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  1. There does appear to be a trend at the moment for trailers that make good/decent films look truly awful/boring. I can't remember the last trailer that made me think, 'I must go and see that film'. In ye olde days, trailers made shit films look great.

    There's no art to trailers anymore. Like that first King Kong one: fine, go ahead and fill the teaser trailer with loads of (bad, incomplete CGI) images of Kong, why don't you.

  2. this.

    a ) only released in Japan

    b ) tiny production run

    c ) likely to remain the clear pinnacle of the series for the foreseeable future

    Although... d) it already appears to have had its eBay value halved, compared to the prices it was going for last year.

  3. this movie is criminally over looked.

    It made it into the top 3 at the UK box office, settling itself cosily among the likes of WOTW, Star Wars and Batman Begins. Can't really expect much more than that, particularly as its success has largely been through word of mouth.

  4. Personally backwards compatibility would definitely persuade me to buy one when it is launched.  And I am sure a few other people might just do the same.

    Leak a picture of the kid using Dreamcast and PS2 emulators on it and my order is in.

  5. I'm going to have to try this.

    I liked the Neo Geo baseball games, yet I never felt I had the control over the batting that I wanted. I'd often just hit the ball high in the air and watch it take about a minute to make its way into the hands of a fielder. My favourite baseball game to date is Sega's Baseball Advance on the GBA. It's my top ten of most-played games of the last five years: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...ce&s=videogames

  6. I picked up this month's issue. Only the third I've bought, following the first issue (now eBayed, naturally) and the Anthology. Will there be an anthology every year? I hope so, as I enjoyed this month's yet I can't allow myself to spend £6 on it per month. Even so, I liked it, especially the Robocop article; I owned and enjoyed the NES version as a nipper, but now I can see it was the runt of the litter.

    I've had to throw away a load of old magazines due to space recently - including every Arcade issue. Burning a huge pile of magazines was more fun than making a small profit on eBay, but I'll miss them. Now I wish someone would make a series of specials, with one issue devoted to each console. For instance, I could have one Dreamcast magazine, covering its (short) life, to replace the thirty-odd Official Dreamcast and DC-UK ones I've just torched. That would be most splendid. Not so much need for a SNES one, though, as I couldn't possible condone burning my Super Play collection.

  7. Awww....I did find myself feeling almost sorry for her. She didn't reeeeeally deserve all the booing. Kind of. She was just boring and bitchy, not really evil.

    She might not be evil, but I think you'll find most of us are. BB is our entertainment, and our entertainment is to boo people and bitch about them on the internet. When it stops being about that I'll stop watching it.

    And I for one am very pleased about the introduction of the crowd throwing objects at the evictees to accompany the booing. See how Makosi is now desperate to get out of the house (and preferably shielding herself behind fat Vanessa as she does it, by the looks of things). She knows what's coming :D

  8. Vanessa.

    clever woman or MOLE?

    Not the former, that's for sure.

    It's all worked out very well for BB, though. It's like an episode of 24. You've got the set up of people being suspicious over Makosi, Kemal saying he can't tell the others why he had to vote this week; then there's Derek who has a talent for knowing exactly what's what in the house, and I still refuse to accept that Eugene isn't taking the piss. And then you have Science, who has antagonised just about every member of the house, often for little reason.

  9. I hope it's not Makosi because I'm enjoying hating her. It'd be a shame if it was all just an act. Of course, everything about her is an act anyway, but at the moment the joke's on her.

    If there is a mole it would have to be Derek because I'm certain it was already disclosed weeks ago that the producers invited him to go on the show. As if you'd ever get someone like Derek applying to go on BB.

  10. Yeah, I'm getting into Mojo too. Them, and Uncut, actually offer decent broad ranging music journalism of the sort that NME and Melody Maker (and Sounds for that matter) used to be renowned for before they became scene chasing record company whores..

    I don't consider Uncut's range very broad at all. Another main feature on REM this month. So it'll be either U2, the Beatles, the Stones or Pink Floyd next month, then.

  11. I took my copy of Destroy All Humans to GS today and they gave me £23 in trade value for it. Seemed more than reasonable to me: a world away from the days when you'd pay £60 for a new N64 game and GAME would offer you £15 a month later. GS don't even twat all over the their preowned games with black marker.

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