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  1. I never bothered with this because I assumed it was just another series that Netflix churned out. What an idiot. Watched season 1 this rainy weekend. I’m obsessed.
  2. Everything I've download for Mac OS has been broken or damaged. I guess I'll give up and call it a pure donation!
  3. Screw you. (Thank you.)
  4. My turnips are at 318. Opening up for 30 mins or so before I start work. NNDC4 code
  5. It certainly looks very nice & I want to try it out. It's a shame there's no Mac version. Will get it on iOS. How's the economy with it? I only buy the Adventures on Hearthstone so that's maybe £25 in 4 years. The rest I've gradually built up by playing too much...
  6. QuackQuack


    I would have said go for the new class' cards but everything else is building to beat that class & it's not so fun anymore. Personally I would recommend the super fast Face Hunter. Not many expensive cards. You either win or lose within 5 minutes. https://hsreplay.net/archetypes/355/face-hunter There are a few more cheap-ish competitive decks currently. A lot of clearance cards are single-target so building a wide board is working. Spell Druid's only legendary card was free. It's currently one of the best decks. https://hsreplay.net/archetypes/372/spell-druid Totem Shaman is a brand-new archetype that is supposed to be quite good. I haven't tried it yet. https://hsreplay.net/archetypes/201/totem-shaman Murloc Paladin is still going but could probably be easily countered in the future. https://hsreplay.net/decks/WkZBvNR6vSZY9FuFh1gUmb/ Most other classes are quite expensive I think. Lots of essential legendaries & epics.
  7. He is around the first day you get him. Was that today?
  8. I’m a long-time player of Pocket Camp on iOS. All I can say is: get used to regular garish shite. At least it’s regular though.
  9. I'd love to have that Rhino! My island has some right mingers. The worst...
  10. I thought he said you should craft everything and then speak to him on Egg Day.
  11. God I would love it if Nintendo managed to cut down the time and inconvenience of online play.
  12. My turnip price is at 193. Not amazing but I will leave my gates open for an hour. Code 9WKTM
  13. I wasn’t expecting a huge range, but maybe I got lucky with my first few. I had a couple of bamboos and a tarantula party.
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