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  1. Have this (WiiU) and a bunch of figures and discs waiting for Xmas for the family. My 6-yr old and I have got loads of fun out of Toy story 3 so this always was a seductive proposition from the same team, and the base pack for DIsney Infinity is clearly great value for money... Bought the base set and the sidekicks pack 2 months ago. The rest is just where I've kept picking bits up along the way when I've seen them discounted. Very excited for Xmas morning, cant come soon enough, it's been a marathon wait.
  2. As you say though.. its a really nice touch. I don't mind this, as long as KK Slider turns up @ some point.
  3. I may get hate for this, but so far the first chapter is horrible. I loved UC2 to tiny bits but it never felt this restrictive and the controls ... ugh, just unresponsive. I may have been spoiled by Batman. It's a piss-poor introduction IMO, but I'm sure it'll all get better before we're done... I think I'll park this for tonight and try again tomorrow. Curious to see what the other peeps @ work think, we all got a copy today.
  4. Aw, thank fuck it's just that. Can't blame him, I'm ace me. Although apparently not-as-ace-as-I-like-to-think-I-am at Rockband...
  5. The problem is that he's spent months downloading and systematically beating every score for every instrument on every song. Not aiming for the top spot, not trying to beat everyone, just trying to beat my scores. Buying songs I like and (he freely admits) he often doesn't like. It's not about the scores - if that were an issue I'd have been trying to beat him before he finished his 700-song pilgrimage - as much as it's about it being slightly creepy and obsessive behaviour focused on me. Actually, tell a lie, not just me, he's beat all my GF's scores on the game as well. I personally find it wierd and somewhat unsettling, but it seems not everyone finds it as wierd as I do!
  6. Yeah, I've told him that already in the past. He doesn't get that it's obsessive & ridiculous, as you say - which is spot-on. He always just says 'I like a challenge' - to which I point out I didn't actually challenge him! Guess it's implicit in anything with a High Score, but it would be cool if he would focus on beating someone else for a change.
  7. Yeah man, I think you're right. I KNOW he's better at it than me, plenty of people are - I'm totally cool with that. Got no choice really! It's the obsession that freaks me. He doesn't have many other hobbies, any family commitments, and few other gaming mates, so most of his leisure time seems focused around beating my scores on games! It's plenty fucking wierd though - over 700 songs - he buys them just to beat my scores on them! He's not being an obnoxious prick per se, he's just being him. Didn't bother me on TrialsHD that he beats all my scores, I think its just that RB has that great / annoying (* delete as applicable) way of reminding you after every song that 'Get nnnn points to beat yyyy's score'. Imagine that with the same name after EVERY SONG. Even if I start spending my time trying to beat his scores, it would literally take me months to make a dent in a tracklist that big, and he'd just play each song non-stop again until he'd beat me, thereby rendering the whole thing a bit of a personal waste of time. Maybe the other option is to find more friends who play RB and add them to my friends list so I can at least be beaten by a variety of different peeps.
  8. Just had an MSN from a mate who's just told me he's spent the last 2 months beating every single one of my scores, on every instrument, on all 700-odd songs that I own. Apparently on 25 & 6 to 11 (Chicago) and Life is a Highway (Rascall Flats) it took him an evening on each occassion just to beat my score. Which is slightly impressive, but more obviously slightly wierd and a bit stalker-ish. It's just the sort of obsessive thing he'd do TBH. So - without unfriending him, is there a way to stop him seeing my scores in game? Otherwise I know every time download any new songs now or beat one of his scores, he'll obsess over it until he beats me, and frankly I can do without that because I can see it'll stop me ever wanting to play RB3, which remains my favourite and most-played game. Anyone any ideas? He's a great guy but he does have a very competitive nature, and he tends to be like this on anything high-score based...
  9. Same here. The Mustang might cheer me up but it still feels like only a half step towards learning the guitar. A big half step, though... Rocksmith sounds great and as a learning tool I'll definitely pick it up, but I've got a 700-odd song investment in Rock Band so this is pretty dissapointing. Still, got to assume HMX did their best (they're good guys as far as I can see) and Fender would have kept making them if there'd been money to make there. Can peeps report back with any good Mustang prices they find please, I'll be having a hunt around this weekend. This whole thing has kept me away from RB guitar for the last few months, all felt a bit pointless playing 5-fret plastic if the real thing was coming imminently.
  10. JedEvangelion there too. I'm not even particularly 'into' NG Evangelion, but it always ends up as my fallback name when everything else I try is already taken.
  11. HMXHenry (from Harmonix) did say this about it - “We will definitely be watching to see how the community reacts to this DLC release. We’re already tracking comments on the forums and we’ll be checking download stats on the back end as well. Everyone should feel free to weigh in with their thoughts, especially once the specifics of pricing are announced so everyone is able to get the full picture. Rest assured that we’re not planning on doing this every week from now on or anything like that.” Official Discussion - Ozzy Pack @ Rockband.com forums The inclusion of the Pro guitar tracks is a good idea, I think, but JUST MAKES ME SAD I CAN'T GET A FUCKING GUITAR TO PLAY THEM ON.
  12. I second that emotion. Mind you, at least Andertons had the decency to tell people, so props to them for that. It almost feels as if it's a loss leader and they've just put a few out to market to satisfy some contractual obligation but there's no real intention to make any money off it. Or maybe I'm just a cynical old bastard.
  13. What a fucking ridiculous situation. I've been waiting for one of these since Day 1 of RB3 launch and regrettably I seem to have missed the only 2 day window where (1) I had £200 spare and (2) Andertons had it back in stock. I even bought the MIDI box & leads in advance. FFS.
  14. Not like me to get excited this far ahead of release, but I stuck Oblivion back on a week ago just to get back in the Elder Scrolls groove and 20 hours later I'm balls-deep back into it. I'd forgotten how great it is, I think I've focused too much on what was wrong with it when remembering it, instead of all the stuff that's right about it (which is a hell of a lot). The dungeons look bloody fantastic, even today. Amazing game, I'd forgotten how fantastic it is. Give me this over Dragon Age 2 or (even) Mass Effect 2 any day of the week. Skyrim's just going to be great.
  15. None of those use the focal depth or blur stuff by the look of it, so they're pretty much identical to the in-game graphics. Why do you think they're significantly different?
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