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  1. to a generation that have never heard of peter sellers or the PP - it will seem like an antiquated franchise. and to fans of the orginals, it will come across like a bad steve martin vanity project.

    But the majority of PP films were mediocre-to-rubbish. Even the original left a lot to be desired. The Return of the Pink Panther was the best, and that had nothing to do with United Artists/MGM. So there's no reason to think this won't be crap, but I'm sure it will be better than Trail of the Pink Panther.

  2. Back from Cambridge. It was very sweaty and I am still mostly deaf - just how it was always meant to be. Revol, IFWHITEAMERICATOLDTHETRUTHFORONEDAYITSWORLDWOULDFALLAPART, Of Walking Abortion, and especially Archives of Pain were as perfect as they ever were. Whereas The Girl Who Wanted to be God and The Everlasting are better than ever. Even You Love Us sounded just like it did thirteen years ago.

    They've phased out the keyboard/organ and got another guitarist in, so they're pretty much as good live as they ever have been. True, there wasn't much confrontation, apart from Nicky Wire calling Cambridge denizens posh cunts, but yep, I was pleasantly surprised that they've still got it. It was right to do a tour like this rather than last year's trudge through the usual arenas.

  3. they have had their time.

    A No.1 single, No.1 album, the biggest selling download of the year, a September arena tour which has already sold out, allied with decent reviews for the first time in six years, would imply their time has only just begun.

  4. I used to adore steak and kidney Pukka Pies but as I have grown older my pallette and eating habits have changed and now I find the pastry to taste like deep fat fried ash. And I hate kidney, which doesn't help. It disturbs me to remember how many passed through my youthful digestive system.

  5. As it says favourite rather than best I'm going with Power, Corruption and Lies because my elder brother had the original vinyl copy and it was the only New Order album I got to listen to until the early 90s. The vinyl had a lovely sleeve, too, whereas all the New Order CDs are minging.

  6. I'm going to the Corn Exchange on Tuesday. I'm not going to dress up like a gay, depressed leopard, though, as I'm getting too old for that. Ah, fuck it, I might do just that.

    They've been playing stuff like 4st 7lb, which is tragically ironic, given they're closer to 14st 7lb these days.

    Because hardly anybody bought Lifeblood they're releasing their new EP (which has nothing to do with that album) as a free download on April 20. You can already download radio rips of the tracks from here: http://forum.foreverdelayed.org.uk/

    If you like The Holy Bible (and Joy Division's She's Lost Control), download Secret Society.

    If you like Everything Must Go, download Firefight.

    And if you like the last album, download Picturesque.

    I like Secret Society, but I actually like Picturesque more, even though they really shouldn't be encouraged to do that sort of thing.

  7. Just to let everyone know, the new single is out. Feeling a Moment.

    Just to let everyone also know that Planet Sound (Teletext) gave the single 1/5 today. I never understood why so many were wanking over this song earlier in the thread. It's awful. To add insult to injury, the album is finding itself in many a bargain basement bin, while the Stereophonics album sweeps all before it. What's that all about? The Stereophonics album isn't even that bad. What's that all about?

  8. talkSPORT is running a competition to give away PSPs. The winners will receive them in 'the next few days'. Would Sony allow them to give US ones away, and what would be the point in giving them to a casual punter if the games won't be available in the UK for months?

  9. I can't bring myself to read through the whole of thew Nintendogs thread, I just need to have something clarified here and now. Nintendo isn't going to do something mental like release Nintendogs in the West without that sale-clinching artwork that's used on the Japanese packaging, right? If we get some cartoon nonsense I may very well cry.

    I need that adoreable golden retriever. Whether I can understand the game or not, I won't buy Nintendogs without it.

  10. Starts at 10pm, stops for the news at 10:30pm, and resumes at 11pm. I mean, why? Start the thing at 10:30pm, ffs. I know nobody really cares about watching Die Hard on ITV tonight, but still... feel my outrage and discombobulation.

  11. Hang on a minute:  You're not convinced BY THE NAMES OF THE ALBUM OR SONGS?!!?

    I'll put it bluntly. The title of the album is shit and the titles of the songs are shit.

    The title Lyla comes across as shit, and today I've been reading hundreds of comments saying the same about the song. Well, I've listened to it, and artistically it's a lazy, feeble attempt, but I must say, I found it enjoyable to listen to, and I prefer it to the singles from the last two albums. It'll keep many easily-pleased Oasis fans happy and it'll give ammunition to the haters.

    If it's the best song on the album, though... :)

  12. I've been disappointed by this season. The baddies are useless, and it's been that air of impossibility to Jack's mission that has made previous seasons so great. The first season in particular was filled with tension (I'd say claustrophobic tension, but it's such a trite phrase), while it's been relatively easy going for him this time round.

  13. I'm inclined to say it's crap. That's because we live in times where we always call something crap when we're faced with an average product by a massive act. Ergo, it's crap. In reality, it's for fans only, and you'd be an idiot to buy this if you didn't have all their material from when they were good first. After you've got all that, you might be able to enjoy this New Order-by-numbers affair more.

    Still, it's better than Monaco (but worse than Electronic).

  14. I'm not actually that keen on the album anymore. I listened to it last year, and for such a short album I skipped quite a lot of the tracks. Surprisingly, I can still happily listen to THAT song again, though.

  15. PSP dead pixels are so tiny, so utterly hard to notice, that comments on them are really only to be taken seriously if the person has actually experienced a PSP dead pixel.

    Really, theyre almost insignificant. Miniscule. The screen is so hi-res you just dont notice.

    So they're not as bad as those seen on the DS, then? If you get up to 12 of them, they wouldn't want to be.

    Curiously, with all this talk of dead pixels, I've yet to get any annoying dust behind my DS's screen, which is a first. I'll regret saying that...

  16. Yes, she'd have to be a bit mental going back to being the inferior Tim Wheeler's stooge after this.

    It was never going to be nominated for the Mercury prize, but pretty much all of it is incredibly catchy and enjoyable to listen to. Sometimes that is all that is required. She's done her homework, written down every great hook and every perfect chord sequence from the indie rock A-Z and chucked them all in a blender.

  17. I like Uncut, because it's simply the best of a bad bunch of music magazines, and has a decent film section to boot. But I do have issues with it. Basically, the cover feature is always The Band, Neil Young, Springsteen, Rolling Stones, U2, Pink Floyd, Dylan, et al.

    They criticize bands who stick to the tired formula when it comes to reviews, but it's just about the least forward-looking music magazine there is.

    And I'd have thought their bias towards the Americana genre would have died down by now. The genre has.

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