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  1. I’ve been doing this and am now subbed till the end of 2023 despite spending not a penny. Recently it’s been simple to rack up 15000 points in about 6 weeks.
  2. I’d happily take a new series with Kaito as the main.
  3. Well another pleasant gamepass surprise in the procession to Calvary. A pretty simple point and click but genuinely funny in places and probably most folk would complete in a couple of hours. Well worth a look.
  4. 0 is the best one to start with. It’s got the newest version of the engine and basically works as an intro to the series. Kiwami 1 + 2 are decent. 3 and 4 feel dated as basically just ports from PS3 and 5/6 are also good but worth having some understanding of the whole setup. Alternatively play Judgment.
  5. I’ve been quite enjoying it - it’s the first time I’ve really seen anything about Ms Marvel and it’s a decent bit of comic book fluff.
  6. So Saturdays session took 8 hours in total, about an hour to teach and answer questions then 7 hours to play (with a break for pizza halfway through). Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game though and we're planning on another session in a month or so. It ended with a spread of less than £100 between 1st and last place (I didn't win #goodteacher) I'm slowly building up a decent number of friends that like to play Arkwright so fingers crossed it'll be one I can get to the table more often despite the brain melting complexity of it
  7. well that’s pretty much your opinion on any game now void. Sorry but skatebird is possibly the worst game I’ve played in years.
  8. Todays gaming, Arkwright - first time I’ve had friends over in about 2 years.
  9. But untitled goose game and goat sim are brilliant at what they’ve set out to do. Skatebird is just unmitigated shite.
  10. I got my Spectrum for Xmas in 1983 the first “proper” computer I’d ever laid hands on. My mum must have saved like mad to get it as a single parent but she thought computers were the future and wanted me to get a good start. Xmas day and the next few weeks we’re spent playing jumping jack, the hobbit and through the wall from the horizons demo tape. I honestly don’t think I’d have had the passion for gaming or the career in IT I have nowadays if it hadn’t been for that affordable little box. Sir Clive saw the future in that regard and put it in reach of everyone.
  11. Just spent an hour on superliminal- if you enjoy an inventive puzzle game it’s worth a look.
  12. My first computer and probably the reason that I work in IT and play games. He truly was a visionary RIP sir Clive
  13. It’s not Christmas in my house till Hans Gruber falls off the nakatomi plaza.
  14. Hate to be that guy but I found this nothing more than an average time waster. There's no game there and as a "walking sim" it has absolutely no substance, the whole game is basically flashy psychedelic eye candy with a complete bobbins story attached to carry you from scene to scene. A couple of moments raised a smile but seeing this compared to Douglas Adams makes me just shake my head in disbelief. Glad I played it but it won't be one I'll remember the name of in 6 months time. Anyway I won't rain on anyone's parade - I just felt I needed to comment for some balance of opinion here.
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