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  1. just straight up bad. and not even 'ass' on the end of it. just, awful.

  2. you're terrible. like really terrible.

  3. FGM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'sup b?

  4. what dese bitches want from a niggaaaaa.

  5. mysterious pervert... 1 post?

  6. burton on trenttttt? sorting a g out with a new tv. i wasn't aware swallulz was nearby!

  7. not much mr soi, it's a rarity to see you round these parts.


  9. agreed, once is one time too many.

  10. hello there my little viking!

  11. comment

    COMMENT! er, hi.

  12. psst: i love you really.

  13. reciprocation! everything is right with the world!

  14. i still love you sweetiepie!

  15. your mii has not stopped dancing, i'm sure he's tired by now... are you feeding him speed/caffeine in a bid to have him dance until the end of time? have you kidnapped his family and are poking them with pointy sticks? when will the madness ever end?!


  16. 5 stars nigra. 5.

  17. nice meeting you too. ;)

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