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  1. Ghastly looking episode for sure. Seemed to me more like a colour depth issue, like Mega-CD FMV:
  2. Sabreman

    Disco Elysium

    Well that's my interest in the sequel completely torpedoed.
  3. Fab! I really enjoyed this, and got a little gloomy at the prospect of waiting several months for the next one.
  4. Well there are at least four more seasons coming, so I expect there'll be plenty of ups and downs to come over the next 45-odd hours.
  5. Can't get into it tonight for obvious, responsible reasons, but that's my day off sorted.
  6. When the show started and she appeared in the bar I said to myself "She'd better be a regular character". So when they were calling up the hologram I said "They'd better bring that hostess in to identify him" and all we got was an out of focus background appearance, I felt jobbed out. What I'm saying is, that character is hot AF.
  7. We were hiring recently, and were honestly dumbfounded at the number of applications that came in specifying available hours due to 'streaming commitments' or similar considerations.
  8. This is one of my favourite things about movies, and why I tend to seek out and enjoy dramas that are essentially made for domestic audiences. They give a more genuine representation of the lives of people around the world just in their day to day details, and I get to spent time in the locations. I'm especially big on Japanese and Indian cinema for this. The films of Satyajit Ray, Yasujiro Ozu and Hirokazu Kore-eda in particular tend to be fairly straightforward stories (about complex individuals), but the sense of time and place is powerful and I feel like I've expanded my cultural awareness at least a little. Like Bazjam I do have a longtime attraction to Hong Kong cinema, especially from the 80s and 90s. It seemed so wildly chaotic, colourful and somehow strange with its mishmash of language and culture. I would have loved to spend time there pre-handover.
  9. Nothing stupid in the first episode. Tentatively optimistic.
  10. I enjoyed this. It's very low-key, and Hamm reigns in the comedy but there are some funny moments. He doesn't feel as on the ball as Chase, which may be truer to the books? Feels off when it's trying to be more wacky. I did enjoy the cast though, and it felt like it moved quickly.
  11. ^ "Let's split up" I love that trope in video games especially. There will be some contrivance where you have half a dozen party members, but you have to break into groups of three so that you "Don't draw attention". Irony being even as three you continually attract attention and get into fights.
  12. Man of Steel - Jonathan Kent allowing himself to be killed by a tornado just because he's worried people might see Clark do something extraordinary, is an abominably stupid, selfish and nonsensical moment that the film never recovers from.
  13. Sequel 'officially' in the works with Reeves and Lawrence attached. Constantine is legit one of my favourite comic book movies. It just totally works for me. I think it looks great (still), I love the story and the vibe of it and I think the world is very well realised. Even if Reeves is just Reeves the absolutely stellar support from Stormare and Swinton propels it into five-star territory.
  14. They can sometimes work on the level of a short film, be it something amusing or exciting or simply 'well done', and if it's to do with something I already like I can get a kick out of them. I always used to love Blizzard's cinematics for Diablo, Starcraft and World of Warcraft for example. But a non-engine, no gameplay cinematic trailer for something entirely new hardly ever piques my interest about the game itself. Mostly because I'm already so cynical about the end product. The sizzle reels they play at E3 and whatnot are the worst. No context, no gameplay. Just a flurry of short cinematics and titles. I really don't get that.
  15. I'm nerding out quite a bit tonight reading these speculations. I used to have that book Wizcat un(middle)earthed, and I've pre-ordered the upcoming kindle version. I'm... going to try to read The Silmarillion again. Granted, last time I tried I was 13 and all I remember is that it felt like reading a succession of encyclopaedia entries.
  16. Gosh. When they panned up over I had a little wave of excitement. Loved everything about those scenes, and I do like the way there's some consistency in design between this and Jackson's films. I want to feel all of these adaptations could form part of a larger whole. One that I could potentially binge over the course of a week at some point in the future I'm with Pete on the Harfoot scenes though. The Hobbits were always ironically the least interesting part of LotR for me. Plus, the 'stranger from the stars' looks so much like Bob Odenkirk it's a huge distraction for me.
  17. Holy shit. Amen. I was having this very conversation with a friend recently, off the back of the predictable response to She-Hulk starting. I'm not on any social media at all, and this forum is basically the only place on the internet I communicate with more than one other person, but by osmosis I'm constantly (but mercifully vaguely) aware of the shitstorms spinning around... well... everything these days. I'd decided to back off even following topics in here because I'm just so, so sick of it all when all I want to do is talk about the content of the show or film. But rllmuk is a drug prescribed for indolent days off and I popped into this thread the other day, only to learn that Lenny Henry is getting shit online for being a black hobbit. I felt like throttling someone.
  18. Such a good episode! A handful of proper laugh out loud moments. This format is exactly what it needs to be.
  19. The main problem really is that everyone and everything has half a dozen names.
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