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  1. A Way Out - PS4 I was so excited when I saw this game previewed. It looked amazing. So I played it with my 16 year old son. I was Leo, he was Vincent. We had a constant commentary from my 14 year old about how he did each section. But I was incredibly disappointed. It was a good gaming section followed by shitty padding. And more padding. And more. The core concept is brilliant. The twist is telegraphed a mile off, and makes a complete sham of the whole game. Spoilers needed The eventual outcome made me angry. And then I watched the dire
  2. It’s a pain in the arse. On Safari, switch off cross site checking in security, that fixed it for me
  3. Its also a weird one with the difficulty, because its based on the arcade version. Normal is way easier than normal on the other games, Hard is harder. And as I'm not going to dedicate hundreds of hours to it, I'd like an in between. I'm currently playing the songs I like on hard and trying to clear everything on normal when I want to just chill out. And erm, Survival Mode? WTF!!!!!! How did I not know this was in there! Thanks for the heads up, my son will be pleased to see this. Can't believe we've owned it since launch without knowing this. Bit like when he had prope
  4. Like the Wind is one of my favourites on Future Tone, it's great! Enjoying the new songs on the PS4 version that came over from the Switch one, Jitterbug is a particularly weird and distracting background, and 39 Music is super cheerful. The only thing I don't like about Future Tone is the lack of progression in a way, with everything available from the start, it takes away some of the direction. I obviously like being told what to do because I am obviously unhinged complaining about a game that has 248 songs. Project Diva X has that progression but the selection of 40
  5. I thought it was a mistake that The Sinking City was listed as it's not in the Recently Added, bit @mansizerooster is right, it's vanished from PSN completely. Sony are chumps with the PSN setup. Nice that some games I wouldn't have bought but am interested in are up. Greedfall and Dead Cells particularly.
  6. This. I back up my saves on Vita and PS4 regularly but it should be a standard feature
  7. This has just been reduced to £10 on PSN. As I'm enjoying Yakuza 0 at the moment, I suppose it would be rude not to grab this at that price
  8. So the DLC for Future Tone on the PS4 with the new songs from the Switch version has appeared, for those who are interested. I'll certainly be picking it up for myself and my strangely Miku savant son! Good too see the game on more platforms but also good to see that they are adding that new content to Future Tone on PS4, and £11.99 seems reasonable for 10 new songs
  9. I think I ended up creating a new gmail account for him to get it sorted, it’s the one he uses now and we abandoned the other one. Hope you get it sorted
  10. The whole thing is a pain in the arse. i set my 12 and 14 year olds (at the time) up as children but with all ages allowed. As you’ve seen, any games that’s online ignores your choice which I was annoyed with, but I guess it makes sense for online. The 16 year old isn’t bothered, he doesn’t play online. I had to kill the 14 year olds account and create him an adult one as I don’t mind him playing some of the older age games online. problem is, you then lose some control. I had them both make me a friend so I can see them online and see what they play. You can’t have an
  11. Hearts of Stone is pretty good isn't it? It seems to fix all the minor gripes I had about the base game. Yes, there is more "we need to do this but do these three things first" stuff but the 3 things are nice little stories in their own right. I just came across some new gear diagrams which are a possible upgrade, and weapons/armour that you get is mucg more viable to use. The characters so far are spot on as well, I'm not that far in, but am really enjoying it after finishing the main game a few months ago and taking a break from it.
  12. Been up for at least a few months, I only started it last night though
  13. I watched some last night, it's completely insane. Puts my doddering completely to shame, good job I only play against my boys
  14. Might give them a look to see how ridiculous people can be!
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