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  1. Ive died a number of times, mostly when you do that force field thing at the very start of the game. Ive just done the first dungeon, i wish it was a remake of OoT's dungeon though as it was definatly the best. Still it was a nice and easy dungeon to get you started, the boss was a bit rubbish. So far it doesnt have the magic of OoT, its just the way the story is, it doesnt seem magical and like you are in a dream land forest. Its almost as if its real life with added monsters. Its hard to explain whats wrong, i guess its not dramatic enough such as when you see hyrul field or when a boss comes on screen.
  2. It stays on if i send an email to it. It doesnt even stay dim, it glows and fades constantly which causes the whole room to light up. Wish it was on during gameplay though, would match the Panasonic Q then.
  3. 360 Pads use a form of bluetooth, so pulling the battery out could help. And whilst you may not have things inside your house that could interfere, others next door might. Ive not had a single problem with mine. Only annoying part about the Wii is the blue light, even when set to dim it lights the room up at night as if its daylight, i can see myself turning it off sadly.
  4. 2watts or something stupidly low. Its less than leaving a VCR on standby thats for sure, or even your ps2.
  5. I feel like ive gone back in time, EB dont own game. You had GAME and EB. EB then bought GAME. EB then had to pay 10% of their profits plus more money to own the name EB (as it was bought from EB in the US to use in the UK for a number of years). EB then turned back into GAME to get around paying this. EB (US) cant open a store in the UK for another couple of years. If they do, it will be VERY confusing for shoppers.
  6. He decided to play it whilst on holiday in Jamaica. Now thats hardcore.
  7. Ive got a samsung LCD tv, which also has a curved surface, but the bar is so small its happy to sit on top before the curve without the aid of sticky tape.
  8. Manuals are for chumps...or bed time reading Yeah i got your mii earlier and a bunch of others, just the parade seemed a bit random as most the time no one is there.
  9. Can anyone explain how the mii channel and messaging system work please? For the messaging system, when you register a wii console, you cn add a mii, now is this to send your mii to someone or for you to add a picture of them next to their name? On Mii, how does the mii parade work? How do miis get there etc? And how do you get a mii from someone, do they have to send it to you?
  10. Really loving this right from the start. The first fishing area could have explained how to use the rod a bit better, but apart from that, the first twilight world area and being wolf link have been great. Plus talking to animals is fun!
  11. On launch night, they had EVERYTHING you could ever want. Except for only having FOUR component cables. Still the midnight launch there was a bit of a mess, they didnt have any contests as advertised, seeing mario talking on the screen behind the tills was a bit dull. The way it was organised with people starting to queue once they got inside, then being told they could look around the store, people grabbing stuff off the shelves, being told our pre order numbers would be called out, then a mad dash to line up for the tills. It was all a bit meh really.
  12. dont forget to get a save game (or at least the song files) from somewhere online so you can open up hidden songs on both discs.
  13. Heres my Wii code 5374 3658 7391 7568 Add me you fools!
  14. Is it just me, or does setting the console to 60hz result in a blurry screen when using the composite cables on an LCD tv? Having to set it to 50hz so its nice and non blurry till some component cables arrive.
  15. There is a bit of paper that says you'll need to go online to update the SD function, so it actually works. But it also mentions games (expected january 2007) will also feature this update.
  16. We had TONNES of fun with that last night, dont know why, maybe it was the music or how hectic it is but its great. The find your mii game is a bit crap though. Pong is actually alright too, there is some skill involved. I cant help feeling though this should have come preinstalled on the machine, its obviously a tutorial for the remote as it guides you through all its actions a lot better than wii sports. Still worth a fiver for a bit of multiplayer fun every so often.
  17. Ive found the boxing to be great fun, but you need to play it how you'd play a game like fight night. My gf was just thrashing her hands in the air like she was having a fit and not achieving anything, untill i showed her to do slow, controlled punches. Thats when she started to hit my character. Also had a cool glitch on the first game against the computer. He was against the ropes, i knocked him out and he span onto the ropes and then onto his head and spazzed out untill he was counted out. Golf is brilliant, as is bowling, tennis is fun and baseball didnt even get a look in.
  18. Select US and enter your details as normal. You can select UK and it tells you (read: me) that you are successful if you fill it all in.
  19. Its strange/annoying how some GS' are taking pre orders for games and gear, yet others are doing it first come, first served.
  20. TP is less 'fussy'. Icons are big and easy to select, theres no land issues as its all flat, rides join up perfectly. It just all works so well. Now i love the RCT games but ehy are a bit, i duno, stuttery for lack of a better word.
  21. What, like Theme Park World? No thank you!
  22. Tommo (rllmuk forumite) was playing it last night the git. I say we all linch him to tell us what he IS playing.
  23. Hopefully they'll add some missions to it or more shops and rides. Because as mentioned, once you had the perfect park, there was really nothing else to do. Hopefully they'll fix the AI and rides as well, it was most annoying have a rollercoaster just constantly out of action due to age.
  24. I was thinking back to when the GC first launched and one of the big deals they made about it was the fact Rogue Squadron had commentaries from the developers for every level. Something ive never seen since. It was quiet a nice extra, flying around the levels and having comments from the developers as you played. Assuming you played the game right you could even match up the commentary to how you was playing. Most were only 5 minutes long but were extreamly interesting. Why isnt there more of this? Is there more of this? And why are developers so afraid to show off previous versions of their games. I just watched an old killer 7 trailer which looked so different to what we actually got, it'd be nice to know more about the changes and see a bit more into the process of it all like what Sega did by showing us Saturn Shenmue.
  25. I said this many times in this thread probably, and its why i didnt use GAME this time after they screwed up the xbox 360 launch by sending me constant emails about how im gona get one for launch day, then maybe not, then i will, then i wont. All the whilst they send me more emails about how they are enjoying their xbox 360 and they are SO very sorry i havent got mine, but not to worry, i can pick from a super duper expensive bundel when it comes to reciving mine. Gamestation (hopefully) FTW!
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