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  1. Can anyone recommend me a third-party controller? I need something with quiet buttons that won’t wake my partner up in the next room... Any old crap will do
  2. If you download and play through them now, would you be interested in buying them in another form next year? Probably not.
  3. Ditch the orchestra, bring back the bangers
  4. It’s a good start - seems like a decent pay-rate, too. Some websites desperately need some new people. Such as Giant Bomb, which had some staff leave and is now back to middle-aged white men. The temporary replacement on their podcast is... another middle-aged white man.
  5. I completely missed this when it came out but it is almost exclusively what I’ve been playing on my new Series X. What a clever game! I’ve only played with randoms but the callout system works so well. It feels like we’re an actual team and it’s a really smart way of getting around the lack of voice communication. Would love this to be in more games.
  6. Do you have a Sonos setup for your records? It’s something I’m looking into but I wonder if the sound would be too... cold/sterile?
  7. Even if you do play Castlevania again, is it worth £500? I’d absolutely sell.
  8. I must have been in a little Nintendo bubble - so many things have “seasons" now. I’m not sure if it’s smart, annoying, or both.
  9. This is out in early access on Steam now and looks superb. Coming “soon” to consoles. The menu music is *chef’s kiss*
  10. So do these controllers get any less clicky over time? They sound like turning a light switch on and off repeatedly
  11. Forza certainly looks pretty. I will overnight download some games I actually want to play! I can’t see anywhere in the settings but can you choose which version of the game to download? I don’t have a 4K TV yet (sometime this year) and I’d rather have the Series S download sizes. Loads of stuff on GamePass I want to play and I like the simple design of the console. I’ve got a few gripes so far with the rest of the experience. The UI on this is awful for someone new to modern Xbox. The iOS app loves to hang, give errors, do anything but work smoothly.
  12. My order is now at the packing stage but also now has an available date of 12th March. So who knows...?
  13. Or if there’s no stock of the standalone version!
  14. I think the dispatch won’t be for another week at least. I think I saw March 5th...?
  15. I cancelled my Series S at Very and got an All Access Series X with GAME
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