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  1. Of course that is true, for fzerogx i was how ever thinking of the racer themes which are only in the character bio pages, the music is a lot different to the music that accompanies the tracks. Some other good tunes would be final fantasy stuff, of course thats available on CD already but marketed right i get the feeling a lot more people would have enjoyed it.
  2. As long as it has voice technology im there. Fellow Shenmue fans contastantly saying 'That day, when the snow turned to rain, there was a car, a black car.' 'Do you know where i can find a sailor? He has a beard...a leather jacket... andatattoo on his arm' and last of all 'LETS GET SWEATY!'
  3. Top ten singles chart that is. We've come a long way from the plinky plops of the 16 bit era and with developers now understanding music is a vital part of a game its getting better. Personally i think some of it could. Some of the dance/techno stuff in FzeroGX easily could get into the top ten stuff for dance/techno. Some of the Sonoic Adventure rock tunes could easily out do busted and mcfly, especially tails theme. but what do you think, could video game music be something we will hear in the charts in future or is it unadulterated crap compared to the likes of craig david and will young?
  4. I enjoyed what little i got to play of it, some very nice humour, cute graphics and battles which you get to interact a bit more in. I wouldnt class it as an rpg, more of an adventure like zelda.
  5. In Another shenmue 3 thread didnt everyone say how great an online version would be?
  6. If they did use the internet in Eastenders you do know it'd be for exciting chat rooms and meeting some pervert/gorgeous woman off it which will end in all sorts of capers that lasts for at least 3 months.
  7. Its Mario or yoshi for me, Yoshi for is dive bomb move and mario for his spin. Perfect moves to clear the area around you and have huge damage with little risk of falling off.
  8. To be fair, whats happening in that scene, one high poly character model, one high poly robot model, one medium background model. Lightling. Thats it, Take a game like Rogue leader on the GC, it can display a huge world, over 50 DETAILED people and still run all the other game stuff like sound, AI, explosions and so on. And thats on the GC, a machine not as powerful as the xbox. And Take halo for example, you can have ten plus marines next to you, plus a whole game world, plsu warthogs, plus enemies. The xbox does show graphics of that quality, just in different ways.
  9. It should be fine. The pics ive seen of halo 2 online show the lobby to look much like PGR2's.
  10. The controls are loverly once you know how to use them. Grabbing someone with Z you have two options, hit them or swing them. Its all about timing, pummelling them wont get you anywhere you have to use combos like punch and kicks before throwing something at them, picking it up, using it, then throwing them off the stage. And if you have a projectile weapon you can keep them off the stage.
  11. Rez is not about the graphics. Take them away and it would be fairly rubbish. But take away the music and it'd be fairly rubbish, or take away the whole feel and atmosphere and it'd be fairly rubbish. Its called immersion, gameplay does not make a game great, its the sum of all its parts that do.
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