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  1. Did you visit that “dungeon” area second? Maybe I’ve missed a chance to get that weapon along the way….
  2. Seems like a good year for Hearthstone so far! Lots of fun to be had with classic WoW ideas.
  3. This is very good for supposedly a two person development team! I would disagree with people saying it’s easy. It’s difficult enough to force you to concentrate a bit.
  4. IGN seem to have been given the hands-on scoop. I’ll add the video to the first post. https://www.ign.com/articles/steam-deck-valve-announces-handheld-gaming-pc-2021-release
  5. Valve has kept hearing about these deck-building games and has built a Deck to play games! It’s coming in December and starts at £349 https://www.steamdeck.com/en/ · Powerful, custom APU developed with AMD · Optimized for hand-held gaming · Full-sized controls · 7" touchscreen · WiFi and Bluetooth ready · USB-C port for accessories · microSD slot for storage expansion · 3 storage options My first impression: It doesn’t look very comfortable to hold...
  6. I enjoy listening to their podcasts but not so much their videos. A lot of them so far have been co-op, but cramming their 3 game screens into the 1 central stream just means I can’t see anything.
  7. You can use a normal Switch with this new dock. If you wanted.
  8. No mention anywhere of improved performance, right? Nintendo Switch OLED comes with an adjustable wide stand a new 7-inch OLED screen enhanced audio a wired LAN port 64GB internal storage white or black colour choice
  9. Fine, sounds good. All I had for information was the linked Twitter post.
  10. I don’t understand this either. Danny said he was cooking up a show and then it’s just playing through Souls games? Really earning the big bucks for ideas there… I clearly don’t have the bullshit bravado needed to work I’m America.
  11. My partner & I are having fun with the standard golf. If you just want a simple golf game to understand in 10 seconds then this is it. The Adventure Mode is pretty bad, though. There’s bizarrely few options in the Settings. We wanted to turn the music off and keep the sound effects. Nope.
  12. In the next (almost) 3 months... Today: Mario Golf July: The Ascent August: Psychonauts 2 September: Wario Ware on Switch
  13. The bad reviews seem to complain about the adventure mode but praise the actual golf. So... that’s okay!
  14. Some French gameplay footage - probably uploaded too early for Nintendo’s liking.
  15. I’ve played a little bit of this and it’s fine. Vibes of something you’d rent from Blockbuster in the early 00s. There’s certainly worse in Game Pass.
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