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  1. Loving it, borrowed it from work for a week and TBH 4 hours in I've stopped playing it cos I know I want to buy & keep this one. Also got Uncharted 2, same amount of time in that one, and while it's great, I prefer Brutal right now.
  2. I got to the end of this the other night (base campaign anyway). I had Broken Steel already installed so it doesn't 'finish', but the old game finishing vid still plays. F Me, if I'd just trogged through the main quest on this game and not invested another 50+ hours on sidequests and exploring, I'd be seriously pissed that it ended like that. What a whimper. I get why everyone was griping now, there's not much warning that the end is coming is there?!
  3. I waited for ages to download those 20 songs, because I didn't want them popping up in my Random setlists, but TBH once I downloaded them I was kicking myself. Some of them are really rather good. Still wanting an 'exclude' option for the ones that aren't of course (and there's plenty of RB1 and 2 tracks I'd exclude given a chance). What I really want is the ability to make notes (like a post-it) on each song, sort of like 'this was cool on drums' or 'The Missus liked this one' or 'Bob always beats me on this' (because that Bob's just a cunt sometimes). And favourites, too, I want to be able to star the ones I like best. And sort on most played. Fuckit, I want the full iTunes functionality, basically. Harmonix, make it so.
  4. Do the stories have to be so crap though? 'Popcorn' is such an overused excuse for 'we put all our effort into the FX and action scenes'. Getting a good storyline / script should be relatively easy, there's a million books out there on how to create an interesting and compelling narrative. I don't think they tried very hard with the stories in GOW1 or 2. Look at Metal Gear or the Starship Troopers movie. Both are just as big and bombastic as GOW but in both cases they're aiming quite a bit higher with what they've got to say. Other than the storyline GOW2 seems ok. Never really liked GOW1 much, it's just very repetitive, both in terms of visuals and gameplay.
  5. I thought that, but I'm planning on mainly playing online co-op so I figured that was just because I was playing local co-op. The 1st one had a more elevated camera (and yet still managed to be confusing at times).
  6. There'll be new characters with DLC again I'm sure.
  7. Free ODST premium dashboard theme HERE - Free ODST Premium Theme
  8. Well, at the end of the day, the worst that'll happen is you waste £30 and a few hours. We've all done worse I'm sure. You wannit, go for it.
  9. I'll help. It's just a game, and apparently a bit of a piss-poor one at that. And chances are it's a game you've played before, in a much better state, about 10 years ago. And it looked better then. And it had more of a game structure to it. And the second disc smelled like burning tyres if you scratch'n'sniffed it. Which was, y'know, hilarious and rubbish at the same time. You've moved on, the world's moved on, and the state of gaming has moved on. This is a sad, overdue relic of a bygone era and it won't add ANYTHING to your life. The time you spend playing it could be better spent doing just about anything else. Did that help?
  10. Those dual-camera rigs can detect just that. Natal will know where you're standing in relation to it's cameras - distance, angle, orientation etc. Now, whether it can track 4 people simultaneously - that may well be impossible for it.
  11. Parappa 3. And make it good like Parappa 1 and Um Jammer. Not rubbish like Parappa 2 or Major Minor. While we're at it - HD versions of Space Channel 5 1 & 2. I mean, they've both got Jacko in them FFS - Sega would rake it in. And it would mean I can finally pack away my PS2 (PS3 doesn't run Channel 5 part 2 properly in Emu mode, the timings are all wacky)!
  12. Rythm Heaven / Tengoku. Essential. But not as Essential as the GBA one, mind.
  13. Sadly, I think the Shenmue boat has well and truly left the dock. Shenmue III these days would require a re-issue of 1 & 2 first. Probably with added Waggle or a HD facelift. And then III would really hinge off the back of those doing well. Which of course, they wouldn't. It makes me sad.
  14. I'm interested in anyone's opinion as long as they write intelligently and honestly. The stuff I've read from him is more intelligent and honest than most professional 'opinions' on the net, and it'd be pretty dull if I agreed with everything he said. Personally I'm grateful to anyone who treats videogame journalism seriously. I didn't agree much with the opinions of Pauline Kael but I do believe the medium of cinema benefited from her contribution.
  15. It'll be Yoda Desktop adventures for the iPhone. And it'd be fucking brilliant.
  16. Operation Anchorage nearly made me never play Fallout again, I thought it was Dire (yep, capital D) and there was no fucking way out of it except to finish it. Luckily, it appears they only made half a DLC mode, and just when it gets 'interesting' (and I use the term extremely loosely) it all went tits up, a load of guys attacked me back in the 'real world' and wiped each other out. It was all very shit. So do I HAVE to get Broken Steel for the level cap increase? It's not in an update? Someone here has told me it's in an update, but he's the same idiot who said Operation Anchorage was 'alright' so I haven't got much faith in his word. I'm starting to believe he's getting a backhander from the Bethesda DLC team, TBH.
  17. Next month.... Hessian Wallpaper? It'd go nice with THAT RUG from Ghostbusters. But only on 360, natch.
  18. I just thought 'wonder if RAGE will be a CRASH SMASH'. To be fair, Oli would have done a much better job. And would have had the ghoul dude chained up and being tugged along by some bird in bra, pants and rainbow cape.
  19. I did some difficulty feedback on FURY a month or so ago. Is this the mode that has the bullet clip display down at the bottom RHS Of the screen? If so, you don't want to miss a single shot ideally, that clip display is a multiplier - you'll score much more if you selectively pick your targets. Watching the guys @ Liverpool play this, they'd harvest the new mines only (more score) and selectively only fire into thick throngs of them. I tried that, but I'd end up with mines clogging the track. Also, try and always hit the uber-mine in each lap. Hope this helps..?
  20. I wonder how many of the 12 games are just Marmite to certain people. I can't find anything bad to say about most of them TBH, but I've seen a few reports diss stuff like the swordfighting or the flight games. That flight game is the most enjoyable thing I've seen on Wii in a long time. If it was bigger it might just beat out Sky Oddyssey as my favourite flying experience. Edge dimissed it with a handful of other worthy events in a single off-hand comment. Anyone I've shown it to spends aaaaages on it and thinks it's ace. Seems to be splitting opinions a bit more than many games.
  21. That's a shocking accusation.
  22. Not been able to spend nearly as much time on this as I'd like yet, and TBH happy to leave it until I've got mates round as it's just superb multiplayer. HAVE been indulging in the Flying, only got 5 more (i)s to find. Loved seeing my face on the blimp. I would dearly love this to be the basis for Pilotwings. This is the happiest game experience I can remember. It's just stupid grinning ear-to-ear all the way through. So pleased with it. There doesn't seem a duffer in the bunch; cycling is my least favourite and that's ok, nothing wrong with it. Would be great if I could strap the nunchuk and wiimote to my feet. EDGE review is stupidly dismissive of some great events and full of playground-arguments. Sigh. Gone to the dogs, that rag. Their loss, of course, and the review just looks transparently amateur.
  23. It's my 40th in around 6 weeks, I'm seriously considering hiring out a pub with a stage, getting the lighting and decent audio hired in, and having a ROCK party to mark the occasion. maybe even rock-themed fancy dress. The logistics of it scare me a bit, as does the hammer that my RB kit will invariably receive. But it could be a night to remember.
  24. As good as I'm sure it'll be, it'll still be as good a month or two later. Fuckit, it'll be a better experience, because of the more agreeable price and the inevitable patch(es) which will be out by then. I'd really like to see this bite Activision in the arse. It won't, of course; they'll all get yachts out of it.
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