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  1. If you buy it digitally and sign in with the account you bought it on it will be there on your new Xbox library to download.
  2. Yes Microsoft tweeted that out the day they announced the price - it comes as a code.
  3. Purchased on the OP post last night - played through the first couple of chapters and this is wonderful stuff.
  4. Sorry to hear @Professor Rob @Cosmic_Guru I’ll take CotB - let me know where to send the pennies.
  5. 2nd for City of the big Shoulders.
  6. Aren’t the “strings” pretty much the same as entering into any credit agreement? Also there’s no guarantee the price of GP ultimate won’t rise or that they will clamp down on the deals available in the next 2 years.
  7. I’m taking the view that it will allow me to upgrade to a 4K set down the line
  8. Again - if a game runs with all the shinies at 60fps on X it also will run at 1440p with all the same shinies and 60fps on the S.
  9. I’ve still got my launch window Standard bone and it’s running fine so YMMV
  10. Sony are lucky to have some hugely talented studios in their locker. It’s an area that MS need to improve in and the recent acquisition of some new studios hopefully is an indication they intend to redress that balance a bit. It’s likely Naughty Dog will still make a nicer looking game than any other studio but they would so that no matter the machine they worked on.
  11. Mean we just post the video from the epic beard guy every time someone says the S is underpowered please.
  12. But they have exactly the same ability at the resolutions the consoles are built to output at - the only way an X would do that is if it stopped being a machine that targeted 4K which is not what Microsoft are doing here.
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