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  1. Mortis

    Xbox Game Pass

    Dead Cells is ace if you haven’t played that
  2. Well apart from greed of course
  3. Weird - I have 2 options on subtitles for foreign shows - English or English[CC] which is what you're describing.
  4. Yeah our group (5 of us) didn’t share much info till they saw I was due to escape then they decided they would rather let one of them win than the lying, scheming scumbag that had been tormenting them for the previous hour 1 turn away from escape with the treasure right next to the tower I was held in and they uncovered the treasure - gah.
  5. I played it last year at Glasgow Game Festival and our group loved it but I only just picked a copy up recently. I'm looking forward to getting it to the table this week actually how'd it play with 3?
  6. Played about half an hour - seems kinda bland despite the nice art style - batter x or y repeatedly until you get enough energy to open the door - repeat. Don’t know if I can be arsed pressing on to see if it improves.
  7. Mortis

    Xbox Game Pass

    Enter the Gungeon and Dead Cells - nice.
  8. Dark Phoenix - thank god Marvel got the xmen back 1/5
  9. Love a bit of Tyrants - the expansions are well worth adding to the box at the earliest opportunity - just make sure you sleeve it all up as the cards are a bit poor quality and the expansion backs are a slightly different shade.
  10. Sounds like the clear competition pro to me or maybe the quick shot pro - both were the joystick of choice in those days.
  11. Mine landed today as well - will get it played at the next meetup - hopefully it’ll go down well.
  12. So any of you lot heading to Tabletop Scotland at the weekend? I’ve got a packed Saturday, Starship Bridge aim, Arkwright, Container and Captain sonar all hopefully being played then a Sunday with my little girl - letting her loose on the Haba Zone and probably beating me at Santorini.
  13. Looks like typical Kojima overwritten drivel.
  14. I refer you to my previous statement.
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