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  1. 1st - (11) Futureshock. 2nd - (4) Astilius. 3rd - (1) Scribble.
  2. Feel free to use this thread for discussion about whatever you want, at the time it seemed like a good idea to have a wee collection since a lot of ace images are hard to find in the sprawling photo thread and sometimes it's nice just to consider the images in peace. It's served its purpose so...the gates to the West are open.
  3. 1. - 10 (scribble). 2. - 11 (Astilius). 3. - 1 (Looper).
  4. 01 - Radiohead - In Rainbows 02 - Underworld - Oblivion With Bells 03 - Burial - Untrue 04 - The National - Boxer 05 - Porn Sword Tobacco - New Exclusive Olympic Heights 06 - The Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur 07 - Iron & Wine - The Shepherd Dog 08 - Part Timer - Blue 09 - Swod - Sekunden 10 - Future Loop Foundation - Memories of an Empty Room
  5. Thanks for the info scribble, Nikon/£400ish seems to be the level I need to look at, I wanted good quality but I had no idea that a scanner would be this expensive, oh well... better start saving.
  6. I've got a pile of old family and art slides that I want to digitize soon, so... what are the best priced 35mm slide scanners out there that scan at a reasonably good quality resolution? I'm afraid I have no clue whatsoever which are the most reliable brands and in terms of cost I'm not loaded at the moment but I like to be tempted sometimes. I really just want a rough idea of what brands to avoid, or a good review acquired through personal experience maybe.
  7. A couple of tracks from 'The Go Find'. The Go Find - Monday Morning The Go Find - Dictionary
  8. Fine in 'Opera' for me. A couple of Swod tracks from the album 'Sekunden'. paintage deer
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