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  1. That sounds perfectly reasonable. I get that you need to make money, as you didn't last time, but just want to make sure that I can help!
  2. Big question is how much you want Jon! Can you tell us the buy in? I really want to help, bought all the canvases back in the day, but am not working at the moment so can commit something, but I hope you have a low entry level.
  3. Not sure why it needs a new thread, I started miles behind everyone else and am only playing it on and off. But the main thread was fine and really helpful for me. Never had a problem with spoilers posting in the main thread as long as you don't start looking from page 1. Not trying to be difficult, but the main thread is pretty quiet these days but has useful information, might be worth just using that one. And then people who jump back in can come and discuss stuff. If Switch owners jump in, it might make me go back, do I post in here or the other thread?
  4. Resident Evil 4 - PS4 I played this through on the Gamecube on release and loved it, since then I bought it on the Wii and PS3, but never moved passed the village. Got a weird hankering for it a couple of weeks ago and it was on sale on PSN so grabbed it. Best decision I have made in ages. This is still a brilliant game. I've just finished it and need to play Separate Ways yet but it has been the most fun I have had with a game in ages outside of Final Fantasy XIV. My 16 year old son has just started a playthrough too, and once he got to grips with the controls, is enjoying it. So what makes it so great? In my opinion, the pacing. I have really hated the move to open world games over the last X years or so, as I think it makes it a lot more difficult for developers to create an experience that means you play the game the way that they intended. Resi 4 pushes you along a specific path all the way, and presents you with a ton of set pieces that are just sublime. And the merchant. What a star he is. Totally at odds with the rest of the world, but he fit perfectly. And if you buy his treasure maps, it just adds a slight extra layer that makes you look more at the environment. And the mini game he has....... But so many great touches. I forgot Ashley calls you a pervert if you look up her skirt, but she uttered this while I suplexing a priest guy. And on Ashley, she is brilliant, the only escort mission sidekick ever that actually works. The cheesy dialogue, the merchant, the item management, it's almost perfect. Plus, it's not that hard. I am generally shit at games, but with some caution and learning from deaths, you can make it through easily. So it's set piece after set piece, pushed down a corridor, no choices, but thats fine by me as it is an amazing experience. It's the same reason I think Arkham Asylum is the best of those games as you are playing the game the developers envisaged. I like clear objectives, I like a clear path, and it's getting rarer these days. Big question is, what do I do next? Resi 6 is more action based, Resi 7 I have just played the demo and my heart won't take it. I think Resi 2 remake looks to be the obvious choice, though I think I fancy a go at 0 and 1 as well. But what a game. I wish there was something that was just like this that I could grab but there isn't. Previously
  5. I'm starting to click more with the controls as well, but the monetisation is definitely way too on your face. The fact that certain characters get betters scores is a move I can't defend, luckily I just see the whole game as a piece of mindless fun. I know Crash racing got a bad rap, rightly so, for putting in microtransactions after they said they wouldn't but at least there it is all cosmetic and there is no 'premium' currency. The more I think about it the more I dislike the way MK is set up.
  6. Sayonara Wild Hearts - PS4 Not much to add to @shirubagans comment really. Lovely game. And I'll keep dipping in for golds and all of the diamonds. Previously
  7. Road Runner Death Valley Rally on the SNES. I love some Wile E Coyote and RR, but this was a pice of dogshit. Taking some inspiration from Sonic games, it wouldn't even pass the sniff test as a flash game, it was truly bad.
  8. It was a complete shocker and I paid full price for it as well. Nightmare.
  9. Well bugger me, I have never even heard of this! But I don't feel I missed out on much.........
  10. Bowser Jr is on the second row in the shop for me today, not unlocked the third row yet
  11. While I think @MK-1601 was off the mark in seeming to try and defend the price, he is right about Eurogamers attitude. First off, anyway who pays £40 for that is insane. You could spend that money on virtually anything else and it would be better value. But to say buy MK8 and delete this is snobbery to the extreme. I haven't got a Switch, I'm out of work and can't afford one, however much I would love one. This a nice little free distraction that I haven't spent a penny on and never will but can still have some fun with. And he is also right to point out the other games that do this all the time and they don't go up in arms about it. I recently sat down with my 13 year old who is trying to save for a gaming PC and we went through all his transactions on Fortnite on Battle Passes and V-Bucks. It was pretty shocking how it had added up over 2 years. And it's all for cosmetics. And it's our fault as consumers. Don't only blame for devs for this shitty situation, if people are willing to pay, they will carry on selling it. And I get the 'Well I want that character/skin/player" angle but look at what its costing you.
  12. It's weird as I loved that game, 100% on all collectables. I think maybe I was willing myself to love it at the time but for a period where I rarely completed games, I did with this one. And I gave up on Banjo-Tooie.
  13. I tried the demo, way too scary for me, I can't play that. It's atmosphere and the sound design are just incredible though. Oh, you really should. Started my playthrough a week ago and it has been brilliant, such a good game that keeps you on the edge of your seat all the time. Am just at the end of the castle and as well as bring back so many memories, it just makes me realise how it nails the kind of game I like. A problem is I don't know where to get my next fix like this from. I'll have the Separate Ways campaign to do, but what then? Evil WIthin maybe, but I know the second one goes more open and the joy of Resi 4 for me is the fact that it pushes you down a specific path and so the pacing is just spot on.
  14. cheers. I worry enough going into dungeons so that’s good to know.
  15. Quick question for veterans! I know the cutscenes at the end of ARR were unskippable, and I was really grateful for that as I wanted to see the story stuff play out. Now I don't think the same thing happens in the final HW and Stormblood dungeons. Am I going to get abuse for watching cutscenes, or are there a lot less this time around?
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