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  1. Mortis

    What are you playing?

    Got Clans of Caledonia back to the table after a long time sitting on the shelf - forgot what a brilliant game it is - especially at 4. The mix of economic engine with the ever changing market prices, territorial control and resource management tick so many boxes for me. One I’ll be taking to games days more often in 2019. Hoping to also get another game of Arkwright soon - it’s not a game you just roll up with though - an hour of rules then a heavy economic management game that runs close to 5 hours at 4 players - the last game I played almost broke one of the new players who I actually thought was about to flip the table at a couple of points. The constant need to adjust strategy because another player messes up the job market, the economy or production cycle for your turn means you can never just sit back and relax between turns. 5 hours vanishes in a heartbeat.
  2. Note re LiS S2 - the blurb does say "look out for episodes 2-5 coming to Xbox Game Pass soon." so it appears to be the season (we'll find out when ep 2 drops at the end of the month. Also demo's really haven't been a thing at all this gen on any platform and we still get GWG freebies so it's not like that's been removed from the equation.
  3. Mortis


    Sipping on a glass of it now neat with a touch of ice very tasty - not sure if it’s worth adding a mixer maybe a touch of ginger ale so I don’t end up bladdered on Xmas day.
  4. Mortis


    Picked up a bottle of Bumbo run for Christmas - know nothing about it but I’m always looking out for something new for my Xmas tipple. Anyone tried? - if nowt else the bottle is cool.
  5. What's wrong with the gameplay? Just curious, the puzzles are fairly simple (some levels requiring a bit more thought) but never too drawn out and each level mixes up the puzzle element to keep it quite fresh., the combat is simple but there's a decent weight to it all and if you don't manage the mobs well you will die and the storytelling is better than most AAA games I've played this year On a non gameplay level the sound design is amazing, the facial capture is stunning and graphically it's amazing that a small team like Ninja Theory produced this on a kick starter budget. I'm just sorry I didn't pay full price and give them more cash for this one (I think I was quite strapped for cash at the time it came out)
  6. Isn't the idea though to get it played by more people and hook folk into it's micro transactions? Kinda the way a game with fee to play mechanics in it should be. Anyway it plays a lovely game of footy and the master league is still fun so I'm not grumbling.
  7. finished Hellblade last night - amazing game, sound design is the best I’ve heard and the storyline is really engaging (I do love a bit of Norse legend).
  8. It’ll be like most of these creative games - a handful of people with the time and talent will produce lovely things - the vast majority of stuff however will be absolute trash - exactly like LBP strangely enough.
  9. Mortis


    There’s tons of places doing custom token sets and chain trackers - all of which work out cheaper than the frankly awful starter set. I’d have been happy if it had a copy of the rules/FAQ inside but I still had to hunt them down online. Some dice, a few tokens from other games and you’re sorted. Now I just need to find anywhere nearby that’s supporting it in Scotland as Settlers seems to be completely blanking it - I assume they can’t profit the same way they can selling individual Pokemon and magic cards in a wallet.
  10. Looks like a version of the Spider-Man Noir suit to me.
  11. Mortis


    If American truck sim is still available can I have a code please.
  12. Mortis

    Microsoft Rewards

    Got my 5K last night as well - chucked it to a month of gamepass as my current one expired on 1/1
  13. Blur is my favourite racing/combat game ever - was always fun no matter where you sat in the pack. Was gutted to see bizarre get killed off the way they did. The Burnout series are a close second in that regard although I have to admit not being as big a fan of the open world in paradise - I much preferred the tighter focused tracks of previous games. Day one for Dangerous driving for me and I’ll be picking up Danger zone 2 when my wages come in - that one entirely passed me by despite owning the original and the golf.
  14. Mortis

    The Outer Worlds | Obsidian 2019

    I expect it’s been in development pre takeover and is being released on all platforms and whatever is next for obsidian will be Xbox only.
  15. Mortis

    Microsoft Rewards

    I got an email yesterday asking for screenshots of my achievements for the points so fingers crossed that will get sorted soon.

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