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  1. I’ve been winning more or less at the same % since I started using Agatha… Agatha starts in your hand and plays your cards for you.
  2. Finished it up this morning and I think it is almost flawless as a book/game/art piece. Would love to read a big old hardback set in the town.
  3. New patch is out for this which introduces an easier way to get cards into your collection. They’ve also got a very expensive bundle up for sale...
  4. We watched his latest show last night and it is perfect. Well worth the £10. He tells the story of a project which took him 4 years. Any further elaboration would spoil it but I promise it’s a good one. https://joelycett.com
  5. They all want Fortnite Bucks now, GRANDAD!
  6. Three 99p ones for today: James Acaster's Guide to Quitting Social Media. This came out like two months ago...! https://www.amazon.co.uk/James-Acasters-Guide-Quitting-Social-ebook/dp/B09RV1J1S7/ref=lp_5400977031_1_2 Putin’s People: – The Story of Russia’s History and Politics https://www.amazon.co.uk/Untitled-Camilla-Bartlett-ebook/dp/B00X6K0GB4/ref=lp_5400977031_1_1 Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell https://www.amazon.co.uk/Agatha-Raisin-Love-Hell-Beaton-ebook/dp/B002RCZAO0/ref=lp_5400977031_1_6
  7. Then you want Pachinko. Breaks your written in America rule, but by 1st generation Korean-American woman so doesn’t break it too much.
  8. The Name of the Rose - Umberto Eco Alone in Berlin - Hans Fallada Connivence Store Woman - Sayaka Murata Breast and Eggs - Mieko Kawakami
  9. https://eremiterecords.bandcamp.com/album/mondays-at-the-enfield-tennis-academy Heard on Rinse.FM last week of all places. Makes you want to sit in a bar and order something on the rocks. And I don’t drink.
  10. It’s looking a bit more polished now. Could be good...
  11. The casting of John Major is so jarring! I almost forgot all the other stuff was bollocks, too
  12. I have hopes that Haunted Chocolatier will come out next year. Silksong would be nice, too. Other than that I would like some more Random Unannounced Nintendo Product
  13. Completed Pool Two last night and got to rank 60-odd before the reset The new season pass coming out for another 9 quid so soon after launch has soured things for me somewhat
  14. I remember the early days of Moto GP with all the kids using voice effects to sound like robots or chipmunks. Good times. I’m assuming you can’t do that anymore, but I haven’t had random voice comms on for many many years.
  15. This one is my own fault but.. Steel Battalion. Getting the huge box and having all the controllers set up was amazing. I still remember how cool the emergency eject button was where you have flip open the casing first. The problem was I had a 14 inch little TV in my bedroom. The UI had a big chunky cockpit with a small window of what you needed to be fighting. On my tiny TV that window was like 2 inches!
  16. Nothing really piques my interest this month but thank you for doing these!
  17. AFAIK the Patreon didn’t offer much (or anything) extra. If you’re already an established name then you’re relying a lot on the first few days of starting a Patreon to get some momentum. Good on him for realising it wasn’t worth the time. For a lot of people he was convenient but ultimately not essential. A bit like Twitter itself.
  18. QuackQuack

    Edge #378

    I’d say that applies to almost all of the games reviewed this month
  19. This guy is the data dude at the developer. Four Good Decks: Annoyingly I’m about halfway through Pool 2 and still don’t have Sunspot
  20. Scratcha? He’s a good time
  21. A new 'card' game came out today - Marvel Snap. It’s made by a bunch of the old Hearthstone team and seems promising from the hour or so I’ve played of it. Its USP is that games are quick (<5 mins, 6 turns) and synchronous. I don’t think it’s particularly P2W - you unlock cards by playing. No idea about the Marvel aspect of it as fuck that noise.
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