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  1. Just got in - took about 45 mins but I'm in now. How do you run? Slowest predator ever, can't get near anyone even cloaked.
  2. Been trying for about 25 mins, could be my work connection but doubtful because I have no problem playing Demon's Souls online from here. Massive crowd gathered when we booted it up but everyone long since wandered away. Never had more than just me and one more guy in a lobby. Been in and out about 5 times, takes ages to find a game then I'm the only one in the lobby (huh?!) Something's clearly fucked with this.
  3. So the Who stuff is tied into their Superbowl XLIV performance? Awesome. Can't wait! Check it here if you aren't familiar -
  4. You can replace that Rapier really quickly - there's a scimitar in 1-1 that's easy enough to get. And TBH with Soul Arrow you don't need a decent sword for aages anyway. I'm thinking Royal must work out shitter at the higher levels, because those Soul Arrows see you through 1-1, 1-2, 2-1 without any risk to life or limb. None of the other characters seem to start with anything like as powerful an attack. I've tried the first 5 hours of about 5 different classes and Royal is definitely the easiest starting option I tried.
  5. That score could be randomly +2 or -2 if Ellie Gibson reviews it.
  6. The highlights of RB games to me as a single player are the bits where the player gets some degree of creative input to the sound that's coming out - whammy bar and (especially) the FX switch on Guitar, drum fills on drums, freestyle bits and echo FX on vocals, and Star power in all cases. Without those it really does feel like just a simon-says pattern matcher. Couldn't imagine using a non-RB guitar without the FX switch - changing that up during a solo and suddenly making the solo a bespoke performance is the most fun and satisfying part of the game for me. When you pick a great FX that just works amazingly with the song but isn't like the version you've got on your iTunes, makes me grin from ear to ear. This is exactly why DJ Hero felt like somewhat of a lesser game to me - just very little opportunity to put your own spin on the music coming out of the speakers.
  7. I'm tempted, I really am, but ME1 didn't wait 30 mins before throwing me into a huge Hub room with loads of people standing about with side quests for me. Felt too much like KOTOR at that point, and KOTOR was one of the worst offenders of this sort of thing to me; Landing back in Mos Eisley 30 hours later and finding the same peeps standing in the same spots spouting the same nonsense when I talked to them... it's just one of those things I can't bear, it completely takes me out of the fiction. I want a world like GTA, full of people who have nothing to do with me or the story, just getting on with their lives. I don't understand how GTA has had this for years and years and yet very few RPGs even make the attempt. I asked a few people here playing ME2 if it has the same stuff - is there a Carth Onassi or whoever always standing by the same table in the spaceship just waiting for you to ask so he can launch into the next chapter of his back story - and people have told me it is still a bit like that, yeah, 'but they stand in good, relevant places where you'd expect to find them'. I soooooo fancy trying ME2 but I know if I come up against this sort of thing I won't be able to see it through. I need the immersion to be greater if I'm going to dedicate months of gaming time to it (if that makes sense?)
  8. That's awesome and insane in equal measures! B)
  9. So is that an electronic kit with a GH kit attached? And an extra GH kit over to the side?
  10. Do you play from there? How can you see the TV? My old eyes wouldn't be able to see that far!
  11. I always love the idea of RPGs but I hate most of the ones I've ever played. The bits that really annoy me are the bits that no developer seems to have ever bothered developing further. Guys standing about repeating the same line of dialogue over 80 hours of gameplay, or the fact that every fucking person has a sidequest, stands there waiting for you and only you as nobody but you ever bothers to offer to do their stupid fetch quests for them. "I need 20 berries from the forest" - good job you came along or they'd what? Starve to fucking death? Just once I'd like to see a person actually undertaking a sidequest themselves and you chatting to them and saying 'oh don't worry, I'll get those for you. I gotta go in the forest to kill 20 rats for this other guy anyway". RPG Devs - stop fannying about trying to improve your combat systems and your inventory systems and your crafting systems and blah blah whatever - concentrate on fixing all the things that stops anybody who has spent time in the real world from believing in your fictional one. The real world doesn't exist purely for my benefit, and I'm not the only person who can help everyone else. You make me 'the one', it's not wish fulfillment, it's just a convenient way to only make a facade of a world. The whole point is to feel like I'm living in this world, surely? Try harder. Oblivion and Fallout 3 aside, anyone think of any current RPGs that have made attempts at advances in this area?
  12. I second that! Love my ION.
  13. Enjoyed playing Godzilla again, first time since GH1. And I think it was probably only on Medium back then, I hadn't graduated to Hard. Top song. But yeah, it's been weeks since I saw DLC I was genuinely gagging for. I take it this new Who pack then is what this turned into - WHO ROCK BAND COMING SOON - Rolling Stone I thought the idea of a WHO-only RB was cool, but lets be honest, the majority of their well-known stuff is already on there. F me, I wish they'd just get the whole Axl /Slash thing resolved and bring us classic G'n'R. I've fallen in love with 'Catcher in the Rye' while I've been waiting, but it ain't a substitute for the classic stuff. THATS the DLC Bomb I'm waiting for.
  14. HEEEEE! Shit day so I finally played Steely Dan 'My Old School' which I downloaded yonks ago and never got to. It's got an amazing twiddly bit on the end of that epic guitar solo towards the end where they go all up and down the fretboard that made me go all giggly. Top fun.
  15. Just started a new account this lunchtime on my work PS3. Went Knight and I'm already feeling rather more badass than as a Royal (y'know, without being able to rely on recharging Soul Arrow for everything).
  16. Probably means just the controls in general. They feel very woollen, no pun intended, in LBP. I mean, compare it to a Mario game and the platforming action and control felt very inferior (to me). Maybe 'loose' is a more accurate description than 'floaty'.
  17. The cutscene when you first become a Wolf - I fell asleep in that cutscene on 3 successive occassions, woke up each time and I was standing there as a Wolf with that little shadow bloke on my back. Absolutely no clue what was going on. Haven't got round to finishing it yet but that's usually the case with a Zelda; from Majora's onwards I've only put each game to bed in anticipation of the imminent arrival of the next one. When there's only a few weeks until the NEW Zelda comes out, I'll be all over Twilight Princess.
  18. I was trying to get into 1st person mode last night - how do you do it? Thought it was L3 with bow equipped but didn't seem to be doing it?
  19. What about people who want to sing but aren't allowed because they sound fucking dreadful and have the tonal range of a car alarm? Stops being fun when you get less than 50% on Easy, y'know......
  20. Better start upgrading one of my Bows I guess. Can't believe they've given you safe places to snipe it from but given it loads of HP. That makes a challenge into a chore, kinda seems at odds with the rest of the game. What does it drop?
  21. Straight Crossbow mate, unenhanced. I'm a Royal. I guess whether the bolts are inferior to Soul Arrow or Fire Toss is surely dependant on the elemental stats of the creatures? From what I've seen (my very limited experience) Soul Arrow didn't seem to do anything much against the Geckos and I worried Fire Toss might be too short range. At least with bows they don't dissipate after 30 yards like the spells do. 4 shots from the crossbow did for 'em in both cases. I was amazed it wasn't more difficult than that TBH! B) It's a shame you're on Asian and I'm on US mate otherwise we could get it on multiplayer stylee. I know Craig's on US but I think Mike H is playing the Asian version too - drop him a line.
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