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  1. Actually this game got mentioned a fair few times over the weekend including on the Jo Wiley show, so I guess there are more Day of the Tentacle fans out there than you might think. Overall I thought the idea was pretty good. Perhaps not best to shoe-horn games into every show (after all it is a radio station mostly known for music), which is maybe why there was some resent from presenters with no interest in games (Trevor Nelson?). That said, it was interesting to get a view of games from the general public. On the shows I heard there were lots of people texting in with memories of playing SWOS, Worms, Monkey Island etc. I think games make up such a large part of people's popular culture consumption these days that it is strange that many people don't talk about them socially, for example in the way people chat about movies or books. A games weekend like this where people reminisce about their favourite gaming moments is just one way that games are being brought into the public consciousness. While that might irk some of the more "hardcore" gamers out there, isn't there enough of our hobby to go round? As it stands I think the top 50 list is pretty good. There is a fair mix of the famous and the critically acclaimed. Certainly many of my favourite games are represented (Shenmue, Mario Kart, OoT, Goldeneye). If this had been a weekend of Cinema, I would have expected much of the same. I think we would have been likely to hear Limp Bizkit's MI2 theme rather than Angelo Badalamenti, but perhaps with some John Williams thrown in. I also expect that the top 50 films would include some horrible commercially successful rubbish (Love Actually) and some genuinely good cinema. I just think some people have failed to realise that games exist outside of geeky internet forums.
  2. tox


    DJ Wonder on the buttons for that one, think the beat is called "What". He had an album out a few years ago, but nothing even approaching the quality and menace of Respect Me.
  3. Two tracks that define the current dubstep sounds are: Midnight Request Line by Skream and Night by Coki and Benga Dubstep is a broad church though. Back in 2005 it was basically sounding like instrumental Grime. Now it seems to stretch from bass wobble "half-step" to proper ravey 2-step, with a bit of ambient none-dancefloor stuff thrown in. And then you get the techno cross over from people like Shakleton and Sleeparchive. I don't see why Burial isn't dubstep. It fits perfectly into the kind of dubstep played by Kode 9 and Blackdown Soundboy. Fair enough the 2steppy-ness and prominent vocals might be unusual for dubstep, but there has always been variety in the genre which has what's kept it interesting imo.
  4. tox


    There's almost a dubstep tune on the new Britney record, haha. Its called "Freakshow" and made me laugh the first time I heard it. There's also a bit of minimal on there, which always brings a little smile.
  5. tox


    Yes, this is true. Lots of good music coming from outside London which is always nice. The Leeds and Bristol scenes in particular seem to be throwing up a few nice bits and bobs. For all those people who like Burial, have you heard his remix of Jamie Woon's version of Wayfaring Stranger? I would up it, but I already get a warning on my blog for sticking up the mp3 a few months back. Well worth a listen though! As for the grime and dubstep stuff flying on the coat tails of indie, its totally crap isn't it. Unfortunately some people (Skream, Dizzee, Lethal B, Burial's new remix of bloc party etc) seem to be pretty much inviting it. I interviewed Dizzee the other week and he was all for more cross genre (pop/indie) material. While I enjoy the vast majority of genres of music I'm not a fan of things getting so diluted down that they end up sounding generic. I guess you can't blame people for trying to make a bit of money and get some recognition but it is a shame when it affects the music.
  6. tox


    Strange to see this thread re-appear after so long. I used to be so excited about these genres! As for the new Burial record, I think I like it better than the first album, especially etched headplate, with that strange quote at the beginning. Its good stuff. Not sure I would describe it as grime, certainly more a fraction of dubstep (although whether it is a dancefloor record at all is another matter). Benga has a new album coming out soon called Diary of an Afro Warrior, which he insists is gonna have actual tracks on it, rather than just bass wobble, so that should be interesting. Recently I've been listening to Skepta's Greatest Hits and Durrty Goodz Axiom EP which are both pretty good grime records. I heard Chipmunk's new on is good too, but I'm yet to pick it up. Went to see Skream and Benga a few weeks back and was totally bored out of my mind with the direction dubstep has taken in 2007. It wants less dub and more step. On the other hand I caught Vex'd and Pinch yesterday, and they were much more interesting.
  7. The Japanese version is helping me get back into the swing of the language before University restarts next week. I have to say it's a great game. Love the way it utilises all of the DS's functions and really makes you think laterally puzzle-wize. Those who're yet to play are in for a treat.
  8. tox

    Omega Sektor

    To be fair I was expecting it to smell of geek and be as unprofessional as every other games place I've been in, but its clean comfortable and odour free. I can see it getting run down if they don't make an effort with the up-keep, and the console support is lacking at the moment, but for PC gaming its pretty sweet. Personally I haven't had a PC that would run recent games for a good few years so it was nice to have a mess about with some newer stuff. I guess the main attraction for me would be the odd game of Quake and a punt on some new bits and bobs, without having to shell out a whole heap of cash.
  9. tox

    Omega Sektor

    Went down to Omega Sektor last night for a couple of hours... The place is absolutely massive... seems to go on forever. We played some Q3A, Q4 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. on LAN and t'internet. Good atmosphere, good value and nice well built machines. I'll def. be heading down again sometime. Highly recommended.
  10. tox

    Omega Sektor

    Noticed this had opened on Friday. Looks pretty promising. I'll have to check it out at some point. Thinking that perhaps the height of summer isn't the best place to be promoting a darkened building full of computers though...
  11. The DS is crying out for Quake or Quake 2 with Metroid controls. It'd be ace on wi-fi or t'internet play.
  12. tox


    Proper grime for your listening pleasure... (as in not dubstep, not some crap pop-grime) Roll Deep - Babylon Burner Slix - Background Wiley - Johnny Was a Bad Boy JME - 96 Bars of JME This is all MC driven Grime really. There's plenty of instrumental stuff out there for those of you who like that Rephlex stuff (those Grime collections kind of gave people the wrong impression of the genre I always think) then check out Wonder and Plastician. If you can find Rinse Sessions Volume 1 by Plastician then you're in for a treat.
  13. tox


    sorry this has taken me ages to reply to, totally forgot about the thread. i'll stick up some links tonight...
  14. tox


    JME, Skepta, Wiley and the whole Boy Better Know thing are still holding things down, not to mention Plastician's new album coming out in a few months and Wonder's album (Dizzee's producer) which dropped at the end of last year. Also, the new Roll Deep album is pretty good. Much better than that shite they came out with last year. Dizzee has a new record out later this year. The Guns and Roses mixtapes by Ruff Sqwad are sick. I dunno, there seems to be a fair bit of pessimissim about the scene, n people saying the creativity's moving to bass-line and funky house, but I'm still finding a fair few things worth listening to. Actually I have a little Grime blog just started. Also check out LowerEndSpasm for some good Grime podcasts and bits. If you want tune recommendations then just ask n I'll yousendit a few clips or something...
  15. I missed them on this tour due to budget reasons, but I would second Slotter's recommendation. Always a good show. Do they still have that compere who steps up to introduce the tracks in a totally over-the-top way?
  16. There's another Typing of the Dead style game, but this time based on the Lupin The Third manga, which I've seen in Japanese arcades. It plays pretty much exactly the same though and is quite good fun. Add the bizzare Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing driving test to that list, and it's on it's way to being a genre...
  17. Never ventured into this thread before, but I'm glad I did this month. Some wicked pix. 1)Dude Ranch 2)Lets Book 3)Deep Blue (Love the reflections of the trees in the window. A very modern life take on Autumn I thought!) They're all very good though. I was tempted to include SeanR, FishyFish and most of the other too!
  18. As I promised this time last year I've finally uploaded this mix from way back in 2002. The download link is here. And I've blogged a bit about it here. Can't find a full tracklist on the internet, and I can't be arsed to write one myself, but this is still one of my favourite live sets, and given that I heard it back at the tender age of 16 that is some high praise. Well worth a look. Sorry about the sendspace link, but yousendit is annoying with its little sign up thing.
  19. tox

    Husky Rescue

    The Ewan Pearson CD's nice. The first five tracks are absolutely lovely and somewhat overshadow the rest, but its still worth a look. Luciano did the follow up compilation and the next one's gonna be mixed by Alex Smoke so that's one to look out for too. Might as well stick the remix on yousendit as its on the Catskills Sampler CD anyway. Here's the link.
  20. tox

    Husky Rescue

    First I heard of these guys was the excellent remix of Summertime Cowboy (by Serge Santiago) on Ewan Pearson's Sci-Fi.Hi-Fi compilation. The album's on a totally different vibe from that shimmering techno on the remix, but its still nice. And if you haven't heard the techno version, its well worth a little download.
  21. tox

    Bye bye Arab Strap

    That's a shame. I do think that the solo Malcolm Middleton and Lucky Pierre stuff has been stronger than their last two albums together though. They do a good little live show with the full band, so hopefully I'll be able to catch them on the farewell tour. Just on a tangent the new Chemikal Underground compilation is wicked and contains all of Arab Strap's videos on the label.
  22. tox

    Amy Winehouse Live!

    Nice to see she's coming back with some new stuff. Was wondering what happened to her the other day... In the midst of this Lily Allen madness I hope there's still room for the original sharp-tongued teen singer.
  23. Saw Recloose in Birmingham at the weekend. Played a nice little soulful set, with some Broken Beat thrown in, lovely stuff. Also, that Carl Craig remix of Falling Up is AMAZING. Was one of my very first blog posts. Its much better than his Revelee mix which seems to be garnering all the attention at the moment.
  24. I'm checking out TDK Cross Central later this summer. Line-up looks niiiice.
  25. I assume everyone was on too much of a comedown yesterday to post...! We had a goodnight on Saturday. Did a fair bit of tent hopping and saw a few DJs before collapsing in a space blanket at about 4am. Bedrock was the best tent for me and Josh Wink in particular. Anyway, here's a quick run down of who I saw: Fergie Audio Bullys (they were shit) Fatboy Slim (i thought he was playing live, but it was just a DJ set??) Kenny Dope Paul Oakenfold Adam Beyer Josh Wink John Digweed Eric Prydz (thought this was gonna be commercial shite, but it was wicked electro-techno stuff) Grooverider Mampi Swift Took some photos so if there's any good ones I might post them up later.
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