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  1. My series x install has jumped up to 26Gb at some point today - what’s the expected final size?
  2. I’ll take Sherlock Holmes - pm me details and I’ll send the cash.
  3. Might be interested in the Sherlock Holmes game depending on price.
  4. Published by MS on Xbox but owned by remedy
  5. I just found any part that needed some platforming controlled so poorly that it sucked any enjoyment out of the game. Obviously it depends on your tolerance for that kind of thing.
  6. I really wanted to like the touryst but the platforming was so awful in places that I had to relegate it to the pile of shame.
  7. Apart from gears 5, forza horizon 4, sea of thieves, crackdown, gears tactics, the age of empires remasters on PC, flight sim on PC and countless others. Gamepass didn’t just start with the series X launch.
  8. Considering the PS4 and PS5 versions look identical I don’t think it’s going to be straining the next gen consoles graphically. Seems like a decent game though.
  9. You can but it somehow just looks wrong.
  10. Season pass gives the 4 DLC packs - only 2 have been released so far. I picked up the season pass as my daughter and me have been having a fun time with this recently so more levels is always a good thing
  11. There’s one title in there that wasn’t a guaranteed commercial success and that was a new IP - the other two were always selling a ton on the name alone. They are all also pretty much in the same genre of 3rd person open world action games - hardly pushing the boundaries of game design.
  12. Wasn’t an upgraded version of GTA V part of the PS5 launch event? The trailer shows both online and offline parts of the game for sure.
  13. The first Abe game was PS1 - 1997
  14. I think Fifa is May - basically after the football season finishes.
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