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  1. More of their projects have suddenly had miscalculated postage and they are pulling the same stunt they have with unbroken seems another project they spent 5K of the backers money ordering 500 plushies then only 60 people bought them so now they are offering to send folk a plushie but they’ve scrapped the game as they only raised 10k unbroken they are asking for money as they “miscalculated” the shipping (although reports they ordered an extra 7500 copies and ran out of backer money to ship the rest is what I’ve read) Outlast:Westbrook they say they aren’t going to produce unless they can get more backers outside KS (despite it funding) and all the tome the CEO of golden bell is on social platforms berating anyone who dares call them out. At the present moment I’ll be shocked if unbroken turns up at my door as the last update said September but there’s no confirmation yet it’s even left the warehouse in China - even worse for EU backers as they haven’t even got a distributor lined up.
  2. I've no problem with a change of gender - especially if Hemsworth is at the end of his contract and wants to move on. It's been well received in the comics and would be a fresh dynamic on a character we all know well. My only concern is Natalie Portman being one of the most overrated actresses working today. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong though.
  3. It’s a fun game to fill a gap - always produces a laugh but yeah it can be a horrible game if you have a few bad draws. I’m enjoying his latest game die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal more - it’s still got elements of luck but as a dice drafting/deck building game it’s at least got more ways to mitigate bad luck.
  4. For anyone local to Motherwell - our game group is organising a 10am - 10pm game day locally next Saturday the 22nd at South Dalziel Studios (Studio 2). Entry is £6 (£4 for 12-16 yrs) and we’ve got some folk already bringing TI4 and Firefly - it’s our first try of something like this and any money over the cost of the venue hire will go to cancer research UK.
  5. That looks as awful as I expected.
  6. This is also on Gamepass for PC now if anyone has subbed to that and fancies a try.
  7. Mortis

    12 Minutes

    Possibly the most interesting looking game of the MS conference - hadn't heard of it before that but it's firmly on my radar now.
  8. Day one for 12 minutes - that looks superb.
  9. A mate played this at Airecon and really enjoyed it - have pointed him towards the deal (earlier today) ta.
  10. Yeah looking at the image gallery someone posted around the time of episode 3 I think they actually downplayed some of the horrors!!!
  11. The shelves are overflowing again so it's time for another cull - prices all include P&P to UK addresses - collection in Glasgow area also ok. Would also be interested in a trades for The Estates or Treasure Island. Robin Hood Deluxe KS with metal coins - £60 Tiny Towns - sold Ghost Stories - sold
  12. Mortis

    Outer Wilds

    I think it saves after every discovery and when you die. If you quit it just ends the current run.
  13. Hopefully going to be there as a demonstrator for the Sat/Sun would be good to get a game of something on the Saturday evening though.
  14. Yep backed hope it does well.
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