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  1. The best horror film I have had the 'pleasure' of watching in a cinema. It did everything it needed to, and I consequently overlooked the fact that I didn't get what the birthday cake flashbacks and the child's laughter were all about.
  2. cyd charisse

    T In The Park

    I watched some of the highlights on BBC3. The gorgeous weather and scenery, the noisiest fans of just about any festival, along with raising the capacity for next time, make me think this will be the festival I most wish to attend next year. It shat all over Glastonbury, IMHO.
  3. Then we, the public, must ensure that it's Vanessa and Makosi who are up on Friday. That will make for the best entertainment in every respect. Make this happen, people. If Makosi can't help swing the housemate vote, Vanessa is a goner, and even better we might be rid of Psykosi herself. Let's not let ourselves down. In reality, I expect it to be Vanessa and Orlaith up, and Orlaith to go.
  4. The article at least highlights the lack of a decent Nintendo magazine from Future. Then again, there's a lack of decent magazines today from Future, period. Yet it's extra noticable with Nintendo because that piece-of-shit NGC has the nerve to point out its Super Play and N64 (when it was good) ancestry. I hope I can look forward to a better effort for Revolution. If nothing else, that console should lend itself to some decent magazine titles.
  5. It looked like a lacklustre performance but Oasis fans still don't seem to care. I can't think of any other act who can just stand still on stage, going through the motions, adding a boring new track here and there, and still get that kind of response from a crowd. After Live 8, it looked like another world. I also caught a glimpse of T in the Park on BBC3. It also showed that, despite all the hype claiming the opposite, Live 8 was in fact one of the worst concerts in history.
  6. I'd like Eugene to win. Eugene, Derek and Scinece would be my final three of choice. I feel they're the only ones in the house who wouldn't let success go to their heads, and it now seems BB is all about knocking the confidence of people with big egos and crushing spirits. It's become a sport of sorts. A sport I like. Makosi has to punished next for that grotesque pregnancy bullshit. Of all of them it's quite obvious that she's the one who believes she can and will win, and she was playing the game perfectly until she went too far with that nonsense. Time to burst another ego.
  7. When it comes to the retrogamers of the future, I'm certain the GC and DC will be seen as the 128bit consoles to own.
  8. If John Deacon can't be bothered with it, I sure as hell ain't gonna bother. I can see it being an enjoyable experience for those that do go. Assuming those that go are soulless and have no problem with the hideousness of it all.
  9. I'm an REM fan and I'd agree with him. Everybody Hurts was particularly crass. It's about teen suicide, no need to whore it at every lighter-raising, singalong opportunity. I found that moment to be one of the lowest of REM's career. And they paid for it with that zombie crowd, too. So bad was it that the BBC decided to show a Razorlight interview rather than carry on showing REM's performance. Pink Floyd were stunning by comparison. However, like Robbie, I think they'd've met with less success if they had been made to play in the daylight like the majority of other acts. But as soon as the lights went down and you saw the heart monitor image on the screen, you knew you were in for a treat. Liver spots aside, they've still got the playing skills and material to put on a fantastic full live show. They should just perhaps wear masks on stage next time... or paper bags?
  10. Cacky calls us middlecore. Clueless, middlecore cunts, to be precise. Cacky is hardcore, there's no questioning that.
  11. I noticed there was an advert for it on the side of the London bus the terrorists blew up, with a soundbite which read: 'outright terror... bold and brilliant'. That's a bit fucked up.
  12. Yeah, but I'm also missing out on a lot of other things in life. Playing Ico isn't at the top of my Things I Must Do Before I Die list. It's like saying, do I feel I'm missing out because I only have a Porsche (I don't, by the way) and not a Ferrari. Or whether my life is incomplete because I only have one partner. In addition to that, the more consoles/games I have the less I play them, and therefore I end up missing out on more games. Or something.
  13. It's certainly got me hooked. I want to keep watching to see if every second of it can manage to be the most unfunny thing I've ever seen.
  14. I said it last week, the booing is irrelevant because they're all dullards in the crowd.
  15. Thinking about ordering the US version from here: http://www.movietyme.com/catalog/product_i...ducts_id=28262& Not gonna find it cheaper than that at the moment, am I? I'll get a pretty spine with the US version, even though I am becoming fond of the smell of Euro packaging.
  16. I got it last week, and while it might be missing a story mode, I'm loving it... for now.
  17. I imagined how messed up it would be coming out of a London cinema having seen WOTW this morning. Child: 'Daddy, is it the aliens?' Father: 'No, sweetheart, just the terrorists.' Not meant as a joke, just what I thought.
  18. Yes, but in addition I bought a modded XBox so I could reaquaint myself with the likes of F-Zero, while I was missing out on F-Zero GX. Madness. Now I see the error of my ways.
  19. They look like they're both sitting on the special bus. It's like looking into a crystal ball.
  20. I love Eugene... and his decision to bring condoms in the house with him. He's the only reason I'm still watching this, I can't quite figure out if he's taking the piss out of everyone.
  21. I've made up with my GC after picking up F-Zero and 1080 for £9.99. I just wish I made up with it when they were doing Paper Mario 2 for £14.99. Regardless, I'm now a true Ninty fan again and regret turning to the Xbox so I could replay all those shit SNES games.
  22. How much will GS give me for Destroy All Humans (Xbox version)? The sooner that abomination of a game is off my shelf and out of my life the better.
  23. Game rage is the latest craze. Didn't you know? http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/tm_objectid=1...-name_page.html
  24. I couldn't possibly fancy anything that has snogged Craig. What's the point in having a beautiful body if you're gonna let the most grotesque of men play with it? It doesn't get any more unattractive than what I saw in the pool last night. Or, to get to the root of the problem, a bumming. When Derek was comforting him I thought Craig was going to start sucking his fingers. I'm gonna stop watching now. Derek has lost what made him so watchable, Science is still respectable for not playing the game but he's not going to do anything he hasn't already done, and the rest are all as detestable as each other. The whole Team Saskia/Team Diva divide is as boring as we all knew it would be as soon as Saskia left, and they're all equally pathetic. Until Derek and Science start a cult and brainwash Eugene into murdering the rest, I'm gonna find something better to do with my time. Like post on interent forums, or something.
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