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  1. I've been trying to figure out why it looks so uncanny. I think it's the furry faces, I dunno... first the ghastly human / Sonic hybrid and now this. I'm kind of worried about Cheetah in the new Wonder Woman now. If nothing else it only reinforces my opinion that furries are fucking weird.
  2. I don't think it's a good trailer - it's kind of a mess - but they've captured the look of it at least.
  3. A lot of my favourites as a kid were inappropriate things like The Terminator and Aliens (and yes, Cuckoo's Nest), and like most people I just watched and watched and watched them ever since. In terms of movies that were actually 'for kids' a great example of one that held up for me is The Last Starfighter. We watched the shit out of that VHS, but I didn't see it again until about five years ago and it's still absolutely fantastic. Still funny in all the right places, still exciting visually despite its flat-polygon style. Great characters, a bit of nerdy wish-fulfilment, rousing score. Yep, I happily rank it among my favourite films. I've been circling around revisiting The Neverending Story recently, but I'm really not sure how that'll hold up. Also I'm waiting for someone to chuck Starchaser: The Legend of Orin onto blu-ray, but that's another dice roll. Both of those are movies I rented constantly in the mid-80s. I've even had a rip of Starchaser for years but have always held off putting it down.
  4. Sabreman

    Saw 9

    I'll pass. I find grizzly crimes unbearable.
  5. Funnily enough, the Robocop Vs Terminator comic is wicked. I really didn't expect it to be and kind of rolled my eyes at the idea of it, but it's very clever and does justice to both series.
  6. This is out on iTunes now. All the menus look like garish 90s VGA stuff, and the featurette on Goose is even presented in 4:3, with Video Toaster effects and 90s Voice Over Guy. Hammering the joke a little, but it gave me a smile.
  7. I know it's terribly conservative of me, but I'd be absolutely stoked if Rocksteady announced their next game to be another Arkham I find so few story-led games to be compelling enough to stick with these days, but Asylum, City and Knight all hit it out of the park for me.
  8. ... How about just flicking through the manuals to check?
  9. Maybe it's my puerile mind, but that artwork looks a bit unfortunate.
  10. Do people generally re-watch Grave of the Fireflies? I realised I've only ever watched it once, probably somewhere around 2002. Thing is, I've automatically bought it on DVD and then Blu-ray but I've never felt compelled to revisit it - more so than any other distressing movie.
  11. Snap. I came across mine this week while having a clearout, and even though there's no conceivable reason to keep it I'll take it to the grave.
  12. To be fair... Dirty Pair: Project Eden is better than all the Ghibli films.
  13. It's Laputa for me as well, which I also caught on ITV in the late 80s. The amount of adverts stretched it out to epic length and made it feel like it was on all afternoon. I had no idea it was Japanese and because of its European flavour, and the fact that the characters looked like those in The Mysterious Cities of Gold, I assumed for years it was some French production I'd stumbled across. I caught it again in the early 90s but didn't get my act together enough to tape it. Only when I bought Helen McCarthy's Anime Movie Guide in 1996 did I put the pieces together, and that sent me on a treasure hunt for any info I could find on it and Ghibli movies in particular. The first website I ever visited was nausicaa.net! After years of tracking down laserdiscs, Japanese DVDs (I have big collector's editions of Nausicaa and Laputa), and a pretty great bootleg box set I got from ebay in the early 00s, it's still amazing to me that you can walk into fopp today and pick up all these movies in pristine quality on blu-ray. I don't outright dislike any of them, although I found Pom Poko to be culturally impenetrable the one time I watched it (perhaps part of the fault lies with the translation on that bootleg). Laputa remains the sentimental favourite but there's really nothing between it, Kiki, Porco, and Mononoke for me. The rest are merely excellent.
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