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  1. espero que a droga da paz que tu não encontrou aqui, tenha conseguido encontrar onde quer que tu esteja agora. 

    para sempre arte.  

  2. Yonlu eterno 

  3. Hey, Yoñlu, sei que não vai ler, mas espero que sinta a mensagem. Sabe, 12 anos já se passaram e fizeram um filme sobre você! Me desculpe por não ter te ajudado, eu era muito nova ainda.


    Você agora é música, desenho e arte. Você está em todos os lugares, que nem oxigênio ou imaginação.


    Te amo, fique bem.

  4. Thank you for having existed. FUCK YOU for having succeeded.

  5. I never knew you, but thanks to a BBC Radio program about music, I came to know about you and your beautiful music. I ultimately discovered you posted some songs on this forum. I just want to say thank you for your beautiful music. I wish I had gotten the chance to know you in life, but I'm sure we'll meet one day. Hopefully, you've found the peace wherever you are, that you couldn't find in life.

  6. Rest in peace, my friend. Your music has reached the wider audience it deserves.

  7. Waterfall is an amazing song.

  8. Yoñlu

    Audio Club

    Thanks dearly, Rowan and Shoes.
  9. Yoñlu

    Audio Club

  10. Yoñlu

    Audio Club

    Thanks! Given my suicide schedule, this is probably my last song... Hm, I guess I should've made something more meaningful.
  11. Yoñlu

    Audio Club

    I bet this is gonna go down oblivion lane.
  12. Yoñlu

    Little poem/song I wrote in bed last night

    You know when you've been Orchi'd Thanks, mate.
  13. Yoñlu

    Little poem/song I wrote in bed last night

    These lyrics are begging for music, aren't they? They don't have much strength on their own right, but I think with the right music the result would be interesting. Sadly I don't have any melody to hang them on ATM. Thanks for the suggestion tho.

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