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  1. I'm finally at the end of the Timeless Tome DLC for this, got one last memory lane to do and I'm not going to bother with the Solliseum stuff. While I loved the game, and platinumed the base game, the DLC has been pretty underwhelming, the different styles of combat were a nice idea but I've stuck with using Ding Dong Discipline through to the end. The Memory Lane lore bits have been nice to play through to add more to some of the characters and I hope this sixth one doesn't let me down, but the dungeons using the same recycled assets and being such a grind has been a pain. Overall though it's been a blast.
  2. I did that for ages, the story quests I am doing now are way below my level because I had so much fun exploring and doing tons of side stuff. I love Skyrim, but Witcher does the exploration thing a lot better. The stories and monsters that you come across are far more varied and interesting, it's great. Just a world you can get lost in for a few hours
  3. I'd like to be on but my son is hogging the PS4 with Fornite.......
  4. You'll be grand now, there are a million quests to do on that whole map all over Velen. I've got a ton of quests open that are way higher level than me as well so I'll be back later on, as the main quest is about to take me to Skellige I think. Not put it on for a week or too but I'll be back on it soon enough. Get ready for running into high level mobs/bandit camps etc and beating a hasty retreat, all part of the fun.
  5. How do the linkshells work then? Do I need to get an invite and accept it?
  6. Learn the moves of the monsters and try and be patient. When I go through a door I tend to walk backwards straight away to get a feel of whats coming. Make sure you know how each weapon works. And definitely buy the permanent health upgrades from the guy in the upper middle door of the lobby ASAP. It should get easier as you recognise the movement patterns of the bad guys
  7. Its a proper timesink. Even when you die, you are back in the action within 10 seconds. Cross-save is good between the Vita and PS4 too, if I remember to upload progress at the end of each session. And when it's hard, You know it's your fault for dying. And when it goes wrong and you panic, it all seems to go wrong
  8. Vorgot


    I've pre ordered in the hope that I have a job again by that point! Enjoyed the original but never completed it so would like to go back to it.
  9. I think that's where I would like to head for (as I get waaay ahead of myself as usual). Fun playstyle and a funky look. Have ordered the complete edition this morning, but will hold onto the code until I hit 35. I can't see any benefit to using it before then apart from access to the Market which I would presume is irrelevant whilst levelling. Are the crafting classes worth getting into? In WoW endgame I could turn a tidy profit on the auction house with some crafted stuff.
  10. Cheers The jobs one I guess will require some planning to get there, but I'll worry about that much, much later! Just got out into the field a bit, headed to Summerford farm and it is a lovely looking game. Blue skies all day! Love it. Looks like the new expansion has it all in one go, which is nice, but no 30 day sub. I'll grab the complete edition now and then it'll be a long while before I'm ready for the third expansion anyway! Giving me a warm feeling so far, and I really like how they've made it work on a gamepad. Being able to rearrange everything on the HUD is great as well. I have my UI pretty big as I struggle with some games and tiny text but it's all readable and the UI isn't in the way at all. I used to have so many addons installed on WoW, the screen looks positively uncluttered on this. But I'm enjoying the MMO vibe as well.
  11. Well I'm enjoying this so far. Spent half an hour messing with my cross hotbars, but sadly, that was kind of fun. Level 5 now, and have cleared most of the initial quests in Limsa Lominsa. Think I am understanding a bit more now. Few questions though..... I presume I want to complete the Hunting Log stuff as I go, and then I'll get more? Pets. I guess I want my Emerald Carbuncle out at all times, will they attack and use skills as and when they feel like? I know there are other commands to control them, but I assume they are overrides to a base behaviour? Base.com have the complete edition with the base, first 2 expansions and 30 days time for £13 at the moment and Quidco have just chucked me a spend a tenner get a tenner cashback, so I assume that's worth grabbing? i'll carry on with the free trial to level 35 until I apply the code, but might as well have it to hand. Not played an MMO in ages, but this is fun nonsense questing so far, will see how dungeons go. Am I right in that I can keep the one character and learn new classes? My character is Arcanist at the moment so DPS, I think later I can level their Healing and Tank 'jobs' and switch around between the 3 (or more). Oh, one more. There is a quest underneath my Main Scenario Quest, I presume I need to go pick this up to progress? Will this be from the Arcanist Guild?
  12. You need a screwdriver to get to the SD card? Blimey. At least on the 2DS XL it's easy to get to. DOing a backup as I type this.......
  13. Thats what I was just thinking! I dump my card to my Mac every few months just in case but not done it for a while
  14. Shame you didn't get on with it, but at least you got your money back!
  15. Anyone need a code for testing the new Party Update on the PS4? Don't use it much myself but just got an email from the Preview Programme with a code that can be used 20 times. While you are on the preview you can only party up with others using it, but can roll back to the previous version at any time. PM me if you want to use the code.
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