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  1. I’d assume so - hopefully we get a non special edition release now.
  2. The One pad is pretty much identical to the 360 controller though if not even slightly better in use (revised 2nd edition bluetooth one at least) - to say the DS4 is better is utter madness.
  3. The 4 is the best version of the Dual Shock but it's still the worst of the controllers on console. The battery life is awful, the pad makes my hands ache after any prolonged use, the light bar is annoying and the touchpad despite being the best idea has been woefully underutilised in games. Basically it's time for a redesign but I know Sony won't do that as there will be too many fanboys that would cry and wail if they did.
  4. Mortis

    Airecon muk meet?

    Had a great weekend - will be doing the 3 days next year. Didn’t squeeze as many games in as I’d have liked but considering I taught and played Arkwright on Saturday which took up 6 1/2 hours I can’t complain. Nice to meet @therearerules - especially since your forum games are kind of what led me down this rabbit hole. Sorry I didn’t make it back to try forks but the game you pointed me towards looks like it could have potential - shame it’s not got a name so I’ll never know if it appears anywhere A great atmosphere though and any time I stuck a ballon down to play a game it didn’t take long to fill the player slots, highlight was teaching decrypto to a group who wanted to see how language dependant it would be so they could take home to Greece (they play code names with English words and clues in Greek back home). We had a great laugh playing and they went straight to the travelling man stall and picked a copy up afterwards It’s just a shame there’s not more stuff in Scotland as Tabletop Scotland seems ages away right now.
  5. Mortis

    Microsoft Rewards

    Buggered for getting all the available points as I've completed Hellblade and have all bar 1 cheevo. Ah well - still 1000 or so points for very little effort.
  6. Mortis

    Luke Perry RIP

    Obviously he’s best known for 90210 but I remember his performance in Jeremiah best - the show JMS did after Babylon 5 that got cut short after 2 seasons and never really got a proper resolution.
  7. Mortis

    Airecon muk meet?

    Definitely interested in having a go - will swing by over the weekend for a lol for sure
  8. Mortis

    Airecon muk meet?

    So I know a couple of us are heading to Airecon - who fancies meeting up for a game of something? I’m there sat/sun and would be good to say hi.
  9. Mortis

    Nightflyers - George RR Martin

    The expanse says hi
  10. Mortis

    Crackdown 3

    Yeah this is another of those times I think that I’m playing a different game to the one being reviewed. I’ve had no issues with the controls, the physics seem fun and OTT to allow big explosions, the level design is great and the combat is fun - especially when you start mixing up AOE weapons, exploding cars, ground ponds etc. Maybe I’m just at the point where I look at what’s “popular” and think it’s nothing but shallow tat intended to make you buy more crap in game and designed for idiots to scream at while on twitch.
  11. Mortis

    Crackdown 3

    Skills for kills agent - skills for kills.
  12. Mortis

    Crackdown 3

    Wheels, bodywork or gas tank - exactly the same as the original - sniper rifle charge + gas tank target = BOOM!!!
  13. Mortis

    Crackdown 3

    The sniper rifle does more damage if you charge the shot (aim) - great for massive headshots from a high vantage point or blowing up cars via a fuel tank shot.
  14. Mortis

    Crackdown 3

    SR 4 took elements of Crackdown but married it to the OTT stuff from that series (with varying results) and ended up more like Hulk UD in how overpowered you ended up - I enjoyed it but it never quite reached the heights of the platforming of CD1 which was the best bit of the series (and thankfully is fully present in CD3)

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