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  1. I've given the album my Official Skip Button test. To do so I have to listen to the album five times and record my thoughts on the fifth listen, when I've got to know all the tracks. Here are my findings...

    Can't Stand Me Now is average fare, it sounds more like the fourth single from an album rather than the first. Last Post on the Bugle starts off sounding like a poor rip-off of The Strokes Reptilia but ends up the better song. It's one of my favourite songs on the album, especially for Pete Doherty managing to fit the title into a line and managing to get it all out incredibly quickly - I liked that for some reason. My trusty skip button and index finger are yet to start their affair.

    Then it all goes wrong. If The Libertines are the best British band around at the moment, as claimed by The Guardian, then they've managed to write quite possibly the worst Supergrass song never written in the form of Don't Be Shy. Almost every album has filler on it but there's no need to use it so early on. Idiots. Three tracks in and the skip button makes its fearsome debut.

    The first five seconds of the next track, The Man Who Would Be King, remind me of late-'70s Iron Maiden riffs. Then it goes off in a number of directions, some good some bad. The bad bits make me reach for the skip button again. This is the first track where Doherty gets on my tits.

    Now the next track, When the Lights Go Out, could almost have been written by Arthur Lee circa Forever Changes. Parts of it probably were to a certain degree - the good parts. If I hadn't've listened to the aforementioned classic album, this would be one of my favourite tracks, no doubt, but it's just not developed enough for my tastes. I can't help but also be reminded of Sixpence None The Richer's Kiss Me. And this, I can tell you, is not as good as being reminded of Love. I make it through to the end, though, and don't regret it.

    Just when I expect things to go downhill, it's not long before Narcissist (or 'Narcisst', as my MP3 calls it) turns into one of the highlights of the album. But then The Ha Ha Wall duly obliges and begins a filthy, dirty courtship with my skip button by finally offering what to me sounds like the mid-album lull. Skip. Despite being 75 seconds long, Arbeit Macht Frei also comes close to feeling the wrath of my skip button of doom. A mere five seconds longer and I would have opened a can of skip on its candy ass. It's the sort of thing Blur might include halfway through their albums for a bit of relief, except it's not really necessary on a Libertines album.

    Perhaps because of the weak tracks that precede it, Campaign of Hate sounds fine to begin with before turning into a whole heap of nothingness. Skip. Then What Katy Did turns up. What utter shit. I've heard the basic premise of this song written and performed better by countless bands. I don't care about The Libertines enough, and I'm not young and musically-inexperienced enough, to tolerate this kind of anaemic songwriting. As I press down on my beloved button, I sing to myself, 'who let the skip out, who, who who?' At this rate, I'll soon have the word skip inverted on my index finger.

    My battered skip button (which has never truly forgiven me for putting it through the unforgivable traumas of Radiohead's Hail to the Thief) gets a rest with Tomblands. As with most of the songs on this album, I seem to recall having heard the best part of this song (in this case the verse) before, but after the last few tracks you've got to give the poor Libs a break. I listen to this one all the way through. Go me! For now, Tomblands is one of the peaks of the album, but don't expect it to keep your or my interest for more than twenty-odd listens.

    The Saga: to skip or not to skip, that is the question. So far so meh. One minute in and I've left the skip button untouched despite not being overly impressed. But 85 seconds and Doherty's: 'No, I ain't got a problem' in and Lord Skippy Button of Skipington gets called into immediate action. Hey, it was a close thing.

    Road to Ruin keeps me interested due to it's mix of Kinks and Doors. Well done, that's one in the eye for the skip button.

    And then we arrive at What Became of the Likely Lads. It might not be very good but it gets a skip reprieve by virtue of being the final track, the lucky little tyke.

    I'm going to give this an Official Skip Rating of: 6/14, that is to say I skipped six of the fourteen tracks. By my calculations, in your common or garden review terms, that translates to a score of: 6/10.

    That's not a score to be ashamed of at all. Well done, you filthy fucking smackheads.

  2. I've seen all the films listed in this thread so far but I only watched Gone with the Wind because my gran seemingly never stopped watching it. I'm not sure if I've technically 'watched' it, but I've 'seen' it. Not that I consider it a bad film by any means, I quite enjoyed what I 'saw' of it.

    I did watch Henri-Georges Clouzot's Wages of Fear for the first time this weekend, a film which has shot right up to the higher echelons of my favorite films of all time. I regret that I took so long to discover it.

    For some curious reason, I don't think I've seen (unless at a very early age) what is probably George Lucas's greatest film: American Graffiti, even though I do have the soundtrack in my collection. How queer.

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