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  1. You need to try some better board games mate!
  2. Yeah, this happens, but it's a minor annoyance. Just remember to always check your character whenever you change instruments. It only takes half a mo thanks to the overshell. Right on 8) Got to say, I was expecting the RB3 version to basically contain Keys AND pro Guitar, or at least an upgrade option for both if you already own the prev version. Still, I'm waiting for the Squier so it's not really an issue for me yet. I get the impression Pro Guitar is going to be a 'pick a few songs and learn them' thing for me anyhoo so I'll pick what I want when the time comes.
  3. Loved it. Saying it's a bit like EDTSD is a fairly redundant argument, every game is a bit like something else. Don't damn it for taking that idea and stepping a different way with it. It's a free 5 minute novelty that made me think about it for much longer than the time I spent playing it. Sounds like a decent result to me, I'd be very proud if it were my creation. Good stuff.
  4. Agreed, and the click... real guitars don't click when you strum them, this makes the RB guitars much easier for me to 'lose myself' in the fantasy. And most importantly, the thing I wouldn't want to play without - the FX switch. It gives you the power to put your own spin on guitar solos - Bohemian Rhapsody sounds great on normal, awesome on 'Chorus', and absolutely splendidly ridiculous on 'WahWah'.
  5. 'Revealed' doesn't mean 'Answered'. More shenanigins.
  6. So, regardless of all this, the real acid test is this - 6 months from now, a new show is announced from Cuse & Lindelof, 'From the Makers of Lost' and it's another mystery show in the same vein. Hypothetically, it's contracted up front for 6 seasons. Who'd be up for it? Who'd rather avoid the whole thing in light of how LOST played out?
  7. Cuse and Lindellof are banking on the internet arguing the toss over this for the next 6 months while they escape to the REAL island they've just bought with their bonuses. Great show, masterfully done for 6 seasons, bravo for convincing me it was all going somewhere... but now I don't even want to thrash it out. It's pointless. It was all, ultimately, great moments amounting to nothing. There was never a grand plan, just more and more elaborate confusions layered upon unanswered questions. Shenanigins.
  8. Not sure, never tried it, but I'd think that's a TRC requirement these days?
  9. I read a plot summary beforehand. No confusion over the plot. Confusion was purely progress-based and caused by not knowing about the relay to launch into a 'wider' galaxy, and not spotting two, in hindsight, 'obvious' menus. I sure was. Didn't mean it to come across as crying - thought it was interesting from a usability point of view, and fairly hilarious all round in a ' ' kind of way.
  10. Started this last week. Haven't had a good time with it until I chatted with a few mates who had played the first one. One thing this game does a really bad job of is explaining itself to players who haven't played ME1. I wasn't going to touch this but loads of people banged on about how great it was etc, and said it was very approachable for anyone new to the story, so eventually I caved when I saw it for £25. OK, 12 hours in and it had never told me about using the mass relay, never told me about the datalogs and the mission reminder thing on the pause screen. Of course, I'd been on the pause screen a bunch of times, but those options were greyed out (so I thought - they were subtly pulsing with white light it turns out, but I didn't see it that way) and I thought from the wording (I forget the names) they were something to do with the cerberus (EA) network. Just never paid them any mind, expected the game would eventually educate me about them, and try and sell me something. So I journeyed around everywhere I could go from the starting location without zooming out to the milky way map. I scanned every planet, I went to the crash site of the ME1 ship, I literally exhausted every gameplay avenue I could. Now then, had I gone back and tried both relay things (the red collector one and the blue one) I might have stumbled on the wider game, but I didn't. I thought I'd tried them both but maybe I tried the red one, was told I couldn't use it yet, and never thought about them again. Sooner or later, was my thinking, the game would send me there as part of the plot and I'd be able to use them. So yeah, because of all this it seemed like the thinnest of games (no backstory, no datalogs, very little exposition) and very combat heavy. I still don't like how it's been streamlined so much, they seem to have taken the RPG soul of it for me. I like XP, levelling up skill choices, inventory management etc. Having it all done for me isn't to my taste, at least so far. Liked the conversation trees but nowhere does it explain 'upper' part of the circle = 'nice' answers, lower part = 'naughty' answers, middle = 'neutral' answers. So I was getting nice and naughty points for what often seemed arbitrary reasons - what Shepherd verballyu says matches those polarities, sure, but when I was making the choice it wasn't always obvious from the language on the choice wheel that this wasn't a virtuous response or whatever. So I wasn't having a very satisfying time of it there either. I had a lot of incredulous looks from colleagues saying all this, but every one of them has played ME1 and so much of this stuff seems to have been explained in that game but not in this one. Seems odd seeing as the first couple of hours tried so hard to include new players. This stuff to them was 'obvious', but not to someone coming to the series cold. I'm sure accusations of being stupid will be levelled at me here as well but - hey - I'm a professional, experienced game designer myself, I'm fairly smart, been playing games for over 30 years, and I definitely have a good understanding of game language, conventions, usability traditions etc. I'm sure had I drilled into the menus more, or got off my arse to look at the manual or a FAQ I'd have worked it out, but here's the truth; I don't look at manuals or FAQs for the most part. I don't remember the last game where I read the manual before playing, and I don't ever resort to a FAQ unless I'm TOTALLY stuck. I expect the game to help when it can see I'm not making headway. This game doesn't. So much so, I didn't even realise I wasn't making headway, until there was literally nothing left for me to do. The game worked out I'm new to it at the start, but that handholding only seemed to extend so far, which is dissapointing. A sequel that doesn't welcome new players seems like odd business reasoning, unless Bioware are expecting all players will love to play ME1 first. For me, KOTOR1 took me 90+ hours, so another Bioware game is a once-every-few-years gameplay indulgence; I don't have time to play ME1 first just to get up to speed for ME2. Must be a tricky proposition for the designers who are so heavily invested in their universe and storyline but me? I'm just looking for a slick & fun RPG. I tried ME1, didn't like it enough to continue past the first few hours. Never grabbed me. The menu greyed out thing probably wouldn't have been a problem had it not been on the same menu as save, options, controls, main menu etc. It's quite unusual for a menu to mix gameplay and housekeeping elements on the same menu; normally the accepted convention is that you seperate them, keeping the game world stuff seperate from the system / preferences stuff. I'd seen the team menu on there, that should have been a clue but it wasn't, because so far the game throws me on that team screen before every new mission anyway. I remember thinking at one point 'what an odd place to repeat that menu' but didn't think it through beyond that. So, yeah, better after last night, enjoying it more, RPG elements still too streamlined IMHO but at least all that background info is in there that I thought was missing and I don't have to make notes about where to go for missions, as I was doing before all the threads dried up!
  11. I've seen an answer about this somewhere before. It's just a bandwidth issue. Quitting to the menu and back in will sort it. Happened to me a few times, always easily sorted. Pain in the arse though....
  12. A game I worked on, Battlestar Galactica (Xbox/PS2) had a cutscene with hundreds of cylon raiders advancing towards the camera. The actual ship formations, viewed top-down in the editor, said 'FUCK U UV' referring to Universal Vivendi, the publishers on that sorrowfully misdirected and mis-marketed title. B) Not a secret level as such, but same ballpark.
  13. Loved the Setzer, and was excited to see it's added a 'Jazz' category while Otis appears under 'Other'. I'm hoping this means more Jazz tracks to come - a dream of mine for a long time, I'm a big-time Jazz fan. Otis tracks were cool enough, but with the impossible vocals and not a lot else they're an odd choice, felt more like they should have been in Singstar. Still, good additions to my library (which I counted last night and is now at 377 tracks - FFS!!! ) and I'll enjoy them for the occasional play. One thing I have come to realise - my Rock Band fantasies aren't about me pretending I'm in front of a huge crowd playing guitar or Bass or drums or whatever.... it's me pretending I'm in front of a huge crowd wowing them playing Rock Band. That's given me a lot to think about, that has.
  14. Interesting this. I've dipped occasionally into the Wiki but I prefer to try and figure the game systems out for myself. I know Alan's the same way - it must be a designer pride thing. Not sure how using a Wiki/FAQ sits against asking advice on a forum though....! Asking and discussing with mates has always been a 'legitimate' practice in my gaming I guess. This and Persona 4 are probably the most Wiki/FAQ reliant games that I've played. I'm from a school of thought that all games should ideally be self-teaching and self-contained in their help systems, but these days everything's about monetising this and saving money on that, so it's no surprise that more complex games are just accepting that they don't need to bend over backwards to teach players their intricacies as said players will buy a guide or use a FAQ/Wiki. My progress through DS would probably go quicker if I absorbed more of the Wiki but it doesn't half feel like cheating when I do it.....
  15. No, I'm on the US server, there was a White tendency over Xmas so I did it then. It HAS been open a couple times since then for me, so it might have been a personal tendency, but like so many others I can't make head nor tail of that world tendency screen. Dunno mate, could be other things affecting it? Are you wearing the black leather Assassin armour already? Or using that Hide spell? It might add nothing to those. Otherwise, I think anything that shows up as a buff icon under your stamina bar acts in the opposite direction and makes you less stealthy - I heard the Kris Blade did this, and it seems to a little - try getting within lockon range of a mob member and, with ring equipped, equip and unequip your Kris in your left hand. At the right range it definitely pulls a dude towards you as soon as you equip the Kris blade. Hardly an empirical test, I know, but I keep it in mind now if I'm stealthing, tend to keep my Kris unequipped until I start a-casting my spells.
  16. Sure thing - from the level design there was no more likely spot than that, so in a way that's good design. But I agree with Alan too - the rest of the wall is the same height and yet that's the only spot that works like that. Inconsistency like that IS a design sin. Let's face it, it's a flippin' small wall, no reason any of those walls shouldn't work that way, anywhere in the level. Small walls that a 4 year old could climb but videogame characters can't are one of the worst 'deadly sins' in Game Design. You still see it in games all over the place. As far as I know that's the only place (so far) that I've come across like that in D'sS - I take it there's others then?
  17. Agreed. Luckily someone had left a message at the spot but TBH from the layout of the level that IS the best bet for getting on that platform. But yeah, seems very inconsistent, that little wall vault-over. Down the LHS of 1-1 lies Executioner Miralda. Good luck with that. Amazingly, below her in that tower is a full set of brushwood armour which has made my early game much easier. Getting it was a total fluke however, Miralda swung at me as I entered, and I just rolled forward and landed on the beams and had 3 very lucky accidental falls onto lower beams. Wouldn't want to try and repeat it! One of the reasons I love this game - my mate was watching me play, it was a proper 'holy fuck!' moment!
  18. JedEvangelion


    TBH any driving game with weapons is going to fail to ignite my interest. Doesn't work for me, never has. Wipeout, Twisted Metal, Carmageddon, etc. Thought the combat in all of them was a bad idea that's at odds with the racing. This just looks like WipEout in street cars. That appears to be it's only 'new' twist in a tired genre. I am, however, reserving judgement until the finished article. Ain't looking promising to me, though.
  19. Yes! Just like that, but also Rockband-style multiplayer so me and my mates can start a proper Bustin' business; design our characters, home base, etc. I'd want to play the whole game like that. And with less fiddly controls.
  20. If you press 'Square' on the item screen it'll tell you what stats you need to use each weapon. IIRC the Purple Flame shield needs a strength of 22. You can level up by spending your souls with the black maiden back in the Hub. (Of course, it 'tells' you using squiggly icons for strength, dex etc which bear no relation to the stat itself, so prepare for some anger and confusion there! )
  21. Ok, apologies then, I must have missed it. I was sat working next to it, given up on it, someone else shouted 'its loaded' and I was finally in.
  22. Dude, you shouldn't have to - this is 2010 now, user-friendliness should be a given! All that time waiting to matchmake would have been an ideal time for me to be brushing up on the controls, never mind going into option menus mid-game once I finally get in!!
  23. Doh, one game and now I'm back out in matchmaking again. Why not just put me in the next match with the same people? Grrrrrrrr! I'll put the kettle on then I guess. Seemed good, do agree it's a daft idea to be working out the controls and what have you in the middle of a deathmatch. Especially in a game with 3 different, complex and non-standard control schemes. Fuckit, Done with the demo, can't be doing with the wait again. I'll probably pick it up though, barring overly negative reviews (and depending on how the online functions - this is not a good advert for the multiplayer - must be frustrating for you Linkster!). Always one of my favourite multiplayer shooters so it pretty much gets a free pass from me anyway. But like I say, seemed good.
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