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  1. Top Five: Sons and Daughters - Love the Cup [uk] Dizzee Rascal - Showtime Dani Sciliano - Likes Massive Attack - Danny the Dog OST Bloc Party - The Bloc Party EP Other good stuff: The Delgados - Universal Audio Bugz in the Attic - Got the Bug Sluts of Trust - We Are All Sluts of Trust The Concretes - The Concretes Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand Mylo - Destory Rock 'n' Roll Kasabian - Kasabian The Killers - Hot Fuss And Most Disappointing Album Award goes to...: A Grand Don't Come For Free - a distinct lack of garage beats is what killed it for me, although i appreciate that others enjoy t
  2. caught him last time he was in birmingham (i seem to remember a thread about that on the old Edge forum - you were there goaty?). great gig. unfortunately i cant make it to the tour this time around
  3. tox

    Bloc Party

    great band, caught them live on monday at the Cockpit in leeds. good live performance, although the crowd was a bit static - i think that might of been because not many people have heard more than the singles. there is a mini album out there by the way - http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...6526955-1895643 its worth a look if you can find it cheaper (got mine in france for about £5, it has a black cover but the same track listing). can't wait to hear a full length album from them.
  4. epitonic has links between lots of different artists, as well as a smattering of free mp3s. well worth checking out.
  5. tox

    Mr Scruff

    seen him live four times... every single one was special. his own music is pretty good too - cool artwork as well. glad to see there are a few fans on here.
  6. listening to the radio late at night is a good way to catch new music. in particular i check out gilles peterson's radio 1 show on a sunday night, followed by one world, the breezeblock and the occasional listen to john peel. mtv2 after about 11pm can also throw up some interesting bits and pieces. soulseek chatrooms, dc++ and forums often provide pointers in the direction of whats fresh. this is of course in addition to sources like friends' recommendations. i don't read the music press, because it generally annoys me. i do check out the guardian's guide section on a saturday, and read the mu
  7. got hold of Danny the Dog at the beginning of this week. i have to say i've really enjoyed listening to it. a few of the tracks seem like only initial ideas of sketches, but overall its much better than other soundtrack albums i've heard (for example you could compare it with the virgin suicides soundtrack by air - which i'm not sure really stands up without the film). i'll be interested to see just how the music works with the film - as the film itself doenst look that great. looking forward to picking up the Daddy G DJ-Kicks next week as well. i'm a big fan of massive attack and also a big f
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