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  1. I'll be there the Saturday evening. Unfortunately I'm gonna miss Jeff Mills and Daft Punk, but I'm looking forward to Josh Wink and Adam Beyer. Should be a good one if the weather stays like this...
  2. tox

    The Neptunes

    Gilles Peterson had a 2 hour Neptunes feature last week on Worldwide. Pharrell was co-hosting. Interesting to hear him talk about his music and stuff, certainly an eccentric guy. There's plenty of lovely Neptunes production too. [self promotion] The shows disappeared off the BBC and I guess with the current state of the mixing bowl we might be seeing it up there, but luckily I mp3-ed so its up on my mp3blog if you wanna check it out. [/self promotion]
  3. I would recommend checking out Susumu Yokota's album Symbol, which is electronica based around Classical pieces. Ranges from the very obvious such as themes from The Nutcracker to things I've not heard. Nice review (and overview) at Pitchfork here.
  4. The Hype Machine, at http://hype.non-standard.net/ is a good way to keep track of whats happening with mp3 blogs. Very handy, and worth a look if you want new music. also got my own little mp3 blog in the sig...
  5. tox


    Anyone still following the grime thing? (bit sad that I have the last three posts in this thread!). It seems to have been through a bit of a quiet period, with everyone interested in dubstep instead, but there are signs maybe there'll be a turn around sooon... Dizzee Rascal did a live pirate radio set the other night on RINSE FM, which I've upped onto my blog. Plasticman's been mixing grime with dubstep, with some interesting results - there's a free set up on the Barefiles archive. On top of that JME, Skepta, Jammer and Wiley are doing some crew called Boy Better Know, which seems interesting
  6. tox

    Kelley Polar

    Almost bought this the other day after hearing some tracks on Underworld's internet radio station. Went for Ewan Pearson's Sci-Fi Hi-Fi instead (on a tight budget) but I'll be picking this up for sure in the next couple of weeks. Great music, cheers for the upload.
  7. tox

    The Breezeblock

    Just came to start a topic on this one. Its been attempting to break my sonys all day today... Great stuff. I have a mp3 of the show good quality, but with a few gaps. If people still need it, I should be able to upload it sometime over the next day or too. Some really impressive music. Over the last year dupstep has progressed so much, its incredible. The BBC putting on things like this is the reason I don't mind paying my license fee. Great (inter)national exposure for the scene, which in just a few days already seems to be kicking up a storm on the internet.
  8. Cheers for all the ideas. I think it'll be hard to find a pre-cooked turkey of any kind around here, so Davros's idea of sauteed turkey/chicken is probably what I'll go for. Good idea for the potatoes too, will give that one a try on the day. I'll let you know how it goes down.
  9. So I'm on a year abroad as part of my degree in a part of the world with a very strange concept of Christmas. So as not to miss out on xmas, I thought it would be nice to cobble together a traditional Christmas dinner. Only catch is that the halls I'm staying in have no oven except a tiny little toaster-oven thing.I can boil the vegetables, but I does anyone have an idea for what I could do for a Turkey substitute? Any suggestions for things to give the meal a festive twist much appreciated.
  10. Didn't manage to grab this at the time. Are the files still up? Also, has anyone checked out Jeff Mills' Contact project? I was lucky enough to catch it live here, although the cd is also pretty interesting. Haven't seen much press about it, but his blog is definately worth a look as there some pretty amazing passages.
  11. tox


    Logan's Last Show Here's the promised upload of Logan's last show on Rinse. Lots of big MCs and an amazing vibe. Its got an energy you definately won't find on his new Kiss show, so worth a download. There's plenty more sitting on my HDD if people are interested.
  12. That mix made for good listening, nice one. Its actually pretty similar to the one I have from Miami, although the WMC one was recorded as part of a live set and therefore has a bit more of a party vibe. At the moment its on a tape 3000+ miles away from me so dunno when I'll be able to stick it on the net. Will let you know when I get a chance though!
  13. cheers, downloading this now. I've got a mix ?uestlove did at the WMC 2002 (or maybe 2003) floating around somewhere which is one of the best I've ever heard. If I can dig it out then I'll upload it and let you know.
  14. tox


    Also forgot to mention Logan Sama has moved from Rinse FM (pirate) to Kiss 100 (legal). His shows are a good way to hear the new vocal tracks and you can listen again on the net here.
  15. tox


    My computer died on me the other day so I don't have most of the sets to hand at the moment, but I'll upload them when I get it back in a few weeks. Got some good dubstep and Rolldeep sessions from over the last few months I can stick on yousendit too. Best thing to come out in ages is the Rinse FM 6CD and DVD pack. It all sounds pretty good, but in particular the 4 deck grime instrumental mix by Plasticman stands out. Some of the tricks he's doing are very impressive, and it sounds good without relying on MCs. You can check his weekly show out in the Rinse website I think. Hold tight for some
  16. tox

    The Roots

    Could this be the session they did for Gilles Petersons Worldwide show? Theres information here although unfortunately no "listen again" function. Ive got the show on tape at, but im currently 3000 miles from home so no chance of an upload im afraid. Melting Pot is on the new BBC Sessions CD coming out next month though (Ive got a promo and its excellent - worth a purchase). Hope that helps!
  17. nice one. really liked that tune messij from the original wipeout soundtrack - good to finally have it on mp3.
  18. tox


    Everywhere seems to be out of stock of Run the Road 2. I think there's been some mix ups with the release date and it'll be out properly next monday. Tracklisting looks quite good though. I have to admit I haven't heard that much exciting grime over the summer. The Rolldeep album was a bit disappointing, a little bit too pop-orientated for my liking. The Kano album is better, although quite a way from straight up Grime. I'm currently reading Riko from Rolldeep's blog and Prancehall.
  19. tox

    Little Barrie

    I've got the Little Barrie EP. Seems nice enough, but hasn't really encouraged me to buy the album. Any particular stand-out tracks worth a look?
  20. tox

    Soil & "pimp" Sessions

    Unfortunately we didn't make it down in the end, but sounds like a good gig. I did hear their version of Wheel Within A Wheel on the Gilles Peterson show the other night though. Very impressive and probably enough to spur me on to finally pick up the record. They seem to have been picking up a fair amount of press recently so maybe there'll be a UK release soon.
  21. I actually quite enjoyed this film. The points you raise are fair enough, but there's enough there to keep it from being a YAWN/10. The action scenes in particular come across as well. I think the fact it doesn't stray too much into fantastical fighting makes the violence pretty brutal, always a good thing. The film certainly shouldn't be taken too seriously either, it has some un-intentionally hilarious bits, but they all add to the fun. The soundtrack's also pretty special (Massive Attack). Overall I'd say it was one of the better action type films I've seen this summer.
  22. tox

    Brmc- Howl

    Heard the single for the first time the other day and it sounds like quite a big departure from the first two records. I have to say I quite like it, its more what you would expect from a splinter from the Brian Jones Town Massacre. Would be interested to hear your impressions of the new album when you've heard it.
  23. tox

    Soil & "pimp" Sessions

    I wouldn't say I'm into Jazz, but I do appreciate Soil & "pimp." Gilles Peterson's been spinning them constantly for the past few months and its all good, much better than the likes of Acoustic Ladyland and other "jazz" people are shouting about at the moment (oh look, there's the name dropping). They're actually doing a live session on Worldwide on the 4th of September, so look out for that. Gonna be down in London for the Proms on Thursday so might head down to Cargo after (although this is girlfriend dependant). Heading out to Japan for a few months in September too so I'm looking forwa
  24. its not as good as the danny the dog/unleashed soundtrack, but if you really like massive attack then it might be worth a download for the vocal track. it has some elements of teardrop to it, but with the slightly colder sound of 100th Window, and 3D doing whispery vocals. works better with the film, which might work out cheaper to rent anyway.
  25. Just checked out a few tunes off of the "Disco Undead" compilation and its sounding good. Might order some individual tracks later. The concept and sound of Disco Undead reminds me a bit of the Ben Tramer's take on the soundtrack to Halloween. Can't find links to samples of the music, but there's more information here.
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