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  1. Thanks. 8bitdo support asked me to try this and it worked for about 3 minutes before it refused to do anything. I’ve send it back as faulty, might try another or might grab a wired pad. It’s literally just for Mario Kart when there are three of us
  2. Tried that, but may try again. Got a conversation going with support now so maybe they can help me out. Otherwise I'll try getting it replaced
  3. Finally got a Switch and loving it, but the joycons are too small for my hands to split them for 2 player Mario Kart. I got one of the 8bitdo adapters for my Dualshock, and though it seems to be pair, it won't respond to any inputs on the Switch. LED on the dongle is solid though, and the light is blue on the DS4. Tried with 2 controllers. I've emailed the support team, but wondered if anyone else had something similar and could offer advice. Have updated the adapter to the latest firmware and switched on the WIred Pro setting on the Switch.
  4. I have used it before, I'll make sure everything is on there later. But the point stands that Sony just annoy people because of their shitty online setup
  5. Just had an email that they are removing the wish list feature for the store, which is a shitty move. It’s the best tool for seeing the games I really want and when they are on sale. Sony just seem to shoot themselves in the foot all of the time by making life a little more difficult for customers for what seems to be no real reason
  6. Spending a fortune on a Virtual Boy and then being unable to use it as I can't see in 3D. To be fair though, I didn't realise I was stereo blind until then, I thought I just had shitty eyes but when I next talked to the optician, they filled me in on the fact that I have never seen in proper 3D. Also, like @dumpster, I bought a 3DO at launch. Even went to a 3DO event after hours at a GAME shop, that reinforced my ridiculous belief in that console.
  7. But I'd still say PS4. Not so much for the first party stuff, but for JRPGs, Visual Novels and Rhythm Action games, I've had a blast with it (and will be for a long time to come)
  8. I've just bought a Switch and this is all I have at the moment, but well worth the purchase just for these!
  9. Mario Kart for me too. I have bought the 3DS one about 3 times but just get frustrated with it, and my 2 lads batter me at them. Was the same on the Wii version. I just don't get why I can't get good at them. We recently got a Switch and I completely destroy them on Super Mario Kart, but thats a small victory. I want to get 8 Deluxe soon, but I know its going to be a beating each weekend for me. But I think its also a case of loving games enough that I then put the effort in. RPGs are games that if I get into, I will put the real effort in to get to the end, and enjoy every minute
  10. Grabbed it on PSN as I want to support this stuff. Not 100% impressed so far, but will stick with it
  11. Not heard of that. Have added it to my PS4 wishlist for when its on sale so thanks
  12. So I grabbed this in a moment of weakness, and I am not impressed on an initial play, but that might be just me. I really want a game with the physics and drift mechanics of Ridge, this isn't it, but it has its own charm. So now I have Horizon Chase Turbo that covers 80's stuff, Hotshot that covers the Daytona type stuff, just give me something that emulate RR games FFS
  13. I think it’s a pass for me at the moment then, but good to read the impressions. Will grab it on sale at some point
  14. Hmm. Seems this is getting a mixed reaction even though it looks like it should be perfect for me, but I've been burned before. Shame there is no demo (I don't have gamepass, just PS4 or Switch) as would love to give it a go before throwing my money down. How does the handling compare to the Ridge games?
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