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  1. Anyone heard what the Xmas DLC is this year? Got a Rock Band Xmas party to arrange and not a lot of Xmas songs....
  2. They should have just had the shot from the inside of those be-lettered Arkham gates, looking out at all of Gotham city as the new Asylum. And then called it 'mulysa mahkra'.
  3. I don't like the tower climbs where it sends you on a linear path around several sides, it's a ballache and it just serves to remind you're playing a game. I'm going to get up the tower anyway, making me follow a slow, clumsy path to do it just slows me down and then makes it all the more annoying when you get to the top and there's nothing there. I'd prefer to just be able to find the climbable side and head straight up it. Compare this to the 'climbing puzzles' in Crackdown - those never felt like a designer had laid a path up the side of the building, it was always more 'I wonder if I CAN climb that?'. Seems to me every single tower in AC2 has an elaborate snaking path to the top of it. Not a case of can I or can't I, just a case of finding the starting point and then going through the motions to do it.
  4. I have one of those. Best £250 I ever spent. I rarely play guitar now, I'm always the Drummer. I have an entirely different carpet, though.
  5. Agreed. After 6 months of heavy iTouch use, I've rediscovered my DS and PSP and genuinely wonder what I was thinking all this time. Let's be honest, you can spend £30 on WELL RATED iTouch games and still not get anything to touch one of the many classics on DS. My i-gaming seems to consist of downloading 4-star games, playing them once or twice, then moving onto the next one dissatisfied. McDonalds gaming at it's worst.
  6. Yes of course, but to be accurate Activision don't make hardware, Activision's QA wouldn't be responsible for checking the hardware coming off the production line. This is in direct response to a couple of people in our QA department here shouting 'What the fuck do they think QA are responsible for?!' when they read that - just clarifying mate. Really loving this, and the music isn't my cup of tea at all. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd get this level of enjoyment out of the game. I was expecting a Beatmania level of 'oh, there's a few tracks I don't mind so much' but I haven't played anything else since I got this on friday. Absolutely loving it.
  7. QA don't check finished hardware mate - I genuinely doubt anyone checks them churning off the production line. But QA's involvement with that title will have ended the moment it went Gold.
  8. I'm with ya. I've gone back to the 1st game and it's amazing how much better it is. Will be trading mine in ASAP I think.
  9. What's the Fallujah game? 8 Days in Fallujah was canned for those very reasons, wasn't it? There might be another game out there.
  10. Yeah, that one made me roll my eyes. Not doing themselves any favours there. Excellent PR standpoint....
  11. Nice one, ordered from MovieTyme too. Artbook and CD were in both the mid-price and expensive deluxe versions, both of which have sold out most places.
  12. Absolutely not, artistically they should keep pushing the envelope. But pushing it straight to that place demonstrates a lack of understanding of the social context they're delivering it in. The world isn't ready for this yet. Our industry, our hobby isn't ready for this. We haven't earned that degree of social responsibility yet as a medium. Even in some PC Indie game that the mainstream would probably never see, the world isn't ready for this. This is too big a step from what they did in COD4. Just because a couple of bits in that were thought provoking in a way that most FPSs don't ever try to be, doesn't automatically mean that for their next trick they can justify putting their enormous userbase in those shoes without pre-warning. Saying 'the following scene may cause some distress to viewers' doesn't give broadcasters license to show actual killing on screen in graphic detail, and I've never seen a precedent in cinema or TV where the protagonist has to kill a load of civilians 'for the greater good'. The day someone films a script like that, you'd hope the director it lands with is someone who can handle that maturely. You wouldn't give it to fucking McG, would you? (I'm not saying IW are the McG of gaming, but this is a high octane Hollywood blockbuster of a game. The series is more Die Hard than Schindlers List, and it's known and respected for that). IW get to be the 'brave auteurs' who put this out, push the envelope, and earn their footnote in history, while the rest of the industry, and gamers, are about to see a new age of all sorts of abhorrent fucking drivel because, best case scenario, IW made it 'acceptable' and pushed that artistic envelope. And suddenly anything goes in videogames, the floodgates will open (and if you think it's wrong or inappropriate you'll be a 'pussy' who 'doesn't get it', etc). Fucking Train Wreck.
  13. Just got to the end tower in Nepal. So far, it's been absolutely gobsmacking. I haven't seen it put a foot wrong, personally, apart from the opening chapters which were a bit generic. Wasn't a massive fan of the first game at all but Naughty Dog seem to have righted every wrong I could identify. Personally I think this deserves to go through the roof, sales-wise, this christmas. I'll certainly be recommending it to everyone.
  14. Exactly my thinking. A 2nd printing pre-xmas with the opening removed would make it THE sought-after game this year. (Except it probably already will be with or without that). Maybe it's only in the shitty-nightvision-goggles edition, to help boost sales there...?
  15. It looked to me like there was at least 1 trophy popup during the scene, couldn't tell what it was for though. 'A Zillion YouTube Hits of your leaked footage' probably.
  16. I have no doubt that it's brave, but just because they can show it (and they probably can handle it better / more sensitively than other devs could) still doesn't necessarily follow that's it a responsible thing to do, to my mind. This comment on Kotaku kind of encapsulates the sentiment - "It's one of the most realistic, best looking games ever, and you are a full blown murderer of innocent people, as they crawl away, pulling their dead loved ones. There actually are insane people out there, and they are going to play this shit over and over. For the overwhelming majority of humanity, it will be nothing more than a game. But for someone out there, this honestly will be a murderous fantasy/training ground. This is the first shooter I've ever said that about. Pretty different from GTA. Not to mention, this is first person. I agree with the below poster, probably the most disturbing scene in a video game ever." There are plenty of maladjusted personality types out there who would react badly to this, and is it going to fuel / feed their sickness? Is it going to make the media respect videogames more as being more mature for tackling such a situation in an interactive environment, or are we all going to be penalised if it backfires? It's a thin line between being artistically brave and being naive about your audience's capacity to react they way you want them to. Either way I don't think the stink from this is going to go away for a long time. How this unfolds is going to be interesting but I can't help but think we're seeing the start of a train wreck here.
  17. Elsewhere, it seems to be getting plenty of Love. Leigh Alexander seemed quite taken by it, against her expectations. Me, I can't see the occassion where 4 people want to sit and play a platformer together, especially if Rock Band is in the house. LBP tried it last year, never worked (although I'd expect this to be a much better platform game, naturally). It'll get played about as much as 4 player Crystal Chronicles and 4 player Four Swords did, then.
  18. YES! Loved playing through this last night, even though the majority of the numbers I'd never heard before. Yeah, Beatles noob. Got the Queen tracks too. A pretty great evening for Rockbanding, all said and done.
  19. Yeah there's a pedal splitter that was on the official site, but it didn't work with the Ion Rocker. Fucksake A mate here suggested you put the pedal between your knees and bang your thighs together. I do not think this will work. Except for the inevitable Busker Hero.
  20. in Nepal last night. We've all played similar bits in other games but that was just exemplary. Brilliantly done. I felt genuinely thrilled, and like I'd thought of it, when It made me feel like a ballsy motherfucker, and it felt so rewarding. Loved the Marco... Polo bit in the . Good god, this is fantastically compelling. Can't wait to see what comes next.
  21. I may have missed an earlier discussion here, disproving that this method is useful at anything above medium (I'm yet to move onto Hard) but I keep my foot down on the pedal all the time, and just lift and drop it again when I need to hit a note. Have you tried that? Seems to work great for me, and on my Ion Rocker I barely need to move my foot more than a micron to get the note. It's like tapping your toe inside your shoe without moving your shoe, if that makes sense - i.e. absolutely minimal movement. Apologies if this is a grandmother/eggs/sucking situation!
  22. Wait, it's not the full album? I hadn't heard that. I thought the only tracks missing were the ones already in the game?
  23. Did chapters 4,5,6 last night. Blue cave was great, Nepal streets were ace. Never before have I had a convincing gunfight from the top of a street sign. The hilarity of them throwing a grenade at me which bounced off the sign and landed at their own feet was appreciably great. I was underwhelmed with this after the opening chapter but it's definitely switched up a gear and got it's game face on now. Great stuff. Still not a 10/10 for me though, that's just too gushing. I mean, it's no Mario Galaxy, y'know? But it's great-great, for sure.
  24. I'm all angelic in terms of my good/evilness, but I'm like a good bastard. They bring me shit, but I always imagine my character sneering down her nose. "You've brought me dirty water after I saved your whole fucking town? Fuck you". I mean, I try and teleport out of Megaton as soon as I step out of my house before they can get to me. Fucking scum. Those 5 seconds they detain me, that becomes an annoyance. And the time it takes to drop the dirty water right in front of them, pick it up and position it (with the other 20 bottles) on that little picnic table outside my house, that's serious gaming time I'm missing out on. And they never pick up on the subtle hint. If Bethesda do another patch, I'd rather the townsfolk just cheered me when I appear, like Norm in Cheers.
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