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  1. What really gets me is GamesTM is sometimes I get a feeling that they don't know what they're on about sometimes, e.g. in the retro section a while back they mentioned that the 'robot' player characters/enemies in the PAL version of Contra detract from the experience a bit. Player characters, fair dues, but the enemies are exactly the same in both versions!

    In addition to this, am I the only person who thinks Probotector > Contra, then? Because I'd prefer to play Probotector any day of the week.

  2. My hearing didn't recover for about three days after seeing the Manics in April, with those screeching bitches, Delays, in support. All I heard was ringing and muffled sounds for the following 24 hours after the concert.

    I will never go near the front of any gig again.

  3. This Is Such A Pity is also notable: It's completely out of place on the album, it sounds like Weezer are jumping on a bandwagon and yet it completely pisses all over anything The Killers or The Bravery have ever produced.

    The moment I hard that song I also thought of The Bravery. To think that The Bravery are mocked for being derivative, yet somehow manage to inspire a band like Weezer.

    Whatever, I like the album; it doesn't do anything new and it doesn't do the old things any better, but I am enjoying listening to it. My favourite track would have to be The Other Way for now.

  4. seven samurai

    They're bringing out a new edition later in the year, mind. And a new Wages of Fear, which is a good thing because it's an awesome film and one of the worst Criterion DVDs. The Bergman DVDs are worth getting, especially the box set of Fanny and Alexander, as well as the faith trilogy box set, but they don't exactly sit comfortably in a collection that has the The Rock and Armageddon.

  5. As far as Talk goes, I'd have kept the original for the first verse then changed to the new version for the second verse. Bingo, you've turned two average songs into one slightly better song.

  6. God, it's been a miserable week for albums. I've bought three highly anticipated releases and Get Behind Me Satan is the best, which is depressing when you consider it's not that good.

    Get Behind Me Satan - 5/10

    X&Y - 5/10

    Here Come The Tears - 3/10

    I'd write more but why should I waste my time on something so pointless? Hooray for next week and The Magic Numbers and St Etienne... and Tesco Jersy getting around to sending my Kraftwerk album.

  7. I can't watch this anymore. I tried last night and just felt like I was totally wasting my time.

    I don't like anyone on there.

    I do enjoy watching and listening to Derek. Therefore I hope he's evicted this week, then I can watch him all on his own on BBLB next week without having to endure the rest. Why Channel 4 thinks I, or anyone else, would want to waste my time watching them I don't know. Though, admittedly, there is the curiosity factor with Roberto, wondering how he was ever allowed to teach in any school. Also, his surname is Conte, and if that isn't pronounced cunt, I hereby pronounce it will be from now on.

  8. Re: subs copies. Isn't the problem more to do with the magazine finding its way into newsagents a week before the stated date in the previous issue?

  9. What did they say was wrong with Nintendogs?

    I was expecting it to do really well considering the Famitsu score.

    7/10 seems a good score for a Japanese game where you get to raise virtual dogs. As long as they keep the box art for the western release, it'll still be added to my collection. But if they replace it with some cartoon drawing... forget it.

  10. Girls piss in groups. They're wierd.

    Looking at the difference between ladies and gents toilets, I'd have to disagree.

    Still, as long as Channel 4 showed her washing her hands afterwards, there's no problem - it's a good lesson to all slappers. They did show her washing her hands, right? She did wash her hands, right?

  11. That review is actually laugh out loud funny.

    Is it a parody thing or something?

    The 'our messiah is dead' line is the best bit. Surely they're still giving him a wedgie in the office for that one?

  12. Things that put me off Retro Gamer before I even look inside it.

    1. The price, bumped up by that useless CD every month.

    2. The cover, half of which is blank, thanks to that useless CD that comes in an unnecessarily large DVD case every month.

    3. The useless CD.

  13. When it comes to petty reviews, though, the NME always excels itself with the Manics. I notice they mention the 'post-Richey' Manics at the end of this Foo Fighters review, too, along with New Order. Basically, the NME likes rock stars that kill themselves, and Foo Fighters, the Manics and New Order all show killing yourself isn't the be-all-and-end-all of music, as well as being survivors and old. The NME is made up of a bunch of Cobain/Curtis/Edwards idol-worshiping nerds with little interest in music.

    The Libertines/Babyshables/whatever comes out of that soap opera will be next on the NME's hitlist. They won't forgive Pete Doherty for still being alive. Again it's back to that lack of interest in music, because the last Libertines album, which they wanked over, was the wrong side of average.

  14. It's all awful, because the magazine exists only to reaffirm the opinions of its readers and build up temporary idols for them to tear down six months later to reassert how cool and alternative the magazine is. It's fucking shit.

    Yet fundamentally the same as many an internet forum :D

  15. I've only just got around to properly listening to the third disc of this, and it's stunning stuff. Come Into My Sleep, Opium Tea, Bless His Ever Loving Heart, Good Good Day and Everything Must Converge belong on a Greatest Hits, never mind a rarities compilation.

  16. Considering what I've just written, I really should buy something of his. Where should I start?

    The Must I Paint You A Picture? compilation seems as good a place to start as any, preferably the 3-disc package.

    I'm a fan of the stuff he did with Wilco, which is actually a load of songs based around Woodie Guthrie lyrics, but never mind that, Way Over Yonder In the Minor Key should be heard by anyone and everyone who enjoys listening to music.

  17. I like all the Foo Fighters albums, but with each one they sound more and more like a Gillette advert.

    Having said that, Best of You is destined for a Sure or Lynx advert, surely? And those polished white teeth Dave Grohl keeps showing off, there's something up with that band at the moment.

  18. The fucking stupid general public strike again! The best housemate is out first!  :ph34r:

    The only stupid people are the ones who come onto the internet after an eviction and moan about their prefered housemate going. If everyone who did that bothered to vote then there'd be a different outcome. You need to get proactive not reactive.

    Craig staying has that Crazy Frog factor. If I bothered to vote, I'd have gone for Craig, just because I knew it would annoy everyone if he stayed. That Britney stunt was horrendous and terribly irritating. I like that.

    A final two of Vanessa and Craig - now you're talking. Let's destroy Big Brother.

  19. Is anyone else reminded of Pixies' Where is my Mind when they listen to Fix you? The verses aren't far away from being identical to my ears. I thought this song was fairly dire to begin with, but now I know it's about Gwyneth's father dying at the same time Chris Martin fell in love with her, it's more palatable. Nearly brings a tear to my eye... well, no it doesn't, but he'll have won the female audience over.

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