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  1. Made a meal of this one, but I always seem to Daily Quordle 249 quordle.com
  2. Realised today on the train that since I modded my 3DS I lost all my save states. So I have to start e1 again? What a shame. My train journey flew by today playing e1 and 3D. I such find these games so relaxing. I realised my Zelda Picross has reset too, love that game with the music and sound effects. Tapingo 2, while very different, has that same Zen effect. And when I am home, I have the S games, Nazarick, Sega and Waifu Picross to play. On assists, I alway know that the games never need you to guess. There is always a move forward. I have at times used the show row/column assist where there is something to change if I am really stuck, but try not to now as the game wants you to win. Take Picross 3D Round 2 as an example. Play it on medium, piece of cake. Play it on hard, and sometimes it seems impossible but it never is. There is always something your are missing. Just love these games
  3. Daily Quordle 241 quordle.com Happy with that today, cup of yea had obviously kicked in
  4. I've not even started the S games yet, still playing the 3DS games and trying to finish Murder by Numbers. Had a problem with that as some content is locked behind getting an s-rank on each case, and a puzzle on case 3 is missable, so the content stays locked I had to do the whole case 3 times to get it. It's a great game, but this was a bad design decision. All assists are always off for me too, love the challenge these games present
  5. Shocking in both word games today Daily Quordle 235 quordle.com
  6. I'll have a read of that once I play through it. Nice thing is you can import the outcomes from Innocent Sin, not sure it will work with different regions. The fan translation needs patching in, but I found one that had already been done which is handy as I'm on a Mac and it's a pain to patch on there
  7. Just spotted that there is now a fan translation of the PSP version of Persona 2 : Eternal Punishment so have whacked that on my Vita replacing the PS1 release. They seem to have done a nice job too. So now with having the PSP versions of Persona, P2 Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment, P3P, P4G and P5 Royal I've got the best versions of all the games. Well, until I shell out for P4G and P3P on the PS5....... Not sure P5R will be worth a PS5 upgrade as I already have the DLC and the graphical upgrade won't be very noticeable I would guess.
  8. Daily Quordle 234 quordle.com Took a wild stab at NW in the end that came good
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