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  1. Mindclash games are doing a load of stuff with discounts and free shipping over Xmas including the new expansion for Trickerion (for those of us that missed the KS) and the Cerebria expansion (for anyone that picked the main game when it was going for sub £20 https://mindclash-games.myshopify.com/
  2. Wow that’s a lot of gaming in final fantasy and kingdom hearts
  3. Yakuza On Game pass - yessss
  4. 1 month of EA access with game pass ultimate - you too can not want to play any of EA sports titles
  5. Woo welcome suit from EA - AAA games woo
  6. have you held one
  7. Yeah x cloud - play the games you can barely read text in on a mobile fucking phone screen.
  8. Prog rock cover platformer looks fun
  9. I think I’m too old for video games
  10. Iconic in China cos it’s full of micro transactions I expect
  11. So what was the rare reveal?
  12. Well that’s a great start
  13. This is launch day if you live in New Zealand so I expect the Xbox version at least is the final code.
  14. I can testify that it's currently lovely in NZ - even if I'm only here for the day
  15. For anyone on the NZ region xbox it's just unlocked Immediate impressions, looks nice, traversal seems decent - no "press a to jump" tool tips filling the screen (may be if you don't jump automatically it tells you - I didn't wait to see) - now to settle in for an afternoon
  16. Our 1st Christmas at home in years and a quiet one for a change with just me, the wife and daughter. I made caramelised red onion chutney last week which is maturing away now in jars. Probably going into little goats cheese and red onion chutney tarts. I'll make my roasted red pepper and chorizo soup and then a traditional main (Turkey, roasties and all the timmings). Not decided on dessert yet.
  17. I just don’t know how I feel about this - on one hand it looks stunning from the streams I’ve looked at but it also looks both frustrating and boring. Then I read people’s opinions here and it reads like it’s something I should experience - I think it’s one to put on my £30 or under on the 2nd hand market pile.
  18. I couldn’t resist a copy in hand at John Lewis today for £24 - was only nipping in to say hi to a couple of fellow Asmodee demo team members as well.
  19. I played Nanty Narking the other week - it’s not quite as thematic feeling as Ankh Morpork but the minis are nice and the addition of role cards for the pieces that give specific powers are a nice addition to differentiate it a bit but I think I prefer the original - mainly as I’m a massive fan of the books. It’s a game that works best at 3-4 though.
  20. A second game of John Company this week with 5 players - 2 new and 3 who played previously. Have never found a game that played so differently - last game the dice went in our favour we made so much money it was easy to run the company and skim profits. This time we had 2 successful rolls in 4 rounds and had to bail the company out multiple times. It made for a much more fraught negotiation game where everyone was fighting over a pound or so. Then a simple card event turned the tide and suddenly the 2 players left with shares were flooded with cash and the other players were desperately trying to use any leverage they had to extract positions and money. Can’t wait to start a full game soon where we all get to compete against each other with mergers and hostile takeovers.
  21. It’ll belong to a companion
  22. Mortis

    Xbox Game Pass

    So anyone know if Panzer Dragoon Orta is coming to UK game pass - it’s not a game I ever played and would be interested in seeing what it’s all about.
  23. I've seen enough to put in for a day off to enjoy playing in peace this Friday - no need to go watching folk play the game for me.
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