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  1. All digital at first, I think they are going after retail. The 33% to 50% mark up for retail takes a huge chunk of Sony's bottom line. Time to sell your shares in game and gamestop
  2. oh its going to the vote... I wonder what the outcome will be? Also watch his live rally as he is impeached
  3. The central antoganist is a real monster or a lovely old man.
  4. I know its not really Film, TV or Radio, but I am finding this is quite compeling. Any one else watching?
  5. The Man Who Would Be King One of my faves had to rewatch it again. So politically incorrect (it was written by Rudyard Kipling) Billy Fish: “He wants to know if you are gods.” Peachy: “Not gods—Englishmen. The next best thing!” Caine and Connery totally feed of each other. John Huston directed this, Scorsese, Spielberg bow down to this man. I am sure there would be no Indiana Jones without this film. Spielberg rips this off in so many places. 5/5
  6. Most games over 10 hours... I'm here for good time, not a long time. My new moto.
  7. Hackers have discovered Luigi's Mansion 1 had the same 2 player mechanic as LM3 with Gooigi. This has laid dormant for 18 years! Hoorah for hackers
  8. Dont understand why they have to release this on Halloween day? Most kids are on half term from last week, that is 2 weeks of peak trade in time for christmas. Its not as if the game isnt ready the pirates have had it for over a week.
  9. Getting really stoked for this https://opencritic.com/game/8013/luigis-mansion-3 Next level games could be the rare ware games of the switch generation.
  10. All the walkthroughs are already on youtube, most people (pirates) who have it are saying its amazing fun. Marrrriooo Marriiiooo
  11. Jaoquin Phoenix, I have never ever seen that much over acting in my life (and I grew up watching Bollywood movies) Still a great movie, to the critics its a comic book guys.
  12. momomo

    Nintendo Switch

    This guys look is intense (American Pscho Jr). Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
  13. momomo

    Nintendo Switch

    We love Nintendo when they are at their mad innovation best when it comes.to input From game and watch d pad, nes joypads, snes shoulder buttons, n64 analogue controller, wiimote, balance board, switch joy con and now ring con and leg con Its all about input baby
  14. Instead of take downs why don't they just take/share the royalties <rolls eyes>
  15. momomo

    Nintendo Switch

    The took the 3D out of the 3ds, no they've taken the switch out of the Switch. Way to go with naming nintendo.
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