the gatherers and crafters to 50. I presume glamour prisms might be good money too, must check that later
  13. If anyone needs any Battered Fish for the seasonal event, I can drum up a ton of it, got loads of the mats sat with a retainer. Though I suspect as it's only a level 5 recipe most people can do their own.
  14. Vorgot


    I opened 40 packs with gold and bagged 4 legendaries, so will see what I can build with that. Hopefully it all shakes things up a bit and we have some more fun decks to play with. Need to revisit all of mine as the only really viable one I had was pirate rogue, and I'm not sure thats had any help.
  15. Good. Annoying character, annoying mechanic. Can't bring myself to use him in Persona Q 2 even though it pushes you to level up a lot of characters.
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