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  1. I definitely saw something like ‘Beautiful Island’ on the ordinances
  2. Give your money to the site of bearded white guys so they can write articles about how it’s a shame the money on another site goes to bearded white guys
  3. Anyway... 10 minutes to reviews!
  4. Probably the same places as Eurogamer. Twitter, Reddit and ResetEra.
  5. I won’t hold my breath for a Mac OS port
  6. That lineup seems more suited to those special mini Christmas series...
  7. https://nalasinephro.bandcamp.com/album/space-18 Not sure how I missed this from the beginning of the month. What an astounding debut album.
  8. Spoilered in case you’re weird
  9. How safe is it to run Duckstation on my lovely expensive Series X? Can it brick it?
  10. And you loved 12 Minutes! Eastward must be really slow
  11. I’ve stopped my subscription for now. I quite enjoyed the Ramblecast but it’s not worth almost a tenner a month. Their Q&As have potential but because they do them live they can’t weed out any duff questions and more often than not they don’t have anything to say.
  12. Korea & China flexing their big old video game muscles recently
  13. I’m still in the early stages but I love love love it. This and Wario Ware are great antidotes to the usual big game brown open world.
  14. Has there been anything at all good on Netflix this year? It all seems to be very campy and/or for teenagers. Is there something I’m missing out on? I don’t mean alright or fine, I mean good.
  15. More than a few times I’ve not been sure if I’ve done the right thing because the dialogue stops halfway through and switches to something else. It needs to either be tightened up or have some indication of progress. One to give up on and just Google the story. At least it was free!
  16. This series of Taskmaster NZ is so much better than the last few of the UK version!
  17. QuackQuack


    I’m surprised you haven’t seen any paladins. The buff version is probably the best deck currently - it can just keep chugging out big minions. I initially enjoyed Quest Druid as a very effective counter to Quest Mage. However there’s always another side and it is very effectively countered by Buff Paladin. Ho hum.
  18. I hate everything about this game. The tone of it, the way it plays, the way it looks, the UI. It’s like the last 20 years didn’t happen. We’re still plodding around space stations, interacting with puerile characters, thinking it’s okay because it’s free. Just replace the CD on front of a magazine with Game Pass.
  19. I thought the ending was commenting that China will be the next superpower which will influence all culture. I’m not sure what was xenophobic about that...?
  20. Could they make the text any smaller on this?
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