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  1. That is lovely! But there are no doors for people to get inside Im really not to keen on the torso, it looks wrong, far too small and the way the cap at the front is drapped makes it look like its at the wrong angle. Face and everything else is lovely mind
  2. The first half is for the Psone, you can tell because the camera never moves smoothly.
  3. Thanks to Stokus for sending me that huge bear thing. Shame the garden is tiny and he has no where to live. But it increased my experience about 50 fold. Now im just having trouble juggling it all. Trying to get the birds to mate, as well as the worms, whilst all the while trying to keep resident, get new ones, earn money for houses and try to get their achievements so they can mate too.
  4. Happy Fun Time Garden Adventure Sweet Ultra Mix! (Viva Pinata)
  5. Wheres the TV show this is meant to be based on? Without that its lost one of its key reasons to exist.
  6. Dont forget, when they ask for your name, to do so in as dramatic a fashion as possible without actually telling them your name.
  7. If anyone wants to send me stuff (please do!) then my gamertag is in my sig.
  8. Im using the GAME cable and can notice the difference imediatly. Im guessing the official one is a bit better probably because it uses gold contacts (does it? i dont know) whilst the GAME one just uses silver. Still not got any problems with it at all.
  9. The DS in that picture is the old version...
  10. I hated the underground pikmin levels, which made up much of the game. I want lush vegitation and a real garden type feel to the game. Not boring brown dungeons with fire in them.
  11. I got this for xmas...im thinking only because the girlfriend wanted it for herself. Either way its good fun, its not kiddy at all although it does suffer from Burnout 3 'Heres a cutscene and reward for clicking a button' syndrome. But its all good. Although, having only played it for an hour im not really sure what the objective is exactly. Stuff like Sim City or the sims give you something to do but this all seems to be based on 'Get every animal possible.
  12. Of course the worst part about all of this is there are MANY MANY MANY games that were canned that people wont know about unless they worked for the developer or publisher at the time. And because all of them are under NDA's most people will never know about their fav franchises getting a possible update that was canned. For example a next gen version of Syndicate has been made a couple of times but always been canned. Its never been mentioned officially but a number of EA employees have mentioned its existance.
  13. That came out for the Xbox in Japan a few years back.
  14. Codemasters have gone way downhill in recent years. In the MD and PSone era, they created so many great, original games. But now, they seem to rely on a few key franchises and little else. Add into the fact they wont touch Nintendo consoles with even their scraps and well...
  15. Killer 7 also looks wicked in its pre release screens and movies. Check out IGN for the movies. You can see where many scenes have been changed but carried over to the final version but theres loads of levels and cutscenes that look fantastic but didnt make it into the game.
  16. Looks great. The GBA version has lovely graphics but the lack of multiplayer games halmed it. The GC version was halmed by its GBA style graphics and again lack of a proper multiplayer mode. But this seems great!
  17. Strange one this, but on the first disc of FF7, the early cutscenes show cloud and the other characters in their low poly form, whilst later cutscenes halfway through the disc show them in their battle (high) polygon forms. Whys that?
  18. A game i wished came out, and i bet Activision do too now, is Dead Rush. Basically take Dead Rising, ditch the mall, replace it with a city, add in some GTA car theft and you have dead rising. Announced at E3 2004 and canned months later. Was meant to be quite close to completion too.
  19. http://www.unseen64.tk/ This site, whilst basic and not in english has a load of information.
  20. Think of it this way. A disc is a bit of plastic with a load of code on it. Like any other game. Code cannot destroy a machine (well it can if it executes stuff to do that) so all it is, is a spinning bit of plastic. Just like any other game. You could have put in Halo 2 and it may have died. My machine worked fine one night, then the next was dead, i didnt blame the power button for it dying.
  21. It probably wasnt the disc, its most likely a coincidence.
  22. GAME in the Bullring at Birmingham have a load of GAMEWARE cables just opposite the counter. So you can only see them if you are going to buy stuff already. Well done GAME. When ever where else is sold out, you stick your cables where no one can find them.
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