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  1. Yeah but by halfway through Normal I could no longer see anything because I was basically playing multitouch twister with the pieces, totally obscuring every puzzle. The game then becomes one of 'how can I do this AND STILL SEE THE SCREEN'? Really enjoyed it until that point....
  2. Did both the 2-1 Geckos last night after doing in the Armoured Spider last time. Brought out my Bow and Thief Ring and they were a doddle; case of don't believe the hype on the Demons Souls wiki, which made them sound more difficult than they were (recommending weapons I've never seen yet and zig-zagging approaches etc). For an encore I went on to clear the 1-2 battlements of items without killing the dragon. One day, when I've got nothing more interesting to do, I'll kill the thing, but it's a dull and repetitive task isn't it? What's the quickest way to kill it? Can't be doing with standing there locking on and sliverring off less than 1% on every flyby with my bow or Soul Arrow.
  3. I absolutely loved it, with a couple of caveats; spoiler-marked for those who haven't finished it yet, so no peeking - 1) Didn't feel any chemistry between 2) The bit seemed a big wild goose chase. Shame, as I loved the design of the whole sequence, great to play, but felt completely hollow in a narrative sense. 3) The Jungle bit near the start was underwhelming, to my mind the game is in UC1 mode there until . From that point on it hardly puts a foot wrong though! So what's the co-op bit like? Is it extensive or just one mission?
  4. Missed your reply, nice one, will give it a go.
  5. Ok, that's a bit of a relief, many thanks. Although that 2-1 one is the one I haven't ever seen, must have triggered him and he f***ked off before I knew he was there. Did the Armour Spider last night so next time I'm there Crystal Gecko should be back there. So in readiness for that, what should I be using? Soul Arrow doesn't seem to be good against them - is it an elemental resistance? Am I better off with short bow / compound bow? Just don't want to waste my next chance trying it out. I think I'm currently SL22 or something like that, not far in......
  6. JedEvangelion


    Best back-handed compliment I've heard in weeks! No - isn't this like saying someone without stereoscopic vision can interpret depth data just as well as someone with true binocular vision? Sure, lose an eye, you'll learn to cope and may not really miss the added assistance to depth perception after a while, but it doesn't mean it's just as good or better. Doesn't NEED to be augmented, as you say, but it definitely benefits from it. I've played lots of 3D games and I have no doubts personally that it enhances the experience. The main issues are cost of the equipment, whether it's sustainable for long periods without headaches, and whether people want to wear silly specs when gaming.
  7. I might be confused, but it feels to me at the moment that these are actually getting in the way of me playing through the game. I've chased 2 now, they've fucked off, and then the one near the end of 2-1 I've never seen despite approaching the area from both ends. I feel like if I ignore them I'm going to regret it later when they won't respawn, but is trying and failing even worse? I warped straight out of 2-2 last night because there was one there, and 2-1 is the same (one down the side past the merchant). Saw one there once, never again. When you say about 'lives' how does that work? Each one will only appear so many times? If I've done 2-1 a few times am I f**ked already? Surely I can't redo a boss now until NG+? Love this game but the Crystal Geckos are starting to concern me now. Damn things seem to be made of unobtanium.
  8. Got it for my mate for Xmas after loving it myself, and I swear he goes out of his way to NOT enjoy anything I buy for him. He's all "It's ok, it's nothing special though, very average". He's now knocked it on the head to chase achievements on Gears of War 2.
  9. I only popped in this thread to see if anyone else is loving that game. Haven't bothered much with Supernova 'cos Gravity mode has completely got it's hooks in me. Amazingly elegant, love it. Amazing score mate, well done!
  10. On my mate's 360 this has appeared as a fullsize 'square' billboard option under music marketplace once he installed it. When I installed it it didn't, I have to go poking about in my Games Library (and all the delays that involves!) to find it. TBH, it's as quick to just boot the game up. Anybody else get it as a dash option (a la Facebook) when they installed it? Anyone know what I did wrong?
  11. Happens a lot if you're using skins on them - the middle stays stuck down but the ridge around the edge of the drum lifts up the skin too high off the surface. When I used skins I used to reapply them every couple of weeks to make sure they were sticking well, otherwise you get non-hits or 'delayed' late hits anywhere except the centre. If you're not using skins - dunno - it's movement on the entire drum pad (I think) that gets registered, it's not localised to one particular spot. AFAIK.
  12. I've got 3 cymbals on the Ion. Songs I know well I tend to use the cymbals where you can hear it's a cymbal rather than a tom that the original drummer plays. All helps with the immersion. Songs I know less well I tend to use cymbals & footpedal together whenever one of those comes up (eg Yellow / Blue / Green with an Orange Bar @ same time). Worked a treat as training and now I can pretty much use the cymbals interchangeably with the toms whenever.
  13. What are you hitting them with? Lumphammers? Blimey. Never heard of anything like that. By the 3rd set packing up you surely got your money back and went to a different shop (assuming it's a bad batch)? I'm half tempted to send you mine that my toddler's been playing on for 6 months (not without breaks, obviously ) and still work perfectly. Same set that saw me through 12 months of regular, 4-times-a-week heavy use. But then I'd have a screaming toddler, and, y'know, there's no patch or replacement scheme for that!
  14. January (Sales!!) £15 Punchout (Wii) £30 Gretsch Duo Guitar Controller £15 2x USB LIPS Mics YTD Total £60
  15. I know loads of people with RB1 drums who play every week and still have no issues with their drums 18 months on (or however long it's been now) so I think the build quality's fine as long as you don't get a faulty one (which I've never heard of apart from the odd isolated one here or on the RB forums). Get a replacement, chances are it'll be fine and will serve you well and last a long time. And if it does ever knacker, a new set is sub £30 usually. Of course, if it really gets under your skin, you'll be selling your friends and family to buy an Ion Drum Rocker anyway.
  16. My expression was just like this: "That was random" Is she the one that gives you all the Brushwood armour? I ran out onto the beams to avoid her, didn't see what happened to her, and found all that armour at the bottom of the hole after accidentally falling down there. I wondered where she'd gone, didn't think she dissapeared for White tendency. Finding that armour has made the game much easier, although I feel foolish every time I forget and try and roll now!
  17. Only just heading off to the third temple so it's fairly early days for me, but at this point in PH I'd already given up after being asked to do the main Dungeon AGAIN for like the 3rd or 4th time. That was the worst idea in the history of the series IMO, I've never spoken with anyone who liked that. Enjoying Spirit Tracks so far but, like I say, it's still early so I'm still honeymooning.
  18. I bought from Movietyme, but took them AGES to deliver it ( a couple of lost-in-the-posts and a prolonged investigative period each time). Someone was saying you can get it from Australia these days so EZYDVD or CDWOW might be worth a look?
  19. A few days in and I'm absolutely loving this. Haven't done Phalanx yet but nearly there. The main opponent so far seems to be that this game eats time! Start playing at 10pm and before I know it it's gone 2am and I'm still playing...
  20. The previews sound better than I hoped. Actually starting to look forward to this now. Saw one of our testers playing this downstairs last night as I walked past their windows but he was just on the menu screens. So I can reliably report... nice raindrop effects on the menu screens.
  21. Is it EA or Activision you work for?
  22. STILL waiting on Movietyme for my copy of this. I ordered the fucking thing in August (AUGUST!!), sent them my 5th chaser email last night and Lo and Behold 2 minutes after a standard reply of 'still awaiting stocks, could be weeks more' I've had a dispatch confirmation. 9-11 days. I'd be excited but they've said that twice before. Potential Movietyme buyers be aware. Missing package x2, and they won't give me a refund so I can buy it from somewhere else, kept me waiting for restocks for months.
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