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  1. bring on Falcon and the Winter Soldier then Loki if this is the quality we can expect from MCU tv.
  2. Seems to be a mix of dev tools not being as mature, x/s stuff being ports from Xbox one that have issues underlying that weren’t fixed (NFS for instance) and devs who just seem better on PlayStation code. Will it improve - who knows but to be honest without digital foundry showing a frame drop at a certain track section in NFS or a couple of dropped frames in D2 I’d never have noticed.
  3. Saying it’s better than the Superman film that’s only mildly better than Superman 4 is hardly setting the bar high.
  4. You've basically explained why EA lost the PGA licence. Don't worry you didn't miss anything as Rory McIlroy Golf is one of the worst looking games I've played.
  5. Or we all watched the last few DC films he made in utter disbelief at how wrong he got the various characters, how awful his scripts were. Snyders movies are bland cookie cutter flicks as well - just seen through the lens of an angry 14 year old boy. Slow motion fights, grimdark angst and Batman dropping an F bomb isn't reaching for the skies.
  6. Or everyone will obtain it through the high seas as they don’t want/can’t get HBO Max and the snyderverse will thankfully die. Then someone competent will take over and make some decent DC movies.
  7. I think the eternal game still needs you to get to the halfway point of the legacy game. It would be a decent little game at that point but part of the fun as always is opening envelopes, putting stickers down and having to adjust to new rules.
  8. Who knows - it’s more likely they looked at who was left in contract or decided to renew and built the phase around that. Luckily they have a fair few secondary characters (ie not the main avengers lineup) they can flesh out a bit now. Bodes well for the next cycle of movies though if this is the quality of the TV output.
  9. We started my city last week and both my wife and daughter are really enjoying it. The constantly evolving rules are enough to keep everyone engaged and meant we were ready to play after a 5 minute rules teach. Worth a play if you’re after a decent family weight game that non gamers can pick up easily.
  10. If you enjoy TS you may also like Watergate - it’s lighter than TS but uses a similar card driven mechanic. It’s up on TTS and I think also coming to board game arena in the future.
  11. best thing is if you stick it on the internal ssd the load times are pretty much non existent.
  12. Yeah looks like Xbox live has shat the bed - can’t get signed in at all.
  13. Are you nuts - Dude Thor is one of the best things to happen to the MCU and the redemption arc is just brilliant.
  14. It doesn’t improve although watching Wonder Woman fly through the air is a particularly awful piece of SFX work in a movie that looks shoddy next to a power rangers episode.
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