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  1. 2 words in mind for guess 3 - I chose badly Wordle 217 4/6
  2. Well it’s my GOTY so far and it’ll take a really big step to beat it if it keeps up like this for the rest of the game.
  3. It keeps it fresh though - there’s grind but it’s always around improving forms or doing daft quests, the repeatable quests also mean that by just playing you end up levelling stats constantly. They have the balance perfectly right so far and I’ve put a stupid amount of time in since it launched !!
  4. I'd say start with Hitman 1 from within H3, it took me a while to get to grips but the intro mission on 1 is actually really good and the number of different ways you can achieve your goal is just stunning. That's really the point of the game, achieve objectives in any way possible but get more points at the end for doing it quietly or with huge amounts of style.
  5. I’ve just opened the 2nd half of the map - so much stuff to do !!! Best of all it’s mixing up the modifiers for the dungeons so I can’t just brute force with my mega slug and a couple of select buffs. Working hard to unlock the necromancer but I need the strongman at A class and the entire rogue build before I’m near that - best of all it’s only so I can do a fact mission to resurrect a dead slug.
  6. Nobody is a much easier game to get started with but don't let the bright cartoony graphics fool you this is an ARPG with tons of depth and if you like the ping of achieving objectives this is for you. Deaths door I own but bounced off hard because it's almost as tough as a souls game but with classic 2d zelda structure. Whatever one you choose though you're in for a treat.
  7. It's the subtle expression change when it's in or out of water - little details make this game so good.
  8. I got to see him at the SECC in 1993 - what he lacked vocally live he more than made up for with enthusiasm. He did however look like someone had flung a bucket of water over him and that he could keel over at any moment.
  9. It’s also how it teases the new forms openly on the selection screen - I’ve hit a quest that needs a new form but to get that I need 2 at C and one at A class. It’s made me return to forms I’d ignored because they were underpowered and rank them up , then you realise that with a power or 2 from other forms on them they become absolute OP beasts. The map is also huge and so well designed with shortcuts everywhere to unlock. Honestly RLLMUK go play this it’s the best game so far in 2022. Slug and Magician FTW tho.
  10. yep that’s how I feel after 4 goes to get it Wordle 216 4/6
  11. All 3 are amazing in their own way. Depends if you fancy arcadey rouge like arpg (nobody), souls like Zelda (dd) or murder sandbox (ht)
  12. This deserves more love in here - it’s really something special. Managing to scratch the ARPG itch with some superb roguelike elements. Every new dungeon requires you to mix up your build and the quests force you to try new things to continue unlocking forms and level up.
  13. Nobody saves the world is just brilliant, level 23 now and it’s still unlocking new stuff and making me mix up my build to get through the dungeons.
  14. You can happily complete everything in Forza Horizon 5 without paying a penny above your gamepass sub or the cost of the retail disk as well. Another game that has MTX but not “at its core”
  15. It gradually expands how you play - requiring a mix of skills to defeat enemies. Switching on the fly becomes a major requirement and I’ve still not managed to get any class beyond B so far. Hopefully get to try some co-op as I think it could be awesome fun.
  16. That candy crush revenue is going to be funding a big chunk of your Xbox games - don’t knock it.
  17. Really enjoying this - the trickle of new powers to switch between, the constant quests and upgrades alongside some lovely graphics (no surprise coming from the team that made guacamelee). Gonna have to get some co-op in as I think that could be awesome fun with the right friend.
  18. I’m hoping MS can take some of the studios that got acquired and after 1 game got stuck on CoD map duty and let them have a bit of free reign to make a game they want. Diablo 4 Xbox and PC only?
  19. It was totally different apart from all the bits that were mostly the same as the original. It’s basically doing what the force awakens did - a new cast with all the familiar things you remember from your childhood in there. It’s not a remake but certainly a tribute act.
  20. 3 seems to be my sweet spot - that’s 11 of them since I started this 19 days ago Wordle 211 3/6
  21. I’d assume that it’s just hitman 1,2 and 3 where you can import the levels into hitman 3 as normal - this isn’t some new release.
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