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  1. You can do it using a poussin and a small can of beer.
  2. No love for Melissa auf der Maur? Awesome album, with a couple of duffers.
  3. Wow, what a lovely film. Bastion, you're wrong. I think you'd cry if you watched it drunk.
  4. Has anyone had a red one yet?
  5. I'm stupid, so what exactly does RB do ? And how does the general concept work ? Is each level an individual set of rules ? Thanks.
  6. The motion plus seems to be the rumble/memory-pack for the wii. When were devco's told about this?
  7. Yeah, but the DS lite sold bucket-loads. You're talking about the wii+?
  8. I don't know any of the names, but Cambridge FF is this w/e and will be amazing. Hip hop had the 90's, folk seems to be blazing the 00's. KD Langs new one is pretty great actually.
  9. Microwaved is the best way.
  10. Why can't Nintendo make some decent fucking games.
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