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  1. The Wii has been getting average scores, mostly 7's and 8's for its launch titles. Even Perfect Dark Zero was getting 8's and 9's in some places and we all know how rubbish that was. But a lot of reviews often have the line 'Graphics sub par compared to Xbox 360 and Ps3' which seems to me as if they are judging it not for what it is but for what the other consoles are. Its the same as the Ds getting low marks on its graphics compared to the PSP.
  2. Tell us Goaty, what type of glue was used to hold this sensor bar? Was it the sticky kind that leaves lots of residue on the TV when peeled away or was it the kind that will likely dry out after a few weeks, leaving your sensor bar crashing down into the table/floor/Wii. The world must know! Also what were the queues like?
  3. Doesnt mean they will be of any use, GC games were dumped quickly and were downloaded for many years before they became usable.
  4. The world never changes itself...EVER! Complete the game, reload the save and everything is still crap again
  5. The end boss of Power Stone one. Getting all the gems and using a super move on him knocks about 1/10th of health off just one of the FIVE health bars he has. A punch from him knocks off a full health bar from the five you have.
  6. Saw an advert for the Wii on MTV earlier. Starts with just the logo and then a controller with the voice over saying 'What is it?' as it slowly zooms in before a hand appears around it and it fades away to the logo again saying something like 'Wii like to play together'.
  7. So, come the release of the Wii, we should all hate it and moan how rubbish it is. Seeing as well all seem to like it now.
  8. Theres many different packs, check out emutalk.net for all the info you will need to be able to download and use these packs. As every pack is different, some may be complete, some may not be, read the threads on that site and you should be able to work out if its worth downloading or not.
  9. You cant replace the battery yourself because it has its own special connector coming off it. Its not like a mobile phone battery.
  10. Maybe because the games are rubbish? Of course they did this with the PS2 as well. Apparently many of the people buying the PS3 were Chinese, many old or homeless. Stories floating about are saying wealthy people paid for them to line up to pick up a couple of PS3's and then sell them to people desperate for them.
  11. I couldnt work out how to do the nail the trick thing. Is it a case of being gentle with the sticks? Making sure you move them back to neutral when his feet should hit the board again? What made it hard was being able to judge where in 3D space the board was compared to your feet.
  12. Look for torrents or check out the emutalk.net forums.
  13. Next they'll say to talk to someone you have to start a conversation, rather than the person just speaking as soon as you are close enough to them. Many signs in previous Zelda games have also had a bit of detail in them rather than being road signs.
  14. Wow, the animation is wonderful, Flash stuff always looks like flash stuff but that does not. That easily looks like a proper cartoon.
  15. More Diddy Kong Racing Hi Res on the left, original on the right. Gona let you post your own screens now. Check out this link for more. http://www.emutalk.net/high-resolution-tex...ml?daysprune=-1
  16. Diddy Kong Racing Obviously some look good, some look bad, especially when there are MANY and i mean many different Mario 64 retexturing projects going on for example. The better ones seem to be redoing the old textures rather than creating new designs.
  17. More of an excuse to post a load of screen shots of some hi res textures people have been making for N64 games. Some look wonderful, others less so. Mario 64 Banjo Kazooie Turok 2 And there is many more, suxh as Zelda using Wind Waker Textures.
  18. If you can, get the hi-res texture pack and play OoT on your Pc with it. Looks wonderful!
  19. The difference being i mentioned first party games, thats a huge problem if first party games, especially the likes of tekken cant sell in high numbers. At least Nintendos first party stuff does okay!
  20. The machine itself sells pretty well, but the software does not. Titles like Tekken and Loco Roco only sold 25,000 copies in their first month in America. Which is considered to be rather poor.
  21. The Panny Q worked in a similar way to the Wii, except it actually had a tray instead of what the Wii has. You still got the same message, the game could have been coded to say 'Ding dong dilly flaps' for all the GC cared for, all it knew was a sensor was detecting the disc lid/tray was open. You could still use a freeloader on a Panny Q. As Burai said, if they havent changed the bios or if there is a new version of the freeloader it would still work but as they did change the bios in later ones its a possiblity it might not work with the Wii.
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