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  1. Fireproofradiator

    Bad movies you can't help but to love

    First film I saw in cinema without parents was Back to the Future which set a high bar but me and my bezzie (when I was 12) followed it up wi some right rubbish. The Golden Child I like but Beverley Hills Cop 2 is pants, Coming to America went over my head (loved Trading Places though, recorded from ITV wi swearing (but not Jamie Lee Curtis’s nude scene) cut out) and we also saw the likes of Secret of My Success, Short Circuit, Mannequin and - on a particularly weak programme at Centre Point Milton Keynes, Hail Hail Rock and Roll. I don’t know what we would have done if Michael J Fox and Eddie Murphy had made a film together.
  2. Fireproofradiator

    Turn your Wii into a fantastic emulation machine

    @dumpster Just to say thanks for the job you’ve done on the op. I’m pretty terrible at this kind of thing and time scarce so breaking it down into parsable sections is brilliant.
  3. Next: the combination of short run, high price and just out of reach delays are making me wonder if I’ll even dare to use the damn thing when it arrives. Except something to have a blast on Halls of the Things on would be great. A stripped down HDMI specify wi full keyboard would be smart.
  4. Fireproofradiator

    Bad movies you can't help but to love

    Richard E Grant piles into it in With Nails but I seem to remember most his problems were with Willis.
  5. Fireproofradiator

    Bad movies you can't help but to love

    I need to give that another go. Huge Gondry fan, fond of Rogen but I just remember getting bored with all the setup and my antipathy for the character of the Green Hornet won out. Oh, I’ve got another one. Jennifer’s Body. It’s an episode of Buffy basically but the leads are watchable and there’s some good jokes (“Why do you always have to undermine me?”) but I do like Diablo Cody lies. And Your Highness. Portman is rubbish in it but I’m a sucker for slick, decent budget genre-ey comedy.
  6. Fireproofradiator

    Bad movies you can't help but to love

    Yeah Hudson Hawk is a riot and the Swinging on a Star heist is utterly charming. For me, Mordecai (although I watched it before the recent Depp revelations). I also liked what I saw of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (mostly because of Matt Smith). I’ve also got a very high Will Ferrell tolerance and enjoyed Land of the Lost. I’d probably enjoy the Sherlock Holmes one.
  7. Fireproofradiator

    Ghostbusters - Jason Reitman to direct sequel to Ghostbusters 2

    OT but I read the novelisation of Day of the Doctor recently and at one point the doctors find a poster for Dalek Invasion of Earth and talk about how they worked with Peter Cushing on the movies, which I thought was cute.
  8. Fireproofradiator

    Your favourite film of 2018?

    Probably The Wild Pear Tree. The music in the trailer shoutsTHIS IS SERIOZ FILMS but I loved its interest in tiny, tiny moments and what they mean.
  9. Fireproofradiator

    The Favourite

    I preferrred The Favourite to The Lobster, fwiw. The Lobster has a great high concept but the plot isn’t as tight. I love Dogtooth and like The Favourite that one’s all about weird families.
  10. Fireproofradiator

    The Favourite

    It’s about Queen Anne, who was a bit of a character. If your partner likes Phillipa Gregory books it should be a breeze getting them to come with you. But don’t be fooled. Its actually a yummy combination of Armando Ianucci and The Comic Strip by way of Jonathan Swift. Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, who did Dogtooth and The Lobster. Not recommended if you’re Julia Davis. It appears to be being described as an Oscar leader which is quite eye opening. Also features an ending that left the quarter full Saturday night audience at Vue Sheffield unimpressed.
  11. Fireproofradiator

    Doctor Who

    Ryan’s Dad did result in the best bit for me (“He’s mine.” “No, he’s mine!”). Could have made more of that moment really.
  12. Fireproofradiator


    I hated Gift from the Gods. Got it for Christmas with my Spectrum 48k and I remember a (comparatively) tough few databanks before the shops opened getting by on that, Horace, Horizons’ Thru The Wall and Chequered Flag.
  13. Hey-oh, quick question. I’ve got a Sony Trinitron KV-14LT1U in grey wi remote. Works nice. Last weekend I picked up a white (well, once white) KV-14T1U wi no remote and missing front panel. Someone at work is after a 14in Trinitron for their Megadrive. I’ve just rigged the white one up and it’s got a great picture although Megadrive image is a little cut off the left (presumably that’s something I can sort wi a remote). Oh, the grey LT1U has a circular melt in it - presumably where someone’s left a night light on top of it. Anyway. I’m minded to keep the T1U - it’s a cool colour (despite the discolouring) and the picture seems better but will I be able to pick up a remote and does anyone have any opinions on which to keep? Ta!
  14. Fireproofradiator

    Turn your PS3 into an intriguing emulation machine

    Thanks MrMorgasaurus, that’s really useful. Wasn’t aware number of fan blades was a factor - I’ll have a poke around!
  15. Fireproofradiator

    Turn your PS3 into an intriguing emulation machine

    I’d like to go down the CFW route but my 60gig sounds like a 747 taking off even after adding thermal paste. I’m wondering about replacing the fan - anyone done this/got a guide/had a good result?

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