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  1. 1) nobody has ceiling fans 2) that's what the remote is for 3) i can't even begin to comment on this.
  2. god i love you gunstar... never stop.
  3. how scalable is the crysis engine? i remember seeing doom3 running on a fucking voodoo2 sli setup...
  4. just straight up bad. and not even 'ass' on the end of it. just, awful.

  5. i'm the worst, even worsterer than you.

  6. you're terrible. like really terrible.

  7. the little guy has snuggled himself up with the girls and the gay dude. annoying black girl is try to be sarcastic. i hate myself.
  8. LEGEND. *edit: why the fuck am i still watching?! HELP MEEEEEEEE
  9. did the cov chick actually just say " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH A REAL WOMAN!" ? that's a thinly veiled "woo, i'm not the fat one anymore' if ever i heard one.
  10. dude... stairs.... out of breath. might die.
  11. hell no, it's already a freak show, just without the freaks.... unless you count the cov lass.
  12. "wehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i want to be lazy!"
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