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  1. when is it out in the shops?

    What, you mean subscribers get it before the rest of now? Outrageous.

    "Making of Robocod 2"?

    For heaven's sake, why?

    Doesn't have to be a great game to make an interesting feature. I wouldn't mind a making of Rise of the Robots, for instance. I can't see anyone involved wanting to participate in such a feature, though.

  2. OK, one down, Anthony and Maxwell to go. Who doesn't want to see Craig left in there all on his own surrounded by Team Diva?

    Not enough booing tonight. The problem is, and I'm sure everyone else must have noticed, the people in the crowd are bigger cunts than those in the house. If any of those imbeciles booed me, I'd just shrug my shoulders. If they cheered me I'd spit at them.

  3. Well, that was all very summer-blockbuster-by-numbers stuff. That is to say, perfectly watchable once at the cinema with some nice special effects but I won't be buying the DVD. I enjoyed it for what it could have been rather than what it was. If you're going to spend time on character development, at least don't make them the same old Hollywood disaster movie characters.

    I liked Artificial Intelliegence and I liked Minority Report, but this one felt like Spielberg treading water. I can't help but wonder what he'd have done with this in his prime.

  4. Since I got my modded Xbox I have discovered how truly awful games can be, notably N64 ones. It's scary to think some of those games came out on the same system as SM64. I couldn't possibly single one out

    The worst game I've actually bought would be Corproation on the Mega Drive, which I'm sure has some fans, but I try my best not to buy utter crud, so Corporation it is.

  5. I received a newsletter from Benson's World about their new sale, which, as it happens, is a bit pants, although they do appear to have this strange thing with prices at the moment, where you get an extra 10% off everything when you click on it, for no apparent reason. But I noticed they had Attack of the Killer Tomatoes cheaper than anywhere else: http://www.bensonsworld.co.uk/v2/dvd-9/7000000099154.asp

    The packaging looks rather tempting and the extras sound reasonable - you can't go wrong with an audio commentary on this sort of film, surely? But the film's shit, right? And I mean utterly shit in a way that you can't even enjoy on an ironic level, right? I vaguely remember watching it asa child and not being that interested, and then there was, I think, a cartoon series, which I seem to recall being more fun (to a child, at least). And then there was Return of the Killer Tomatoes with George Clooney, which I've never seen. I feel the urge to purchase AOTKT, but curiosity is famous for killing the cat.

    And Garbage Pail Kids is coming to DVD soon, too. Isn't it annoying when they release these films and you can't resist buying them for nostalgiac purposes? I'm certain I enjoyed the Garbage Pail Kids movie first time round and the cards were ace. Why must I insist on destroying my childhood memories?

  6. Do you mean Naxos?

    Even though they are good value and there are plenty of good releases, I feel dirty when I add Naxos CDs to my collection.

    The last CD I ordered was this, but I made the mistake of ordering it from blahdvd.com, which has good prices but shit stock levels, so I've yet to listen to it.

  7. Saskia doing everything to stay in is so hilariously obvious

    I've disliked/hated Saskia at all stages, but now I can't get enough of her. Her desperation is hilarious, and it's going to be even more stunning when she leaves. All that talk about giving something people to remember when she walks through the doors (by wearing tarty clothes, naturally)... this is surely going to be the best BB comeuppance of all-time (partly because Nasty Nick had to weasel his way out the fire exit). It's her complete lack of self-awareness and the goon gang's (especially Craig's) belief that the viewers love them that's now turned this into a classic BB chapter. As I previously said, as soon as she goes, it's all going to blow over and everyone left will start holding hands. Get Maxwell out. As much as people detest Saskia, and she did literally prostitute herself, any interest in BB will surely vanish with her departure.

    Seriously, though, Saskia and Maxwell have brought BB and humanity to a new low. Evicting them is no longer enough. We need to get like the Daleks in that recent Dr Who episode and exterminate the fuckers on release. Throwing water over Sam was one thing, but now it's time to replace those water bombs with grenades.

    With Derek having a break and being friends with people, Science is the main man in the house now. It's down to Science to fuck shit up.

  8. Saskia is going to go. Unless Maxwell can do something in the next couple of days to disgust everyone (that is, more than he already has done - which is asking a lot of him) it appears those who vote have already dug their claws firmly into Saskia. But I feel it would be better for Saskia to stay. She is, lest we forget, the puppetmaster, whereas Maxwell is a mere minion. You always kill off the minions one by one then round on the boss at the end. Without Saskia the others will most likely integrate with the other gang and it will all get friendly, and Makosi will share her Cherry Tango with Anthony, and Craig will give Science and hand job. And we don't want that.

    Saskia is a proud woman, and she wants to win to get one over on everyone. We need to keep her in there and watch her scheme away.

  9. Care to explain why it's so worthy of your harsh words? I accept that the premise probably gets old very quickly (as I commented earlier in the thread), but is it fundamentally broken or something?

    It's not fundamentally broken, I just find it to be fundamentally boring. Among my pet hates were: the repetitive gameplay; Crypto's irritating, misguided voice (or at least I thought it was completely wrong for the character); and the disappointing weapons. Even the anal probe isn't fun. The main problem with the repetitive gameplay is that it isn't even that good in the first place. I'd agree that a 3 might seem harsh, but out of ten that's how much enjoyment I personally got from playing the game. You can look back and say the game has some good touches, and it does, and it isn't a cynical piece of game-making, so therefore I could understand why some would want to rate it higher, but never the 8 that GamesTM gave it, and I still think Edge's 6 was pushing it... The humour which GamesTM said was genuinely laugh-out-loud funny is only so if you laugh out loud at knob gags.

    If you read about this game, read about all the things you can supposedly do, you're better off imagining how great that would be to play than spend £30 and actually play it. It's a mystery how someone can put you in the role of an alien, give you a an aresnal of extraterrestrial weaponry, let you 'destoy all humans', allow you to lay waste to farms, cities, etc. with your spaceship, give you the opportunity to hurl cows through the air, and still make it so dull to play. I just want Crypto to come along and give me a dose of Hypno Blast to make me think I never bought/played it.

  10. Now I've made the mistake of paying £30 online for this garbage, how much will Game/Gamestation give me for it? I need it removed from my shelf, and all memories of wasting money on it removed, as quickly as possible.

    Edge gave it 6/10, which is what I was expecting to rate it as, but I couldn't possibly contemplate giving it anything above an average 5, and I'd have to settle on a 3, personally.

  11. Marvellous. They really are just going to focus on Orlaith showering until she's evicted by disgusted/jealous female viewers at the first possible chance.


    ...bah, she's started to keep her bikini bottoms on now. I don't know what she thinks she's got left to hide from anyone.

  12. are you sure it was meant in a racist way?

    It depends how you interpret "you people", doesn' it?

    I don't see anything racist there because I genuinely don't think of black people as any different.

    This reflects the inherent racism in many peoples minds.

    Considering what she said about immigrants in her introductory piece, I'd say there's a fair chance she's racist.

  13. Whilst on the topic of DS boxes, do the canadian boxes have french crap (like 'seulement pour') written all over them or are they english only?

    No French on the front or spine, only on the back of the box and in the instruction manual, but that shouldn't be a problem to anyone because the European boxes have various languages on the back and in the instruction booklets anyway.

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