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  1. I'm enjoying this divide, they've got a Lord of the Flies thing going on. I especially like it because the detestable Maxwell, Saskia and Anthony will be picked off one by one now, being beaten at their own game, and then Craig will have to go and turn face again and be friends with those who he's been slagging off - just like last time. I don't know who I want to go most: Maxwell because he's an odious prick, Saskia because she's an 'assassin', the puppetmaster responsible for Maxwell being a prick, or Anthony because he seems to be the most worried by it all. I half expect him to do a Darth Vader when his (or Maxwell's) name is read out when nominations are revealed. And whoever goes in from the secret garden is going to side with Makosi anyway, so the goons are history. The only negative is, Derek's getting a bit boring now he's part of the gang.

  2. I'm another who doesn't like Kasabian but thought they put on a perfect Glasto performance. Bastards. Whereas I just pitied old men Primal Scream trying to look rebellious... by doing Nazi salutes. Where I come from, that's called being a prick.

    At first I was disappointed the BBC showed little of the La's, then when they did show There She Goes, I was kinda glad they didn't show much else, cos that was worse than Sixpence None The Richer, frankly. Mavers would have done better staying a recluse and one of rock's most intriguing myths.

  3. Most ebay ones will be pirates.

    I've given up even bothering to look there. If Bob Geldof got rid of those Live 8 ticket auctions so easily, why have Nintendo let this go on for years?

    I do hope they'll do some budget re-releases to coincide with the launh of the Micro. I'd have thought they'll need to, because there is a dearth of GBA games on shop shelves already.

  4. what was Coldplay's set like ?

    ’Square One’



    ’God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’

    ’Speed Of Sound’


    ’Warning Sign’

    ’Everything’s Not Lost’

    ’White Shadows’

    ’The Scientist’

    ’'Till Kingdom Come’

    ’Don’t Panic’


    ’Swallowed In The Sea’

    ’Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’

    ’In My Place’

    ’Fix You’

    They couldn't decide which opener to go with, so they obviously went with two. The highlight was Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head. Fix You, with the fireworks at the end should have been one of those moments, I think everyone was epxecting that as soon as they heard that song, but it was shit and Chris Martin started talking some geeky shit over the end. The rest was par for the course. His voice throughout was quite dreadful, I thought.

  5. what the...?

    Oraith looks alright to me - she seems reasonably intelligent too...

    Not to me, she doesn't. She's just someone who thinks she's intelligent, which is infinitely worse than someone like Kinga, whose insecurity about herself makes it perfectly obvious that she knows she's thick. As I said, Orlaith introduced herself by saying 'I'm blonde... and I was in a modelling contest... erm'. I wouldn't tolerate such a bint in real life and I won't tolerate her in the Big Brother house. Get her out.

  6. That's what I wonder everytime I see people compare them. People calling Coldplay a Radiohead cover band. They're not similar at all. I think it might be Radiohead fans that don't like Coldplay getting all the praise when they think it should be Radiohead getting it.

    Yes, a well known trait of Radiohead fanboys when it comes to any band bigger or better than their heores.

  7. It helps if the tracklisting is picked by the band itself. The mess Geffen made with the Guns N' Roses compilation backs this up quite nicely.

    It can also be a problem if a band has had more than one label. But then there was the Rolling Stones Forty Licks, bringing together their full back catalogue for the first time ever. Only problem was, they decided to fill one of the CDs with the shit they've recorded over the last 30 years to give a complete overview, ignoring 60s gems like As Tears Go By. Fuckwits.

    And of all The Smiths compilations, not one of them has found the perfect selection yet. And I don't even want to think of how the Manics destroyed their reputation with their coffee table compilation.

    There are bands revered as great singles bands, like Madness, ABBA and Blondie, and it's these compilations that prove the best, naturally.

  8. What is the point in Doves playing live? Even they looked like they were losing the will to live.

    I really am looking forward to seeing Lee Mavers on Sunday, though. All that heroin, all those years in the wilderness, I bet he looks worse than Brian Wilson.

  9. Orlaith should go IMO, she's there for one reason only; to up her profile as a model and advance her career - so very dull.

    Aye, agreed. She might be eye candy but I don't watch Big Brother to masturbate. The first thing she said in her introductory speech was 'I'm blonde', then she struggled to think of anything else of interest. At the end of the day, in spite of her flaws, Kinga's opening salvo of 'bloody hell, my minge', followed with 'stick that cucumber up my fanny', is slightly more intriguing, and she'll clearly be more interesting to watch interact with the dullards and the wonderful Derek in the main house, whereas Orlaith will simply be scorned by Queen Saskia and ostracized from the other housemates. Rather like Sam.

  10. I'm considering ordering the Steamboy DVD. Is it worth it? I can't find that much discussion about the film on the net. I get the impression it might be one of those films that everyone thinks is shit but nobody wants to say it.

  11. While £75 does seem extortionate, it's not a figure that has left me surprised, looking at the pricing of the previous GBA/SP/DS models. And I can see myself paying that price for something that I don't even need, sucker that I am. As long as I have the knowledge that instead of buying this I could help feed the starving, there'll be some positives to take from such an expensive purchase.

  12. I received my copy from Play today and have played the first and second missions, and I don't feel like playing any further, prefering instead to try and forget that I've just wasted £30 on this.

    Maybe I play too many Nintendo games, but the graphics on this are a mess: clipping, pop up, bugs, you name it. Shitty little things like Crypto standing in long grass in cut scenes and it sticking straight through his stomach. I also find his voice annoying. Frankly, there are better things to do with my life than play through this. And now I can't afford to buy Kirby's Canvas Curse because of this. Damn me and my misanthropic impulse buys.

    On the other hand, it's still clear to see that in the right hands this could have been an absolute gem of a game.

  13. With pretty much every single one of all the eagerly awaited albums released over the last month being of little more than a 3/5 standard, I find this to be an album that not only lives upto expectations but exceeds them. Lightning Strikes Twice and A Good Thing are proper pop perfection, and Milk Bottle Symphony sounds like it belongs on Smile. Only Pet Shop Boys do intelligent, kitsch pop music as well as this, but they're still struggling for a return to form, so Saint Etienne are currently one of my most cherished acts.

    Perfect summer soundtrack material. I bought it on the same day as the Magic Numbers album, and while that album has been left in the shade, TFTH basks in the warmth of my iPod. Or something.

    It figures it didn't make the top 40 of the album chart, with so many hyped up borefests cluttering its way.

  14. I don't see how anyone can sit and watch Derek say that Science makes him want to join the BNP and not realise he is by far the best thing on Big Brother. Ever. Yet he's the bookies' favourite for eviction.

    If he goes on Friday, maybe the BBC should round up him, Mary, Lesley and Sam and put them all in its own reality show, because it will be so much better than what C4 will be left with.

  15. I'm glad to be able to remember a time when a single going straight in at No.1 was a cause for celebration for that act. Those were the days when people used to tune into Radio 1 to listen to the top 40 countdown. Those were the days when people used to tune into Radio 1, period.

    The powers that be destroyed the singles charts to let the likes of Simon Cowell make a shitload of cash with manufactured pap. Every new rule introduced has helped make a mockery of the chart and devalue music.

  16. The Essential Clash is great, even though it looks a bit out of place in Sony's Essential series next to the likes of The Essential Barbra Streisand. I always hated the running order of The Story of the Clash Vol.1. No wonder they didn't bother with Vol.2. But The Essential Clash is still missing the 'essential' Spanish Bombs, Protex Blue, Death Or Glory, I'm Not Down, Armagideon Time, The Call Up, Washington Bullets and, of course, Hateful. There's no need for Jimmy Jazz over any of these.

  17. So check this out... I'm starting to find Craig to be one of the better housemates now. There, I've said it. Like lots of female viewers, I keep my list of faves:

    1. Derek

    2. Craig

    3. Science

    I also found it amusing to read a Sunday tabloid article about Saskia's boyfriend of five years saying he's more than a little pissed off with Maxwell. She kept that one quiet, the fucking assassin. Off the hook!!

  18. So it's a bit shit, no?

    Which is crap, as I never played the N64 version and was really looking forward to this.

    That would appear to be the case, from everything I've read, certainly in terms of the single player game.

    What a damn shame. Rare have got a fair bit to prove now, what with them having failed to release anything above 'quite poor/verging on average' for ages, not to mention the atrocious Banjo-Pilot.

  19. It's all about charging up your anal probe and firing it at some farmer and then extracting his wife's brains whilst she is trying to run away with you.

    Never before has one sentence sold me so quickly on a game. My order is in. As a concept this game always appealed to me anyway, but I never saw it being that good, and I don't find the graphics anything more than average from the shots I've seen in magazines. I probably should rent this one, but another £30 spent it is.

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