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  1. You should be able to download it via the Xbox app even if you don’t own the game and it’ll preload - I think the Xbox treats disks and online as identical.
  2. Preload has just hit on the Xbox - 60Gb
  3. Yeah and how many of the side quests in Witcher 3 had an impact on the main quest line later in the game - even in a small way. It’s why I’m excited for this as no one has managed the feeling of a branching storyline as well as CDPR even in the years since W3. I also think the way the games are structured you often find yourself hours into a side quest without realising as it’s all so organically done that it appears to be a main thread.
  4. I think I had that when I updated to the beta preview - I must have restarted at some point as it’s working fine now.
  5. Yeah I was actually quite enjoying watch dogs despite it’s faults but I lost about an hour or so of playtime last night because of the stupid cloud save so I think I’ll have to hold off playing till that’s fixed.
  6. Newbie at D2 here so thanks for letting me join (xbox) - be around most evenings. Still getting to grips with all the systems in D2 and trying to get my warlock levelled up though.
  7. I'll sum it up in advance - better than the old consoles, one is a few fps slower than the other in bits overall not as good as some PC's - less shiny that RTX30 series
  8. Depend if AMD develop it for RDNA2 hardware and the consoles can add it.
  9. Nah I’m just not that fussed by 1-2 frames dropped and console warz
  10. Yet to my untrained eye dirt 5 looks great and I’ve never noticed the framerate drops. I get there needs to be these comparisons but I do wonder how much it impacts outside of communities like ours (and school playgrounds)
  11. Switch on windows sonic for headphones for a start then if you want to grab the atmos or DTSX app from the store. They are also both on sale just now which is handy.
  12. It's like watching schoolkids argue in here - I don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for grown men spending their time arguing about 2 frames per second or if a kids game is a bit shinier on their toy.
  13. Haven’t you got a PS5 thread to go enjoy instead of trolling?
  14. Sure you were, you’re a huge Kinect fan. It’s still a bigger selection of titles than the PS1 - 3 catalogue on the PS5 though.
  15. It depends on the game I think - halo MCC runs happily from my external HDD but the likes of gears 5 will tell you it needs to run from internal when you attempt to boot.
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