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  1. So Plat Du Jour is out today, will anyone be buying it? Listening to the samples here, I'm not sure if its worth a purchase on cd, but £5 for the mp3s is quite tempting.
  2. When I caught this at the cinema about half the audience left in the first half hour. The question is, was that due to the sexual content or the shocking quality of the film? Micheal Winterbottom hasn't been releasing the best films recently, given that this followed the embarassing mess of Code 46. He even managed to screw up the gig footage in 9 Songs. While I understand he wanted to film from the point-of-view of the crowd, it just resulted in poor sound quality and a messy picture. Definately one of the more disappointing films I've seen this year.
  3. Anyone who isn't liking the BBC 2/3 coverage should check out Radio 1 for Gilles Peterson live in the mix. Pretty rare to hear him do a mix live on radio and he's throwing down some classics with some proper fresh stuff - best thing I've heard from glasto so far this weekend. www.bbc.co.uk/radio1
  4. tox

    Roll Deep

    Picked it up a few weeks ago and initially didn't like it that much, probably due to the fact I was inspecting something a little more grimey. It has grown on me though, and I think it matches the mood of summer well. Most of the stuff done individually is much more 'raw' than this album. If you don't mind that then just about all of them are worth a look. They have a radio-show Sunday nights on Rinse FM. Personally I rate Riko and Flow Dan as MCs plus there's some good Target and Danny Weed productions around. Check out the Creeper Volume 1 mixtape for examples (available all over Soulseek).
  5. tox

    The New Jazz

    Some pretty good in this thread. Nice to see some Peterson fans here too. I would add Alpha to the list of essential "nu-jazz." Much more laid back than the likes of Jazzanova but definately worth a check. The album Come From Heaven is a good place to start. Came out on Massive Attack's label a while back. http://www.alphaheaven.com/
  6. Cheers for that. Might try and head down to the Bristol gig. On similar note, has anyone picked up the Roisin Murphy album which came out today? Its a Matthew Herbert production. Haven't got it myself as the bits and pieces I've heard sound strangely soulless and definately not as good as the Dani Sciliano album he did last year.
  7. tox

    New Releases

    Thought it would be interesting to have a thread for people to discuss and recommened new, lower key releases, that wouldn't draw enough attention in a thread of their own. I'll start off with three albums that came out on Monday: Telepopmusik - Angel Milk Picked this one up on import back in Feburary and I'm still listening to it frequently now, which is a good sign. Has a laid back summer feeling, a bit like Air but with some orchestral bits slotted in. It also gets dark on occasion, with guitars kicking in like something off of Mezzanine by Massive Attack. Well worth a look if you're a fan
  8. tox

    Belle And Sebastian

    Will be picking this one up towards the end of the week. I'm a big fan of Belle and Sebastian's early stuff and love the Dog on Wheels EP, so I'm hoping for a bit more of that kind of thing. Will post my impressions when I've given it a proper listen.
  9. Saw them twice in April and they played two excellent shows. Not sure if I'd buy the record, but there was a great atmosphere at the gigs. Not gigs as such, but this weekend I have 2ManyDJs, Erol Alkan and Craig Richards on the Saturday night and then Gilles Peterson and Jazzy Jeff on the Sunday. Really looking forward to those two. Already seen Dogs Die in Hot cars this week and Queen Adreena and IG Culture last. Its always a good time for gigs just before the festivals kick off.
  10. tox


    Few Grimey mixes shamelessly stolen from Blackdown's blog. Reza This is one wierd mix-up of Brokenbeats, Grime and Sublow, works really well though. 1. Cold Mission - DH Shuffle 2. Cousin Cockroach & Shox - King Tut Fool 3. Afronaught - Golpe Duro Culinda 4. Dom Um Romao - Lake Of Perseverance 5. Darqwan - Said The Spider 6. Kelis - Milkshake (Freq Nasty's Hip Hall Mix) 7. Somatik - Reflections Of The Future 8. Seiji & Spoonface - Yin Yang 9. Misa Negra - Mixamatosis 10. Lady Sovereign - Chi Ching (Landslide Remix) 11. Almost Human - Criminal Minded 12. Loefah - Indian Dub 13. Solid Gr
  11. tox

    Massive Attack

    Its certainly not the best thing they've done (meaning its probably the worst!). The actual track Danny the Dog is worth a download though. The track Bullet Boy off the Bullet Boy soundtrack is also worth a look. The rest isn't really listening material, although I'll be interested to see how the Danny soundtrack works in the film (think its gonna be called Unleashed when if finally comes out).
  12. tox

    Massive Attack

    Of all the bad things you could say about Massive Attack I would have thought this would be the least likely. Blue Lines - Mostly Dub, UK Hip-Hop and Soul. Protection - Nelle Hooper's production makes this mostly a Soul album, with some instrumental interludes and orchestral production. Mezzanine - Guitars, samples and lots of noise. 100th Window - No samples, still guitars and much more clinical than other stuff. Danny the Dog - Film score type instrumental and orchestral strangeness. While there are certainly SoundSystem influences running throughout the albums, they are really very differen
  13. tox

    The Postal Service

    Yeah, this is a great album and probably one of my favourites from 2003. Its cheap (well £7.99) on amazon at the moment, so worth checking out. I agree with bpempire in that its quite an immediate album. It lacks depth over time, but I still put it on these days, having bought it the week of release, so it can't be that bad.
  14. tox


    I like lots of the stuff on the leaf label and have a few Manitoba tracks (love that one Air Doom) so was thinking of picking this up. From the description it sounds quite Four Tet like, is that the case? Got any recommendations of tracks I should preview before buying?
  15. Massive Attack - Mezzanine Radiohead - The Bends (Bones is the weakest track IMO, but its still listenable) Reindeer Section - Y'All Get Scared Now Y'Hear Arab Strap - The Red Thread Arab Strap - Mad For Sadness Fridge - Happiness Belle and Sebastian - Tigermilk (None of their other albums come close to this. Every track is perfect) Telepopmusik - Angel Milk Beth Orton - Central Reservation Idlewild - 100 Broken Windows Mogwai - Happy Songs For Happy People (Funny, because all the rest of their albums I find quite patchy) Joni Mitchell - Blue Laura Nyro - Ellie and the 13th Confession Malcolm
  16. Didn't know about this but checking it now. Some great music happening. Dirty.org is another good one if you wanna hear new music. The listen again fucntion on bbc.co.uk/radio can be useful. Listening back to some of the specialist shows such as One World or Worldwide is always interesting.
  17. I have mixed feelings about M.I.A. Back when Galang and Fire Fire came out I was quite excited to pick up the album. Then followed all the delays, from the end of last year, right up until it was released the other week. In that time I saw her supporting Roots Manuva and she did a pretty bad show to be honest. It was a really lifeless performance and that made me lose most of my interest. Now that its out I should really pick up this album, it has definately been making some waves and the singles have been spectacular.
  18. They also run the worst club night in Leeds. Yesterday I was flicking through a magazine and read an article that described "Pigs" (their club night) like this: "these guys know what fuels the indie disco and that might be because they practically invented the concept in Leeds with their now legendary club night Pigs." What a load of crap - If the journo had actually been to Pigs they would realise it is a pile of shite full of pretentious indie-kid types. And inventing indie disco? I don't think so. I guess they're not musically that bad, but its the constant hype etc that really begins to ge
  19. tox


    Got a few recommendations to add to this thread: There's a weighty Rolldeep set from the weekend on Riddim.ca which is worth downloading if you want to hear Riko getting hyped. I've also uploaded a Youngsta set off of Rinse FM, which is a must if you like the darker instrumental Grime and Dubstep. Thought I'd recommend the excellent G-Hop series of mixtapes too. Bought my copy off D Double E at a rave last month and been rinsing it since. There have been 3 versions so far; Classique - Good way to check out the tunes that formed Grime. Volume 1 - Featuring Unorthodox, Kano, Dizzee, Klashnekoff,
  20. tox

    Global Gathering

    wasn't planning to, but the line-up has been tempting me. Underworld Live, 2 Many DJs, Mylo and all the Drum and Bass you could ask for. Looks pretty good. http://www.globalgathering.co.uk/
  21. tox


    I've heard that mix before somewhere I think - at least the tracklisting looks familiar. Some good tracks, if a little bit commercial heavy on the Grime-side. Looking forward to hearing the Kano album when it drops, cheers for that link. I hope it doesn't move too far from grime, as the bits and pieces that I've heard so far don't reflect the usual Kano sound. Seems to be going a bit Streets-like. I suppose that could make for a better album in the end, but not quite what I was hoping for.
  22. tox


    I've always been a fan of Garbage, but i thought the last album was a bit disappointing. For me Version 2.0 is the best work they've done and I hope the new album is a return to form.
  23. tox


    I've always wondered how Grime would come across live outside of a rave. I saw Dizzee Rascal do a gig, which was excellent, but quite often Grime MCs are about the hype lyrics. It works really well at raves, but I can see how it could be quite out of place as a support of a more traditional form of hip-hop and at a concert. Having said that, I would have thought that Kano would be able to do a pretty good concert style performance, given the more story based style of his lyrics.
  24. tox


    I've stuck it on yousendit here. Hope it works this time round! Otherwise pm me and you can get it off soulseek or msn msg or whatever.
  25. tox


    Spent much of this weekend listening to this dubstep/dark grime mix by DJ Distinction. If you're into your Kode 9, Mark One, Plastikman etc then definately give this a look. Its an instrumental thing, showing off some nice mixing from DJ Distinction - representing Leeds. The tracklisting is as follows: 1. Loefah - Ellvee 426 (Dub) 2. Kode 9 - Babylon (Dub Mix) (Tempa) 3. Loefah - Twis Up (Loefah, Task & Youngsta Rmx) (DMZ) 4. Digital Mystikz - Awake (Rephlex) 5. Loefah - Voodoo (Dub) 6. Random Trio - Marach (White) 7. Skream - Traitor (Dub) 8. Loefah - Horror Show (DMZ) 9. Distance - Dark
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