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  1. Games Industry working hours certainly do suck, and they'll have you believe that since it's an accepted 'working practice' there's nothing you can do about it. Bollocks to that. European Law supercedes UK law 10 times out of 10 and the sort of working hours we do are strictly forbidden under health and safety regs. Of course this is academic because if you insist on working-to-rule and only working that hours agreed by EC Law, they'll have you out in the next round of redundancies. You CAN prove you're right, but it'll cost you your job to prove your point. Sigh. I hope the current court cases about unpaid Games Industry overtime are successful. We may find a few companies going out of business if they cant rely on 3 months of free crunch from everyone, but it'll be the best thing in the long term.
  2. I sometimes wonder if people saw the same tired sub-1984, sub-THX1138, predictable, boring and joyless turd that I saw. The Gun-Fu stuff was ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. He would have been shot to pieces in the very first scene within moments. Not a good film IMHO, seen it all before so many many times. The Gun-fu stuff was the only new element and that was, as stated, just stupid and ridiculous. Admittedly the Gun-fu looked kinda cool, for about 2 seconds, but it should have been a single moment in another film, not repeated over and over without variation for 2 hours and made to be the raison d'etre for an entire movie. Ack.
  3. Right, that's it, I've been sitting on the fence about Transformers (the cartoons came out when I was a young teen trying to be cool, the 'dark years' when I sold my Star Wars figs and my 2000ad's - we've all been there) so the license isn't such an immediate draw for me, but the game has reviewed well and looks fun. But this amount of passion and well-reasoned argument has swayed me... I'm off to PRICE-TRACKER to find myself the cheapest copy I can...
  4. Interesting that SEGA dropped Warhammer Online but have continued to fund this one - they must have a fair degree of confidence in it, which should be a good sign at least. Forklift race then, anyone?
  5. Darn' Tootin' - I still play this regularly, still love it to death, still unlocking shtuff even to this day. Play regularly with a Pal of similar skill and we get better Vs games on this than any other fighting game; it's always all about strategy and tactics, -plus it's a real show-off's dream. We just LURVE to humiliate each other in all the little clever ways the game provides. Genius.
  6. ...but not good for the bus - I've tried many a time and those bumps in the road always make me muff my shots up....
  7. That's pretty much it. I've played the demo to death. It's a fun game, what's there at the moment, and one to watch.
  8. "He argues that Sony should share responsibility for allowing the game on its platform, which is played by children." Ace. Who was it who said the Law is an Ass?
  9. Yep, got MGS2 on PS2 (nice bonus 'making of' DVD and non-shitty-glitchy cutscenes) and MGS2 Substance on XBox (I love the VR training stuff and the extra missions more than the main game). Keep considering getting PS2 substance just to get the crappy skateboarding bit... and yet I can't justify buying Twin Snakes because I feel I've already got the game - lol! I need help.
  10. I'm a RL Game Designer, and I've had umpteen phone calls from confused friends and relatives in the last 2 days asking if I worked on this game! Sigh. Rockstar will indeed be rubbing their hands with glee - it's an 8 month old game thats now selling out everywhere. Even second hand copies are fetching £40 plus on Ebay today. From my point of view, while it's not the sort of game I'd want to play (and there's not many games I can say that about), everyone who cares one jot about censorship and freedom of speech must see that it's absolutely wrong for society to say we should be removing it from shop shelves. I saw a poll on Channel 5 news last night where 89% of voters said that 'violent videogames should be banned'! A prime example of people confusing the issues. If there was such a groundswell of opinion about this subject before now, you'd think we'd have seen some evidence of intelligent debate in the media about it. But nooooo.... I notice the daily mail forum that the other topic on this subject links to is down at the moment - my hope is that it's because right-thinking people all over the country have swamped the message boards with 'don't be so f**king ridiculous' messages, pointing out the damage that the paper(s) are doing with this topic and their treatment of it. I rather suspect if the forum comes back up there'll be nothing but agreement to their narrow-minded views. Sigh. In a way I'm kinda cross with Rockstar about this; I don't think they have the most responsible attitude as to the content of their games. Unfortunately, they back it up with some genius game design so it becomes kinda hard to criticise their morals without sounding like you're criticising their games. GTA III and VC are works of genius, and effectively sidestep the moral issues by leaving everything in the hands of the player. Kill a prostitute? Sure you can, but the game doesn't MAKE you do it. That moral decision is left in the hands of the player. But ever since I first read about Manhunt I kinda thought it sounded like it was toeing the wrong side of a very hazy line. A little bit too far? I think so, IMHO. I have a colleague who left Rockstar because of this very game, because he basically found it morally repugnant and didn't want to work on it. I wonder how much of MY opinion has been based on previous media treatment of the game; it made me never want to play it, so maybe how I see the game in my mind is much worse than how it actually is. The reason I'm angry with them, though, is that the knock-on effects of them not really giving a shit about the moral standpoint of their games (as long as they make money) makes us look like a pretty irresponsible industry. At the moment this game is the public face of gaming, and all that people across the country are seeing is that this IS a morally repugnant game and they're quite clearly being led to believe that all violent games (and how do you make THAT distinction?) are to the same extreme. Sigh. Money in the Bank for Rockstar, a possible kick in the bollocks for the rest of an already beleagured industry. And just when we were starting to be taken seriously as an artform after all these years....
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