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  1. Me and all my friends were the same. Spectrums and Commodores kept us going until the SNES. I actually worked in Woolworths on the Entertainment section in the late 80s as a saturday job. We stocked the Master System but not the NES, but I don't remember us selling many. Now when the Gameboy came out, that was a big seller. We sometimes worked nights doing stock counts and restock and spent half the time playing Tetris on the GB.
  2. Pre Ordered with Amazon, need that big dumb mask Hoping the art book is actually a decent art book this time rather than the one that came with the Dancing special edition.....
  3. I noticed the same this morning. I’ll have to be prudent but a few games are must buy in this. But as I just bought stuff in the Black Friday sale it’s more about the time than the cost. Got so much to play
  4. i thought it would be later than that, but I’ll take it! Hopefully we get full details tomorrow
  5. Vorgot

    Playstation Vita

    Apparently if you get a decent one they are fine, but they need your Vita to be on custom firmware. I'm still on official as I have enough to play on there with the stuff I have bought on PSN
  6. Vorgot

    Playstation Vita

    I've got a 32 and a 16 and never had a problem. When I was looking for a new card I'd read that the 64 cards were a lot more unreliable than the others, so went for the 32. And touch wood, I've had no issues. I've used it a lot as well, swapping games on and off there loads of times and its fine.
  7. I got a PS4 really late this time (2 years ago exactly) and love it, still got tons to play and have switched from PS+ to PS Now, so I'll be sticking with that for a long while before I go to PS5. The next mainline Persona game will probably be the tipping point for me which is probably years off. I'll stuck with Sony as it seems most of the games I like are JRPGs and similar, too many of them are PS only and MS exclusives don't excite me. The Switch is the first Nintendo console I've not bought at launch (first one was the SNES) and I've still not got one. There are just not enough exclusives to justify the cost for me, though I'm tempted to grab a Lite possibly. I still have huge backlog and wishlist on the 3DS and Vita, so I'll be using both of those for a long while yet.
  8. I think that this is an OK game, perfectly playable for free and I had some fun with it. But now I have subbed to Apple Arcade and have a ton of other choices, I'm deleted this and won't be going back. I only really play mobile games on the train and for the odd 5 minutes here and there but the Arcade stuff has made me realise just how shitty the in app purchase system is in games, along with adverts. Just not having purchases rammed in your face every time you play makes the whole mobile gaming thing much more appealing to me. It's a real shame that Mario Run didn't do as well as they hoped so they chose this route, I happily paid my money for that and felt it was worth it, but I'm done with this freemium nonsense now. But it's just another instance of this old man shouting at the sky again......
  9. I got the same and was worried, trawling the internet until I saw threads like this. Absolute tossers. Obviously it's great to give stuff away, but at least word the email in a way that explains why you are getting it. I bet loads of people were worried about this.
  10. Well thats Heavensward done! Had great groups for the last 2 instances, was with people who had done them before and we burned through them both really quickly.Loved all the story leading up to it, but the ending seemed a little flat, but it was obvious that they didn't want to go with the cut scene heavy instances this time. I can imagine that the final trial was brilliant fun when it was released, I reckon the whole thing only took us about 3 minutes with the group I had being massively overgeared. So onto the quests that will take me up to Stormblood. Already picked up the Hildibrand quest, looking forward to more of that. Unlike @wev I've actually got spaces on my crossbar at the moment as I'm summoner and have set pet actions to another easily accessible hotbar. I suspect managing when to do what will get tougher a bit now, the only thing I really have to monitor is Trance and Deathflare at the moment, so looking forward to seeing what comes next. Playing Red Mage for a bit has made me realise how vastly different the job play styles are. Need to have a look and see what else needs unlocking now at 60, I've picked up the quests with +notation in Ishgard, I think there are some in Idyllshire too. My level is only at about 40% of the way to 62, so I hopefully will get to Stormblood before I am overleveled.
  11. I’d wait now for Persona 5 Royal next year. We are due an announcement on the western release date in a couple of weeks. nice bonus on the PSN money though!
  12. Sounds exactly like me, so thats brilliant. Thanks for the info.
  13. Sounds like I'll be fine then. Lets see if there are any nice deals around for Black Friday!
  14. I don't think it's as straightforward as that though. As my brain only really uses one eye there is a lot of other stuff going on to help me perceive depth in real life, and thats been the same for the whole of my life, so it's kind of difficult for me to comprehend how things 'should' look as I've only ever seen the world one way. I don't have any problems perceiving depth as my brain is using all kind of other visual cues to work that out, I presume VR would be the same. Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread with vision talk, I'll grab a Cardboard and give it a go.
  15. Cheers, I'm up in Merseyside though. I actually wonder if just grabbing a google cardboard might show me if it would work or not? Might try to grab one and give it a go.
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