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    http://scanner.irational.org/index.html - lets you listen to London Pirate stations on the net. As bph mentioned, RinseFm probably has the highest profile line-up out there at the moment. The Sunday nights are off the hook - Rolldeep, Slimzee, Ruffsquad and Newham Generals. Apart from that, look out of Youngsta and Plastikman during the week. There are some nice dubstep mixes on the Kode9 website. Also an interesting article on Chantelle Fiddy's blog, about the differences between Grime and Dubstep: I'm not saying I agree with her necessarily, but I thought it was interesting that she has ma
  2. tox


    New single "Random" (which IMO is her weakest yet) is out Monday. Don't think the album's finished yet. Check out her new home page here. Its worth downloading the Jentina diss, which is actually quite good. If you're on the download, then check out "Shhh!" which is probably the best track she's done so far, imo. I'm not too fond of her MC style (and I have some swag live sets by her - pm if you want some), but the record company throwing cash around for her seems to attract some big producers and get her some big beats.
  3. tox


    Good to hear you're enjoying Run the Road Crispin. I love that Unorthodox Daughter track, very nice. There is another thread called "grimewatch" somewhere with some more recommendations. I might update it again in the next few days since there seems to be some interest in all things grime at the moment. Lots of exciting things happening these days.
  4. All the Massive Attack artwork is lovely, but this is perhaps my favourite. I just think this is a great photo. Annoys me that having grown up in Birmingham he chooses such a non-brummie looking towerblock, but that's beside the point really. Both this and Lucky Pierre's first album have great artwork. Most Arab Strap records have good covers as well actually. Some bands seem to produce consistantly good artwork. Usually the ones who are actually involved with their album covers. Good examples are Massive Attack's 3D Del Naja, Underworld with their Tomato project and Arab Strap just taking
  5. I heard he's had to change the name to L.Pierre. Not sure what the reason is behind that though. Lucky Pierre was, like Arab Strap is, a great name for a band. Heard any of the new album "Touchpool"? I'm yet to pick it up, but looking forward to it.
  6. Lucky Pierre - Hypnogogia http://www.melodic.co.uk/index_fr.html?/ classical music and electronic strangeness by aiden moffat from arab strap and Rachels - Systems/Layers http://www.epitonic.com/artists/rachels.html lovely strings. if you have to give it a genre, call it "nu-chamber"
  7. That sounds pretty crazy, but I trust Matthew Herbert to pull it off. The Matthew Herbert Big Band worked well - even if some of the more pretentious parts of it, such as the sound of the Daily Mail being ripped up, jarred a little. Live the whole thing hangs together much better. When you see him taking the samples it doesn't seem quite so bizarre to then hear these strange sounds being formed into a track. Surely Matthew Herbert is one of the most creative and prolific producers around at the moment. He always seems to have a new project on the go. I'll be looking forward to this one, and th
  8. That Massive Attack one is really nice, both packaging and content wise. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...9622708-8895647 Interestingly enough it was also available in vinyl form, in a huge heat sensitive box. Quite a rare item now: http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...9622708-8895647
  9. I read somewhere that Dizzee Rascal had remixed "hell yes" as well. Look forward to hearing that one.
  10. MIA's album isn't out yet. Not sure why its been delayed so many times - seems a little worrying. Amazon has it listed as 22nd Feb though. The vast majority of the album is available on p2p already anyway. Look out for her on tour with Roots Manuva this month as well. That diplo MIA mixtape is pretty good, especially towards the start. Love that mix of galang with lil vicious.
  11. tox


    Knowing how hard it is to keep up with the scene, even from the West Midlands, I can sympathize with that. Anyway, I've uploaded the set on to yousendit, so hopefully that'll work for you: http://s10.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=39Z0V9Q...1D20XJ44RJN3EYW To get the full effect you have to imagine hearing it at a rave, nice and loud with lots of bass.
  12. tox


    Alot of the Grime that gets signed and released is towards the lighter side... and often with much more of a UKG flavour. There's a good mix by kode9 here of proper minimal grime: http://www.gutterbreakz.blogspot.com/ scroll down a bit and its called "Kode 9 - Babel Mix 190105 (29 mb)" Intro 9 Virgo - Monster (white) Digital Mystikz - Neverland (dub) Mark One - Tomb Raider (dub) Macabre Unit - Death by Stereo rmx (dub) Skream - Indian Dub rmx (dub) Plasticman & S-Man - Section 7 (dub) Burial - South London Burroughs (dub) D-1 - Enigma rmx (dub) Digital Mystikz - ? (dub) Digital Mystikz - C
  13. tox


    There was a thread about Grime towards the end of last year, and some people sounded kinda interested in finding out more so I thought I'd just do a quick update of some stuff thats happening. Run the Road came out last Monday. Its a collection of some of the biggest songs from the scene and is a pretty good introduction to grime. Dizzee Rascal has a new single coming out around March. Looks like it could be a double a side featuring an exclusive track and Graftin' from Showtime. Check the video here. Kano's the latest artist from the underground set to make the crossover. His single Typical
  14. I managed to get tickets to the gig from the bristol ticket shop website this morning. Sounds like i was very lucky to manage that, but it was possible. It'll be annoying to everyone when they start turning up at stupid prices on ebay.
  15. tox

    Best Scottish Band

    Well I've managed to get hold of the entire top 50: 50 Best Scottish Bands Of All Time (as voted for by the public) are as follows: 1Belle & Sebastian 2Travis 3 Idlewild 4 Wet Wet Wet 5 Sensational Alex Harvey Band 6 Simple Minds 7 Teenage Fanclub 8 Bay City Rollers 9 Primal Scream 10 The Proclaimers 11Texas 12 Mull Historical Society 13 Big Country 14 Snow Patrol 15 Franz Ferdinand 16 Bis 17 Deacon Blue 18 Fish 19 Jesus and Mary Chain 20 Mogwai 21 Runrig 22 Trash Can Sinatras 23 Del Amitri 24 Orange Juice 25 Nazareth 26 The Beta Band 27 Biffy Clyro 28 Altered Images 29 Aztec Camera 30 Edd
  16. tox

    Best Scottish Band

    Boards of Canada should be there too, and if they can, so should Mylo.
  17. tox

    Best Scottish Band

    They should have just listed the Chemikal Underground Records back catalouge: Mogwai, Arab Strap, Bis, Delgados, Sluts of Trust, Mother and the Addicts... and thrown in Sons and Daughters, Reindeer Section and Snow Patrol, just for good measure. Anyone got the list of the top 50?
  18. i've noticed the posters around. not sure of the exact line-up, but i know grooverider's gonna be there. i'll have a closer look tomorrow and post the details up here.
  19. i think i know the tape you mean... if i'm right, then it used tracks from an album called Londinium by a band called Archive. highly recommended downbeat (triphop?) album... http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...031559-2938038# it used two tracks, the first was the title track "Londinium" and the second was "So Few Words" hope we're talking about the same tape here!
  20. tox

    Tell Me About

    Massive Attack's album Blue Lines is often cited as the first record in the "trip-hop" genre. You might recognise the track Unfinished Sympathy, off of it, although this is probably the least "trip-hoppy" track on there! I think the actual term was coined by a Q magazine journo. Strangely enough alot of the other bands considered trip-hop have some relation to Massive Attack. One of the guys from Portishead worked on Blue Lines before going on to make Dummy, while Tricky was in Massive Attack (known as Tricky Kid) before he made Maxinquaye. More recently, trip-hop has kinda expanded into a who
  21. tox

    Ghost World

    yep, excellent film. its been mentioned on here before a few times, so i'm sure there are a few fans around. more info here.
  22. tox


    Those two compilations are good, but i'm not sure that they're representative of the whole "grime" scene - just a select few producers. Imo, the tracks off Run the Road (which are all fairly old and available on your favourite peer-to-peer) could be a bit of a better introduction to grime. Watch out, there's lots of crap out there as well, don't be put off by it! (I'm thinking of stuff like Lethal B's track Pow, which is a bit poor, but its probably the biggest grime single around at the moment).
  23. tox


    run the roads is looking pretty nice i have to say. shame the release was pushed back. www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra check out some of the garage shows. there's always the pirates to check out too, and numerous internet radiostations. thats the best way to keep up with the fast moving scene. artists to look out for: Kano - album in 2005, current single "Ps & Qs" is being played on MTV-Base etc... Ghetto - features on the remix of the streets "get out my house" being played on Channel U Bruza D Double E Wiley + Rolldeep - new wiley album and a rolldeep album coming out in 2005 ( the rolldeep one is a
  24. tox

    Song Of The Year

    Bloc Party Little Thoughts Sons and Daughters Johnny Cash Mylo Drop the Pressure Bugz in the Attic Booty La La M.I.A. Galang
  25. thanks for the heads-up there. pretty good track. its q-tip on vocals isn't it?
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