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  1. Very tired but having a quick go on this. That title sequence is amazing. Intrigued to try out all the dlc but won’t be able do that for a bit. Doesn’t look like the P5 dlc is showing up for free yet though. Or maybe I’m not doing something right
  2. Nice to read your impressions @Qazimod. The countdown to midnight is just taunting me on my PS4. At least let me use the theme early Atlus!
  3. Persona 5. And boy, I can't wait until that bad boy unlocks tonight
  4. Very jealous! I’ve got to wait for the digital version
  5. Getting properly excited now. Had some Amazon credit so ordered the Skull and Panther Funko pops. I'm sure my 14 year old will describe them as 'cringe' but I like having the figures about. Did the same with Evan and Tani for Ni No Kuni 2 last year when I immersed myself in that game during a difficult time.
  6. And just in case people don't know, Nintendo is supporting this 'dead' system with amazing discounts on mynintendo. I've had Miracle Mask, Wooly World and Picross 3D on the cheap recently. If you can't afford a Switch, the 3DS is still one of the greatest machines ever released for it's software library
  7. Came across a weird little quirk today on my 2DS which I was a bit confused about. It seems that the software doesn't always delete data that you ask it to. I had a physical copy of Theatrythym Final Fantasy Curtain Call which I sold a while back. Deleted the update data, the demo data the spotpass and streetpass from my 2DS XL. After playinf the FF VII demo I fancied playing this again and its on sale at the moment. For £15, its a bargain for any FF fan. Anyway I downloaded it, and used the same profile name as before. Lo and behold, all my previous scores appeared. Didn't really want them too, I wanted to start fresh so I deleted everything again, checking all of the 3DS setttings. Re downloaded the game, same thing. Only by unlocking the Settings and deleting the profile have I been able to really start fresh. And it still knows I did the demo as I have an expanded cast to pick from the start. So it looks like some games can hide their data on the system, which I thought was interesting. I wonder what else might be hanging around.....
  8. Just reached the Brothers in Arms quests and got a stark reminder of a bad choice I made earlier as one quest automatically failed...... Think I'll crack on through main quest though now and come back to HoS and BaW in future with Persona due next week. Intrigued to see what ending I get and then have a look at all the spoiler stuff above to see how it could have been different.
  9. Glad to know its not just me. On with the main quests!
  10. One thing that is really a failing in my opinion is the exploration in Skellige. In Velen, the question marks were all over the place and were interesting to do. A big variety of stuff, you found some other quests on the way, they were great fun. In Skellige, they are a pain in the backside. With the nature of the area, they are all out at sea, and most are smugglers caches. They are a blatant way to farm coin with no real variety. In Velen, you have so many different things. Skellige, its all shoot Sirens, collect crappy reward, trade for crowns. In Velen, you had to find your way to some of them, the Skellige ones are just dull. I decided to stop them until I realised I needed money to craft some stuff and then it becomes a case of an hour of grind. Granted, its a small gripe in a great game, but I think they could have cut down the Smugglers Cache stuff.
  11. Its redeemable until 1st of June, then you have a month to use it. It's only just gone up on there so hopefully you'll have time to grab it.
  12. Noticed that, spent the coins and will grab the game on payday on thursday. Something to look forward to!
  13. Part of the problem is the small font. My eyes are terrible even with glasses, and I sit a fair way from the TV. Until I upgrade that later in the year, trying to see the small text in Gwent is too much of an effort! I'm fine with all the menus etc, but struggle with Gwent. I really don't feel I'm missing out too much though, there is so much else to do.
  14. With everything going on at the moment, and work closing last weekend, I've been playing this a lot, and its been a godsend. Finally got around to clearing out all of the contracts, treasure hunts and secondary quests that were below my level and just arrived at Kaer Morhen. No idea how much more there is to go in the main quest, but I'm enjoying the ride. Hoping to get to the end by the end of the month for the Persona 5R release, then I'll come back for HoS and BaW. Got all the potions I use up to superior, all the oils too at that level, settled on my skills and the Wolven gear set as my end goal as it seems to suit the best, and looks smart as well. Using the other sets as I level though to keep the armour up. Happy with the decisions I've made around Yann and Triss, but have avoided any end game spoilers so god knows what ending I'll end up with as of yet. Whats made it really interesting is that my 16 year old is playing as well. He's a way behind me at the moment, but he has taken such a different route with skills and his approach to combat is totally different from mine. Really interesting to see someone else play it, and the decisions he is making. And for some reason he enjoys Gwent, which I have ignored all the way through.
  15. Vorgot


    I still play quests each day and have a nice few decks going. I tend to play in the morning with my coffee and toast, and now I'm stuck at home its always good for a quick blast. New expansion looks good, and the game always becomes more casual friendly with a new release! Good time to jump back in if people dropped it a while ago.
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