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  1. Yeah my plan of no new games for a bit has also failed badly although the Inis expansion had been preordered for ages, the Feast for Odin expansion I had credit on boardgamehut for and Maracaibo was my Xmas money so technically I’ve spent nothing yeah
  2. Tempting - would there be any interest in a group pledge from here?
  3. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot So I’ll admit a certain fondness for 90’s Kevin Smith movies but haven’t watched anything since turning off his pervert clown movie after about 20 minutes. From what I’ve read I haven’t missed much but I thought I’d give this a look. Dated, unfunny and embarrassing. 1/5 if only for the Stan Lee appearance in the end credits (the highlight of the film)
  4. Yeah I was seriously considering picking this up on switch but it hitting gamepass has saved me a few pennies shame there’s no online co-op though as I never get anyone to do couch co-op at home these days.
  5. Terminator Dark Fate The 3rd best Terminator movie but considering how low a bar that is it’s hardly a glowing review. Some good ideas and lots of really stupid ones - 2.5/5 Zombieland Double Tap Is it as good as the first - no, did it make me laugh out loud for most of the running time - yes. Entertaining silliness. 3.5/5
  6. Thread delivers - forum knighthoods for all involved
  7. The Lighthouse As Lovecraftian a film as I’ve seen - a true descent into madness with stunning visuals. Shocked this didn’t get more Oscar nominations. 5/5
  8. Also the creator of Pax Pamir, John Company and an Infamous Traffic all excellent games - I’m all in
  9. The law of surprise means he’s owed the next thing they get that isn’t expected - be it money, goods or in this case
  10. To be fair santorini is best at 2 or 3 - it’s not a great 4 plr game and some of the god powers can be a bit unbalanced but it does add a fair bit of extra strategy trying to negate an opponents power while utilising your own. I’d also say to import the expansion from Amazon US as the extra powers in there and play modes are also excellent - plus it gives you the nice base board that’s entirely pointless but looks nice
  11. Mortis

    Nintendo Switch

    So is there a thread with friend codes? I might want to add some folk for trading Pokemon and some online games.
  12. Mortis

    Nintendo Switch

    So I’m a new inductee into the switch world - we got Pokemon shield, Mario odyssey and Zelda Links awakening. I also nabbed Tetris 99 and Golf Story from the store. What other recommendations do we have for someone that’s got a wii u already?
  13. Yeah I watched it with my 8 yr old daughter - it had her in floods of tears tonight but she did say she really enjoyed it and was gutted to learn it’ll be ages before the next season.
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