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  1. Amiga-era Team17 always impressed with just very slick framerates and polished presentation. It set them apart on Amiga, but in terms of originality and fresh ideas they seemed fairly bankrupt. Mind you, there seemed to be a lot of knocking-off of Nintendo and Capcom faves at that time, it wasn't just Team17. Didn't they do a Strider-alike as well? What was that one?
  2. Looks too hard to see the monsters. What's with the tiny penlight torch? Who are these Marines who don't have access to a decent torch? I could go down to B&Q today and buy a much better torch and it isn't even the future yet. At least not here in Stockport.
  3. I second that. The ION is fantastic, I could never go back to the plastic tubs again.
  4. My mate worked on it. It's a steal for 59p and some of the minigames are ace. Highly recommended. All seems much easier on the Wii though - I can't even qualify for the bike halfpipe on the iPhone.
  5. The decision to bundle the content up the way it has been was only taken very late on, at which point it wasn't possible to add a new festival.
  6. Yeah, that's the good stuff. Was gonna post this one myself. When this is on loud and the crescendo in the music ties with the sunrise over the globe, it gives me goosebumps.
  7. We were talking about the PS3 and 360 versions here, guys with the 360 were saying without install the load times were up to a minute and slightly quicker (10-20s) on PS3 with the mandatory install. Of course install vs install seems to definitely look quicker on 360 from what you're saying. Also, 360 owners are saying the cutscenes (pre-rendered and in-engine) are unskippable - which is odd 'cos 'START' skips them on PS3.
  8. Anyone on horseback travelling faster than a slow trot is an ASSASSIN!
  9. I haven't touched this game since I got about 2h into Operation Anchorage, which was just about the most boring thing I've done with my freetime in ages. I could see that DLC sucking up my remaining level-ups and didn't want that because levelling up is what's supposed to keep me interested through the main game, but couldn't see a way to quit out of it and get back to the Wasteland. Is going back to a previous save the only way out of it? It's fucking dreadful.
  10. We're giving serious consideration to using this quote on all the marketing for these packs.
  11. Cool yer boosters fella, that was sarcasm right there, that was! Clearly it needed a smiley. I'm in exactly the same boat, PS3 version arrived today and I dunno whether to return it and import. What I don't understand is how on PS1 Sony were kings of the world with their impressive wallpaper textures on Resi 1, but now 2 generations later they're bottom of the pile in terms of rug textures. It's alright though, I imagine PS5 will do fucking brilliant stucco ceiling textures and the machine will win that generational war. Roll on 2015!
  12. It doesn't matter if the game's great if the rug is fucking blurry! You can have all the fun you want but you're always going to know someone else's rug is better than yours. For fucks sake, let's keep some perspective.
  13. Cheers Toxic, that's just what I wanted to hear
  14. Quick question - anyone ever cancelled their monthly subs and come back again? My mate and I have been PSUing on and off since launch but I'm totally burned out on it now, haven't wanted to play it in a couple of months. So the question is - if I cancel my £7 per month subs and then come back in 6 months, will my character and items all still be there? Phoned M$ on this, they said it would be fine, but wasn't 100% confident they understood what I was asking. I need a vacation from this but I do want to come back some day..... any input appreciated.
  15. Good job too, mate. I wouldn't have wandered into the Staff of Kings thread, but the words 'Fate of Atlantis' drew me in here like an aged, 2-frame animated moth to an SVGA flame. Also - Best ginger bird in a game EVER, yeah?
  16. I was wondering what the drums would look like. That fake Bass kicker is hilarious - it looks like paper on that shot, god knows what the real thing'll look like! I get to be all smug 'cos they're still not nearly as cool as my Ion set Ion Drum Rocker at DJKit Now I'm not one to come on here and brag (shit's sake, I haven't even cracked Hard on many drums tracks yet so skills-wise I'm not bragging at all!) but those drums are the best £225 I ever spent. Just beautiful. If you're expecting to still be playing Rock Band in 2 or 3 years time, it's well worth the investment. I got mine probably 6 months ago now and they're still getting used 3 nights a week at least.
  17. Even for elephants, showering in swamp water probably = daft idea.
  18. So Wii or iPhone then? Anyone want to spend my money for me?
  19. New footage has started popping up pre-E3; Kotaku Video There's some dumb detective work on display there, though. Blue paint and a tyre track in a junkyard = 'clearly the killers car has gone through here' (!) Followed by a villain who then says "Damn, you got me officer"(!??)) ... and the graphics don't seem to live up to the hype at all. And that clip seems entirely QTE based and rammed full of cliches.
  20. I'd be happy enough to just have the original TBH, as long as they don't take the piss with the pricing. Any HD remake would, of course, run the risk of 'spoiling' it, but I'm fairly sure the S in SVGA already stands for 'Spoiled' so it'll probably be a win as long as they don't rob the game of it's oodles and oodles of character.
  21. There's other stuff coming, as explained in all the announcements.
  22. Sorry, yes, it IS a mandatory download, but game updates always are I'm afraid. Re : Signature Liveries, there's some pages in the Garage GUI. Beyond that, you'll have to wait for the announcement Wednesday. It's pretty cool though.
  23. Guys, New game update has gone live across all territories, Game Update 2. Main new content are Microbadges (kind of like displayable in-game medals to complement trophies), and collection pages for something we'll be announcing on Wednesday called 'Signature Liveries'. Cheers
  24. Nobody ever exclaims what great graphics a CG movie has these days. We've passed the point where it matters to most people. It'll be the same with consoles. Nobody but us gamery-hobby types give a fuck about graphics anyway - most people are happy for their games to look as good as Peggle.
  25. A SQUEAKY PIG WITH MOTHERFUCKING WINGS WTF?! Bastard, it was going so well.
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