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  1. My go to shop online is usually The Board Game Hut - delivery is always super quick, the stuff is packaged well (corner protectors on boxes) and they do a monthly sub scheme that lets you build up some cash. On top of this they do a giveaway every 6 months depending on the sub tier you have and a subscriber preorder area where the stuff that’s likely to sell out quickly goes first.
  2. Many which are unlikely to appear because of expiring licences for assets or music.
  3. Mortis

    Fall Guys

    Working fine on mine - wish I could help more
  4. Mortis

    Fall Guys

    Just got into the beta weekend and it’s an insta buy now - little one Was hooked and I can just see this being a load of fun for even folk spectating.
  5. I suppose I’m on the other side of the fence in that I’m not a fan of TM. I don’t know if it’s the clip art quality pictures on the cards, the low quality components or the game itself but the few times I played it just didn’t click at all with me.
  6. Or you could go insane and do Lacerda and Sci-fi with On Mars However it’s probably the most complex game he’s made and is stupidly expensive at the moment but will be back on Kickstarter at the end of the year. All his games are also on Tabletop sim and tabletopia if you can get a game on there.
  7. TxK on the Vita got me through a tough time after my mum died. Being able to take myself away from everyone and just zone into the game - the way only Jeff Minter titles can do. Was a welcome break for my head and may be the one and only of his games I ever manage to complete.
  8. Nice DQX1 coming to gamepass - save me buying on Switch
  9. 1985 - Pretty much everything on this list thanks to c90’s and a twin tape deck https://zxspectrumgames.com/tag/1985/
  10. Got my delivery in - drinking beer to support a good cause.
  11. Mainly due to the game pass and BC I’ll go for an Xbox at launch - I’ll probably pick up a PS a bit down the line - maybe once they redesign the thing or bring it out in black
  12. That Horizon trailer screams bullshot to me - maybe I’m just jaded by previous Sony “reveals”
  13. Then you get glaring omissions with online like being unable to customise the number or rounds in a game of backgammon which negates the whole point scoring system and doubling.
  14. I’ll take burgle bros please.
  15. Left you a tip and a cupcake @Fneeb - my wife is just waiting in the queue now
  16. Myself, my wife and daughter would love that price if you’re sending codes out.
  17. my first game as well - my original speccy for Xmas was faulty and this was the only game that worked for some reason. I can mostly also remember the poem it gave you. Before that I had Astro Wars as well.
  18. I’d say give a decent rules video a watch - the digital edition tutorials I always find awkward. Rodney Smith is always decent and easy to follow. https://youtu.be/ffMLIL5qGQg as for best place to buy check https://boardgameprices.co.uk for a decent price comparison site.
  19. Tabletop Sim continues to be the saviour of my sanity at the moment, our gaming group meet up a few times a week and have played loads of stuff but the best so far was a 6 hr session of Arkwright last night. Not just because I had to spend hours rejigging the mod on the workshop to be a more user friendly (and not broken) experience which has shown me how easy creating content on TTS really can be but also because I scraped a win by £4
  20. Hi folks - can I ask a favour. If anyone has kids on ACNH that would be happy to add my daughter (8) as a friend so she has some other islands to visit can you drop me a PM and I’ll pass her friend code on. Thanks
  21. Just trying to make it to your house to leave a tip - what an amazing island you have @Spleen
  22. If you can add me And the wife please @Spleen we have a bundle of nips to cash in. 6593-2467-4210 3714-7812-1606 thank you
  23. I followed this video for the rules to the co-operative game Afterwards the extra rules for solo and competitive are reasonable simple to pick up.
  24. CO2 Second Chance I picked this up just before lockdown to try and entice one of my friends who prefers co-ops to play a Vital Lacerda game as luck may have it though it’s got a really decent solo mode. The premise is simple - the world is in crisis because of global warming and the players have to work together to develop green energy and meet UN goals by the end of 4 decades - keep the CO2 levels low enough and don’t run out of points (you sacrifice these for not fulfilling goals and to bring the CO2 levels down) and you win. It’s got a ton of bits and looks overwhelming but after watching a decent rules vid it turns out it’s like most of the other Lacerda games I’ve played - a handful of actions you can take but every one needs to be well thought out and planning is essential. One that will hit the solo table a fair bit till I can game in a group again. It also looks great - even though in the picture we failed with CO2 levels becoming too high in the 2020’s.
  25. @frumious one copy of the base mysterium and one expansion if you want it
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