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  1. Blimey, thats impressive. I'd all but given up on Shop-To as I've had awful experiences in the past with their after-sales support, but that sounds much more like it. What was the fault with the Mustang? One of the many many many fret buttons? I held off and decided to wait for the Squier instead because I figured (knowing my luck) there was a high chance I'd get at least one faulty button on there!
  2. Brian Ashcraft has permanently given up on the 3D after just a week - Why I stopped playing the 3DS in 3D "...six days in, and I've already ditched the 3D. I loathe it, and it's a feature I can do without."
  3. Good news re:continued viability of the Rock Band platform, from Alex Rigopulos. "The Squier, is shipping next week. And we have long term plans to support the platform indefinitely. We have some really compelling content to come and we want to nurture the Pro functionality."
  4. Ah-haaaah! Need to keep it near where I'm playing then, rather than hidden away on the floor in a corner somewhere - OK. Cheers!
  5. MIDI Pro for 360 is finally back in stock at Gamesharkstore Ordered, on it's way. Anyone got a non-RB3 keyboard MIDI'd up and working with the game yet - is it straightforward? Also, how do you control the menus etc - I'm guessing I just use a pad, much the same as when using a mic?
  6. Squier review @ PremierGuitar.com PremierGuitar Squier Linketty-link Preorders now being taken @ Thomann (Germany) €229 Squier Preorder (£193) plus Shipping Thomann Page in English One of the respondents in the thread suggests he's just going to preorder one from his local Fender dealership. What a good idea, no idea why I haven't investigated this avenue yet. Will check if there's one anywhere around Manchester, then... (Later that same post....) GB Fender dealer Finder
  7. I distinctly remember a hellish christmas 2005 waiting for one of the 3 X360s I had on back order to arrive. I'd been trying to secure one for launch day, they were all sold out everywhere, and it was like Jan 5th or something before one finally turned up from Woolworths online (blimey, remember them, eh? ) What made it worse was the 4 games I'd ordered all arrived on launch day and I couldn't play the things for over a month. Similair story with the Wii for me, too. Maybe your view is skewed because it was easy for you to get these things, working in the shop? Isn't always the way if you're just a customer - ringing / trawling round trying to find one on the day isn't my idea of fun. I doubt very much I'd be able to walk into a store on the weekend after launch and pick one up easily, certainly not without trawling round chasing rumours of 'they have 8 in HMV' and 'theres stock expected at GAME on saturday morning' etc, and it wouldn't be for the prices they're going for online, it'll be costing £229 instore I'd guess. And besides, it's Nintendo, which pretty much means a guaranteed purchase for me, and my fall-back is it's not a big deal to sell it on if I don't like it. Preordering games isn't something I ever do, but a console - seems sensible.
  8. Yep I liked this, keep meaning to go back to it. Pretty space trails and nice anime stylings. Thought it was one of the more interesting SqEnix experiments. Didn't work properly with my flightstick though, which was a shame.
  9. Phil Oakey and the other one used to come in the Comic Shop I used to run all the time and buy Batman comics. TRUFAX! Not much of a claim to fame though.
  10. Now saying 'More Stock Due End of Feb'. I've been on the mailing list for these coming into stock for ages, they never mailed me. No way to preorder one. Good job, Madcatz.
  11. Well, yesterday was the day they were finally supposed to be getting the 360 Midi Pro Adapter in at Gameshark... Gameshark Page It's showing as 'In Stock' but 'Back Ordered' and you still can't buy the damn thing.
  12. So the Bowie pack - Ziggy Stardust is the only one on there I'm particularly familiar with. Had a listen to all the tracks on RockBandAide but I wasn't overly excited by the snippets I heard - any recommendations/speculation based on 'that'll be fun playing with a particular instrument' rather than just 'phwooar what a classic track'?
  13. Me me me me me. Hoping this'll be one of my treats for our GM bonus. But having said that, I'll order it the second I see it confirmed in stock or pre-order somewhere. The Andertons thing sounds a bit speculative as there's been no official word from HMX yet, and volunteering £230 up front seems a bit extreme. But I AM gagging for the little bleeder. C'mon HMX, make the announcement already....
  14. But what about all the service stuff - the streaming 3D video and apps and 3DS-Ware or whatever it will be called? It's not just games that won't be compatible, it sounds like all this extra gubbins won't be either. 3DS costs retail £173 With the inevitable price-tussling, I'm hoping £189.99 will be the final settling point, especially if we get into that old bundling frenzy again where everyone forces you to buy 2 or 3 games with it. Game Gears have already announced a sub £200 price (£195) for the solus unit and I'd imagine others will follow.
  15. Anyone clear up this confusion? I'm planning on ordering the 2nd pedal for the Ion Rocker sometime soon, then I read this about the Pro Pedal not coming out... ION No Longer Releasing Drum Rocker Pro or Pro Pedal But ... but ... the 2nd pedal has been available for a while from ION - ION Double Kick Expansion Kit Anyone know what the difference is? I just want a double pedal so I can do ridiculously fast bass kickin' on songs that need it.
  16. Agreed - I only spotted this last week that there's a nice suite of Avatar rewards to unlock, and the unlocking is pretty straightforward. I don't care about Achievements per se, but that's something I could be bothered to work towards, especially as I'm halfway there with most of the instruments already. Harmonix got a lot right for this game, and have catered for all sorts of players. Good stuff.
  17. Oh that's great - nice one For some reason it really reminded me of that amazing song from HOD Overkill, just without so much filth
  18. Why was my initial thought there 'Surely Blue and Yellow should make Green light up?' Try getting a stomp pedal, makes up nicely for a faulty tilt sensor and you might just grow to prefer it. I got mine from Amazon about 6 months ago for like £13, turned out to be a fine investment, as long as I remember not to play in my stocking feet. Rock Band has given me an unhealthy appetite for Country music. I wouldn't choose to listen to it normally, but it makes for some great Guitar impressario feats and can be top fun at RB Parties. I'll probably pick this up.
  19. You can absolutely do that.
  20. I picked up 'Jam - Philip Franco' a few weeks ago and have been hammering it lots. Great fun, damn tricky, epic solos especially on drums (solos for all but the drum one goes on for weeks). 80ms points very well spent. Anyone else tried it?
  21. I attended a story seminar at GDC last year with Rhianna Pratchett, Tim Schaffer and Telltale's Sean Vanaman where he was saying that there's not that big a writing team at the company and they're working on several episodic games simultaneously. He says this explains why sometimes the stuff isn't as funny or the gags as well developed as they should be, because they literally get 1 or 2 days to focus on an episode before they might have to move onto something else. Sometimes they can't turn on the funny on demand, so certain puzzles seem obtuse and underdeveloped, and certain episodes can go out pretty flat. Personally, I think their stuff is more often flat than not. Comedy is pretty much supposed to be their stock in trade, but I struggle to ever find it amusing, and it's certainly never in the same league as the old LucasArts titles they so closely model themselves on. BTTF seems to be only OK based on what I've heard, and I dread to think what will happen with the Jurassic Park license they've got in the works.
  22. I think the beeped bit in the middle is the Japanese announcer saying 'customize your cars - f*** me what a hideous livery!' Fun trailer!
  23. The Premier Guitar piece linked a few posts above yours has this to say on the subject - "As a learning tool, the combination of the Strat and Rock Band 3’s Pro Mode is undoubtedly the best option out there for learning guitar through a video game. The mechanics of the game develop dexterity and to acclimate new players to playing strings. It serves as a rudimentary introduction to guitar, though there is an inherent limit to the learning. Techniques like bending, vibrato, and tapping aren’t covered, so at a certain point a student would either stall in technique or graduate to real lessons. Our guitar teaching tester saw particular potential in the guitar if additional games were released to encourage honing your technique beyond learning the songs included in Rock Band 3. As it stands, someone who is interested in picking up guitar for the first time may be better served taking actual lessons to develop their technique. “Is it better than getting a real guitar and teaching yourself? No,” noted our guitar teacher tester. However, if someone is more psyched about playing a game than playing guitar, this is an excellent transition into learning." That latter point is what swings it for me. Just wish the damn Squier would hurry up and release already.
  24. Agreed, I'll jump on the Squier as soon as it becomes available over here. Got my ££ set aside for it, just waiting for the green light. If you're after the Mustang, I'd say you'll be relatively safe to get one from GameShark for the next few months, but if you want to pay a cheaper price online (eg ShopTo) I'd be thinking this side of Xmas, yeah. My worry with the Mustang is testing all 80-brazillion buttons on it before it becomes impossible to replace it - I had a nightmare with my Fender Bass through Gameshark, took me 3 before I got one with a working tilt (even then it's pretty undependable, but I'd had enough fannying about by that point) but the courier-ing back and forth for 2 months is something I'd dread going through again.
  25. Currently on sale at ShopTo - £21.86 X360 £22.85 PS3 £23.85 PC
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