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  1. Whether correct or not, you have to wonder how the Q reviewer was qualified to call it 'a grower'. Unless he spent a week at EMI HQ listening to it through the security guard-protected iPods.

  2. You can now listen to it legally here.

    I wonder why they decided to go back and ruin Talk? This album doesn't sound particularly special to me, not that I ever really expected it to, but at least it's not particularly bad either. Sounds like a good U2 album more than the last U2 album did, to be fair.

  3. There's not nearly the level of anticipation, and so security, surrounding the Oasis release though. Copies of that were sent out to industry types last week.

    Those cheeky net pirates finally leaked X&Y. Only a week to go and it's receiving its 'premiere' on Radio 1 tonight anyway, but a leak's a leak, especially with all the money spent on preventing it. The force is strong with EMI but they are not a Jedi yet.

  4. Well, if I were to die this week...

    The Theme From The Littlest Hobo

    Depeche Mode: Get The Balance Right

    Eels: It's a Motherfucker

    Mogwai: Mogwai Fear Satan

    Rachmaninov: Piano Sonata No. 2 in B Flat Minor

    Joan Baez: Man of Constant Sorrow

    Chaotic Dischord - Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck The Lot Of You

    And everyone will be made to sit through the lot of it.

  5. Nothing's happening to women especially. This is just what happens when you cast your net to the shallow end of the gene pool, regardless of gender.

    I still think too many women are letting themselves down, without realising the only men they're appealing to are the ones who they really shouldn't want to. I'm sure that Sam said all she wanted from a man was good looks and a huge cock. Well, fair enough, I can give her that, but she needs to accept the great personality, wonderful sense of humour and high levels of intelligence that will come with the package.

    On the other hand, I'm reminded of the Jonathan Roos show last night, where he had that actress from Footballers' Wives on, and at the end of the interview he asked her if she was wearing any underwear, assuming that was funny. But she just looked moderately offended and replied that she was. Which I found more appealing than flashing her fanny.


    It's certainly not a pretty sight. What is it about a nurse's uniform, anyway? And if there is anything remotely sexy about a nurse's uniform, surely that goes right out of the window when it's made of cheap PVC and shows off a saggy arse? I don't get men who get turned on by that.

    And I think it was Vanessa who said she could turn any gay man straight. I could easily see her having more success at turning straight men gay, in all seriousness. Devoid of personality and looks as she is.

    Women: what is happening to them?

  7. Magic Numbers - Everlost

    Either you or I have the title of that song wrong, but apart from that you have to be a real music purist to like The Magic Numbers, because the female band members look like the fat one from the Mamas and Papas and the males look like Kings of Leon brought up on dinners served by the fat one from the Mamas and Papas.

    None of this prettyboy, po-faced Chris Martin singing about nothing in a formulaic video shown again and again on MTV2 until everyone is conned into thinking it's any more relevant than Crazy Frog.

  8. Lesley asking, "Does anyone mind if I wee in the Jacuzzi pool thing?"

    Then she showed she's not shy by popping out her ample baps, giving Anthony and Science an eyeful.

    She certainly didn't waste any time.


    After only one night, though? She should have saved them until at least eviction night, now she'll have to do a Kate Lawler and shave her snatch in front of the cameras.

  9. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, only a busy gynecologist will ever see more horrible cunts.

    But enough about this thread, BB6 looks like it will be watchable when there's nothing better on. If I were in the house I would hang out with Derek and Mary, spending all day plotting terribly nasty things on the other wastes of space and fucking some shit up. When you're talking about being evil, you can't ask for much more than a witch and a fox-hunting posh Tory. Terrific housemates, I couldn't ask for better. Yes, D + M are ultimately a pair of pricks, but they've got something about them that could make me learn to tolerate them. I wouldn't hesitate to tell Mary to shut the fuck up as soon as she started going on about the gnomes being alive, mind.

    So many dancers/dance students in there, too, and they're all sluts. Disappointing, I'm all up for a bit of dance, bit not when it's done so tackily.

  10. It kind of bugs me that the two showings of Sith i've been to where in an audience of post-millenium, tired cynical twenty somethings. 

    It'd be great to be a kid now and watch all of them, going with the ride.  You'd be hiding behind the sofa when all the dark stuff goes down.    Yes even during all the terrible dialogue, because you won't even notice.

    I'll happily stick with my memories of watching the originals back in the 1980s as a kid. I can't imagine any child enjoying The Phantom Menace any more than an adult who cherished the originals, to be honest.

    This whole 'they're for kids' spiel was always Lucas's mistake. Star Wars' biggest fans are in their 20s/30s, and even 40s, nowadays. Not to mention cynical and geeky.

  11. The new album is just starting to grow on me. It's taken over a month, but I can now enjoy most of it. On top of that, I initially prefered the second disc, but I now favour the first.

    I still think it's overall the weakest Eels album yet, regardless of the quantity.

  12. I doubt Lucas himself will do any more now. He's 60, and he seems eager to move on. If he does get the urge to do more in 10 years time, then he'd be 70, and he could well and truly mess things up.

    It's a bit late to start worrying about that.

    Kurtz currently has three indie projects in the works, including "5-25-77," a comedy about a teenager's failed attempts to see "Star Wars" on opening day.

    It's nice to see he's managed to move on.

  13. Every single plot twist, revelation, punch to the stomach, "jesus christ, I didn't see that coming" moment ("Luke, I am your Father" being the strongest moment in Empire for example) isn't a plot twist any more.

    It didn't have to be this way. If only Obi-Wan had taken the sensible option of changing Luke's name from Skywalker when trying to hide him from his father, it could have still be a revelation... I think. To be honest, I think these things through as logically as Lucas.

    We didn't need to know the twins had been born either. That would have made Darth's 'noooooooooooooooooooooooooo', 0.1% better, if he thought the kids were dead too.

  14. Christ, talk about uptight Star Wars nerds.

    If you care so much why haven't you seen the film already? Besides, you're only going to bitch about how shit it is compared to the originals.

    Yes, as soon as these moaners who are complaining about spoilers for a film they can't be bothered to go and see actually go and see the film, they'll soon discover that scene is spoiled by the fact it exists. You can't spoil it more.

    I read this thread on some Star Wars forum (don't read it if you haven't seen the film - and while you're at it fuck off and see the film instead of moaning about spoilers on the internet) and I was almost convinced that the scene had some merits to it. It must have been some Jedi mind trick they were playing on me, or something.

  15. As everyone says though some of the dialogue was clunkingly attrocious. Particularly between Anakin and Padme.

    But it does give the biggest and best explanation as to why Anakin went a bit mental.

    Anakin: "You look beautiful"

    Padme: "It's because you love me"

    Anakin: "No, it's because you love me"

    You keep talking that kind of shit for long enough and you're going to end up a kiddie killer.

  16. Regarding the "NOOOOOO" bit.....

    Sam Raimi should sue. Why? Remember the bit in Spiderman 2 when Doc Ock wakes up in the operating theatre and sees his mechanical arms have killed loads of people? Same line, same delivery, and more importantly, SAME CAMERA MOVE!!!!!

    I've read it originates from another source...


    Also, anyone who looks in the sports pages of today's Daily Mirror will discover your man's really turned to the Dark Side this time.

  17. 2. See the theory a few pages back about the Emperor's "deformed by the Jedi" face is his true form, and not really deformed by the lightning at all - that the darkside mangles your features thusly, but also allowed him to hide it in public.

    That does seem perfectly reasonable. After all, my question wasn't one of those pedantic ones, mocking a flaw, I just wondered why he looked considerably older than Obi-Wan, or if it was just an error. And even if that isn't the official explanation, it'll do me.

  18. I found this to be the most enjoyable Star Wars film of them all. Looking back, I have no doubt now that the critics who gave it 1/5 were being too harsh on its many horrid flaws. It's the best in whole series and I'll happily give it 3/5.

    But I really do believe it's the best in the series (I am talking about all six films), if only because it now makes Episodes IV, V, VI look old and cruddy. For the first time Lucas got the CGI something approaching 'right'; still not as good as something like LOTR, but nothing like Saturday morning television either. One of the biggest crimes of the first two is how they made rubber puppets look like a good idea, but now rubber puppets don't look so good.

    The acting and dialogue are both improved as well, but still shit; the whole premise of Anakin turning to the darkside is hugely disappointing and ridiculous; but most of the film was fun, so I wasn't thatbothered. I even almost became emotionally engaged with the characters at times, and for me Ewan McGregor is now the true Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    It still feels as if George Lucas' vision is nowhere near the standards of what any hardcore fan could come up with (as well as the odd casual one), but it's been so long now since he fucked up the franchise that we really shouldn't care. Hopefully, there will be a day when a hero comes along and makes a great film out of all those old action figures, but at least Lucas has now just about made a good one.

    Now... I am left wondering why, when Darth is unmasked in ROTJ, he looks to be significantly older than Obi-Wan was when he died in A New Hope, despite being his young apprentice?

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