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  1. The trailer makes it look like Cooper's character is a werewolf or something I watched the original movie quite recently and it's very good, but held back by some hammy performances and the limitations of what you could get away with in the 40s. Plus a clearly tacked-on happy ending. Del Toro isn't the subtlest of storytellers so I'm sure any subtext will be rammed down the audience's throat, but I'm interested in this as a less restrained take on the story.
  2. Weirdly enough I read The Coma by Alex Garland today. I found it a quite clever and effective handling of the subtle strangeness of dreaming (albeit in a particular form). Reads more like a memoir actually, it's so specific. It's also super short.
  3. I missed it. Guess I'll have to wait until next year to try some of these video games.
  4. https://www.destructoid.com/reviews/fist-forged-in-shadow-torch-review-ps5-ps4-pc/ The reviewer is a friend of mine and he was extremely positive telling me about it last night, but he is worried it's one of these titles that only gets an underground following until a couple of years later, when everyone realises they missed a good one.
  5. Sabreman


    How have I slept on this band? Four instant favourite albums
  6. I got that lovin' feelin'* I really enjoyed the movie and came out on quite a high, but I probably need time to separate that from the fact that it's the first time I've been to the cinema since Rise of Skywalker, and it's a brand spanking new place 10 minutes walk from me, and I've been utterly fucking miserable for a while and maybe I needed to see some likeable people doing heroic stuff. Regardless, I loved the characters and performers. I thought Simu Liu effortlessly stepped into being a charismatic and likeable hero. Awkwafina continues to be absolutely brilliant, and it's always great to see Leung and Yeoh. I thought Zhang did a good job with something of a third wheel part. The movie is also quite beautiful to look at. Chinese design kind of lends itself to looking great, but I thought it was shot really well from the start. The action is solid and satisfyingly physical, with nary a rubbery CG person in sight. Things escalate to a place unimaginable from the opening scenes, but I think the film does a good job of carrying you there. There's a bit of sluggish pacing around the middle, but other than that I couldn't find anything I really disliked about it. *Though there was a trailer for Top Gun stating a 2021 release. Oops.
  7. This is interesting with regards to Murray. I love him in movies (especially his work with Wes Anderson), but both Groundhog Day and Scrooged don't work for me because I simply cannot buy the transformation of the characters. I feel like both of them have gamed the situation and are stopping short of winking into the camera at the end. Not so much to do with Murray's real life persona, which I'm barely familiar with, but more the culmination of so many sarcastic and insincere screen characters.
  8. He's supposed to be the guy the audience gels with in Red Heat, but he's so unlikeable. One scene after his partner is killed he's basically forgotten about him, and he has no chemistry with Arnie (I love how at the end they crowbar in a mutual respect frendo scene that isn't earned at all). On top of that, all his jokes are terrible.
  9. Someone's lost that lovin' feelin'
  10. The Woman in the Dunes. One of my favourite books and one of my favourite movies. I think it did as perfect a job as you could do in adaptation, considering the amount of inner monologue you lose in the transition to screen. The novel gives you more to chew on in its themes, but the film has a visual storytelling edge that comes into its own.
  11. I'd argue that the only failures are the people that made these films. If their intent was to make good ones
  12. As someone who finds a) the world-bending stuff in Doctor Strange and b) the mad camera swingy stuff in Spider-Man mentally unbearable, I expect the climactic act of this movie will destroy me.
  13. Seems a little irresponsible of Strange
  14. I have had success with a travel sickness tablet called Joy-Rides (150 micrograms of hyoscine hydrobromide). They got me comfortably through Doom 2016 in 3-hour chunks at least - which seems to be the wearing-off point. The best thing about them is I only have to take one about 10 minutes before starting to play, so I can make a decision on the fly (as opposed to some that recommend you take them 1-2 hours before a journey).
  15. I adored these books, and there's a tiny non-cynical part of me deep, deep down inside that's barely containing its excitement.
  16. I thought this was pretty great. Visually beautiful and an aural extravaganza too. It gave me a sense of some of the best Hellboy stories - a succession of odd encounters brimming with atmosphere and uncertainty, and defiantly unexplained.
  17. We've lost Sonny Chiba at 82. Fucking COVID. A genuine icon. RIP.
  18. Sabreman


    Flame Fatales starting now. Let's gooooooooo! https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick
  19. Other than ABC on the Mega Drive, the only one I've got locked in is the Playstation pad. Those four symbols somehow etched themselves into place and I never have to think twice or check them. MS and Nintendo's switcheroo on ABXY leaves me permanently at sea. I legit cannot play anything rhythm-based that demands I follow letter sequences. If it's colours, forget about it. Right now I couldn't tell you which buttons are which colour on a SNES pad.
  20. "Tell me why I had to reeeemake Powerslave!"
  21. Holy shit. For the longest time I thought this box art was a disembodied head stuck over a picture of a car driving on a desert road. I just noticed the neck.
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