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  1. I like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but for sod's sake Iceland, three ads per break with Pure Imagination in are making me want to take a pickaxe to my own face. Also: Any toothpaste adverts. To be honest, most adverts these says are so shit in their attempts to "program" me that I'm quite insulted. A REGULAR PERSON (small print: actor) talking to me about their GENUINE PROBLEMS (small print: script) as though I'm supposed to say, "Wow, that's so me!" Actually, come to think of it, it reminds me of the beginning of Freddy Vs Jason where Freddy basically plays Jason a little narrative of victims going, "I deserve to die, I shouldn't have been out alone." to instil reasons for killing them. He doesn't give a fuck, he's Jason FFS.
  2. I hated Resident Evil 6 more than Resident Evil 5. Somehow.
  3. "What an amAAAAZING crowd!" Thought you were an acclaimed actress, luv.
  4. As someone just said to me re a WWE 13 GAME ad: "Twenty quid at Game? I bet that means it'll be cheaper elsewhere." Even if they're wrong in this instance, goes to show the mentality RE Game's prices.
  5. There's a legit gripe though: Turians with bazongas makes no sense and does just come across as weird fanservice. I mean, they're kinda insectoid/bird influenced physiologically. EDIT: Here's some concept art of a Turian without armour that seems to fit with that logic.
  6. I once managed to get the direct number for a CEX branch to ask for a price, the bloke flatly refused to just tell me 'cause I "shouldn't have this number" and hung up. I put some obnoxious music on in the background, rang back, said I was from CEX in Hull and our internet was down, could you help us out, and he gave me the price right away.
  7. Eh? (I'm massively out of the Halo loop, pun not intended)
  8. Wow, that was shorter than I thought. Good though, even if the pacing was slightly off. Definitely feels like a "part one". What's Disc 2 for?
  9. Could someone perchance sum up the "prologue" of Halo 4 for me? I played 1, 2 and 3, and starting 4 I feel like I've turned over two pages at once or something. I'm currently at the bit where and a lot of it's going over my head. Bloody loving it otherwise though.
  10. Thrashist Regime have a belter of a new song up as part of the Fat Hippy Sampler IV. The sample doesn't do it justice. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Megalomaniac/dp/B009PGQ5DQ
  11. For all the thrashers out there, Savage Messiah's third album is available here for free (legally) : http://www.earache.com/savagemessiah/ Bloody good so far!
  12. Yay: Tombi! (Well, Tomba) Nay: It appears to have speed issues on PS3.
  13. Last I looked you could get some of the old Sonic, Mario and Goosebumps ones for 1p+P&P on Amazon. I recommend Metal City Mayhem.
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