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  1. Vorgot

    Playstation Now

    Been up for at least a few months, I only started it last night though
  2. I watched some last night, it's completely insane. Puts my doddering completely to shame, good job I only play against my boys
  3. Might give them a look to see how ridiculous people can be!
  4. Don't have PS+ but with the free weekend I played an online game of this yesterday, and was destroyed with seconds. My 2 lads were just astonished at how good the guy was. It's amazing how good people can be at this.
  5. Vorgot

    Outer Wilds

    I started this last weekend and struggled with it a bit but I hot it hard yesterday and now my ships log is full of stuff that I need to go and see and investigate, one world has so much for me to do in there it seems that I need to just pick one thing to get done in a run and get there as fast as I can. It's very different and good fun though. My son played it a lot last weekend and we were trying to talk about it yesterday without any spoilers, and it sounds like we have done completely different things so far.
  6. The Vita is an amazing little machine, I love mine for the range of games I can get on it. P3 Portable and P4G are reasons to own it on their own. I've got 30 games installed on mine and they are all belters. On the P4G front I've finished Secret Lab and am just raising links. I definitely need to do a NG+ run to get all the social links done, They are great stories in their own right and the payoff at the end is good. Anyone who has PS Now should also check out Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ from Falcom. It has a very Persona vibe, event a cheeky direct reference at one point, and is brilliant fun. Am about half way through I think and the story is really starting to pull me in.
  7. Agree with this. Puyo Puyo Tetris and The Witness both sit in my Puzzle folder on the PS4, I think Puzzle Game can cover a wide range of stuff
  8. OK, think I'll be Ok to hit the new stuff then! P5R almost lays it out for you that 'here are new folk, be nice to them' P4 I played originally on PS3 and was astounded by how you could miss that last story section so easily. It's amazingly subtle, and the game doesn't let you know you have missed out. Get the bad ending in P5R and the MC will comment on how it seems weird, P4 gives you zero sense of that. Its a bold move, but I know of people who thought they have finished turn round and say 'WTF?" when they hear about the true ending.
  9. And at this point I think it's fair to bring up my biggest gripe with this game. It is massively easy to miss the true ending of P4 and never realise it. It's that not realising thing that bothers me. You take 1 wrong conversation choice, that isn't backed up by prompts, and you miss the real end of the game. The game ends in a natural way, and you think you are done, but you missed out. Persona 5 and Royal handle it better. I missed it first time but had a save I could go back to and it's not an obvious choice.
  10. OK, so now I am concerned about True Ending. The link you mentioned is 10 already, what else do you need to prep?
  11. Thank the gods. i was just about to post a topic on what racing games can I play. Just stuck Burnout Paradise on and have to drive to find a race. NFS Heat has an awful story mode but I seem to be bereft of choices. i want a racer with non sim controls that I can fire up and just do a few races. Wipeout is great, but it’s not Ridge. There is nothing like Ridge on the PS4. Hot Pursuit though, now we are talking. I’ll stop moaning and wait patiently.
  12. Definitely this coupled with Open World. I downloaded NFS Heat from EA Access last week and only lasted 10 minutes after the 'pick a character from this bunch of edgy dickheads' bit. I'm trying to get on with Burnout Paradise as there is no other arcade style experience on the PS4, the open world bit put me off though.
  13. I've had Ys:Memories of Celceta sat on my Vita for ages, might need to dip in there soon. In the meantime I've been playing Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ on the PS4 (it's part of PS Now) and am enjoying it a lot. I think its pretty different from their other stuff in terms of style, and it looks very much like the upscaled Vita port it is, but I'm having a ton of fun with it. Cheeky Persona reference in there as well which it takes some pointers from. Recommended for anyone who wants something a bit different
  14. There is also a social link that you can progress where you can go back to the entrance and get your SP restored, for a price. Make sure you always have Goho-Ms though, later on you can push through a dungeon in a day. S Link Spoiler
  15. Still getting some lag from the controller on and off but I'll be there for a laugh!
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