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  1. Installed mGBA and that does exactly what I want it to do with a nice small footprint so that'll do me!
  2. With Sony shutting down the store I decided to finally mod my current Vita and get the SD2Vita stuff going, all works brilliantly. The only thing I am finding a pain is emulating my gba stuff. Back in the day I used one with Adrenaline, but everyone seems to point at Retroarch now, which just seems a mess on the Vita, massively overblown for what I want to use it for really. Or am I missing something? What do people here use at the moment?
  3. Going to give it a go over the weekend. My Vita is on 3.73 so need to downgrade to use the permanent hacks but been through it before so fingers crossed it works OK
  4. Yep, its one of the ones I am making sure I download. It's effectively a visual novel, so there is a lot of text, it's all about the story rather than the gameplay. If thats not your thing, you may bounce off it
  5. I was thinking of modding mine to be able to use the sd2vita thing, but I could put EP on there then too. Hmmm. Just got a replacement Vita memory card so might try it over the weekend
  6. This is the only one I don't have and I presume its a pain getting games from the US PSN store on am unmodded Vita. I have a US account though, but I don't think you have have 2 at the same time on Vita
  7. I'm going to do this anyway just in case, I use QCMA to do the backups on my mac and it works really well. Going to go through the download list tonight and try and make a list of everything. It's a pain in the arse. Maybe I'll end up modding it in the future but done that before and since I own all the games I want its a bit pointless
  8. The Miku game has a few annoyances, but its still fun. The hint numbers go faded when you have a piece in the right place but there are still other possibilities. So if a row is 1 2 and you have the 1 in the right place, even if it could still be part of the 2, it greys out the 1. Small think but it makes it easier. Plus it tells you when you fill in a square incorrectly and its not an option to switch that off. Its does fill in a row or column with crosses when you have all the right squares shaded though which is better, saves some manual filling in.
  9. More Picross more Miku, whats not to like!
  10. Its great. My son is not interested in Musou games but has blasted through calamity as he loves BOTW. Me? I'm with you for a while busting shadows. Day off today so house jobs are done, settling down with P5S now!
  11. They have done a great job of adapting the playstyle but it still feels like a Persona game. My 15 year old actually asked why I was playing this game again, thinking it was P5R. They did a similar bang up job with Age of Calamity, which feels very BotW but plays very differently
  12. Its perfect for bitesize gaming as well. Do a couple of levels at a time, and you'll have had some amazing ideas thrown at you. I like the tight structure same as in 64 and the Galaxy games. Got all 100 shines of BF, and enjoyed the ride for what it was, I wouldn't want to see a full game built the same way. Fury Bowser was a pain in the arse at times though
  13. I'll admit that I found the structure a bit annoying. Its OK to try something new as it was an extra piece of content but I wouldn't want that structure repeated in a main game.
  14. Just seen the credits on Bowser's Fury, but bloody hell it was annoying how much he turned up after 48 shines. Luckily I found 2 pretty easy ones to grab to get to that 50 shine battle. Going to do the rest now, does the speed of Dark Bowser appearing ramp up again towards the end? If so, I'll save some easier ones.
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