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  1. Looking forward to him not contacting us from the afterlife.
  2. 100% the guy she's fighting in the temple is her dad, and it's a final test
  3. Maybe they'll insert him into solo asides, like 7-Zark-7.
  4. Saturn. I'm not sure what year it was, but Gamestation were selling them off for something like £30 - early 2000s, and PAL games were dirt cheap. I was really getting into shmups post-Ikaruga, and I knew I could easily mod it. That was fine for a while but I recall it was stuck at 50hz so I eventually got a Japanese model and started importing the games (so I didn't really benefit from late-cycle prices!). I really only played shmups and Sega Rally on it, and didn't bother with anything else, or anything that was also on Playstation, but for that particular crop of games it was a stellar machi
  5. I've seen them (on this set) and they're basically all great - if you enjoyed the first you'll dig them all. I remember watching Shogun Assassin back on VHS, when VIPCO put it out as part of its uncut* video nasties range. I was expecting something schlocky and kind of crap, but even though it's a mashup of the first two movies it really works and I was very impressed with it. *cut
  6. Shihomi is a treasure. I fell in love and rattled through the filmography a few years ago. Watch the set of course, but the SSF movies take a nosedive after the second, with the fourth barely qualifying. Her movies are kind of hard to come by in decent quality, but track down The 13 Steps of Maki in particular for a tremendous final dust-up.
  7. I'm not sure if that qualifies as proof of it being feasible
  8. That's the one! I'm kind of expecting an urban Black Mama White Mama, which will be enough for me
  9. Of all the coincidences... @Monkeyboy logged Certain Fury on letterboxd. A friend of mine just bought an original poster of this that he's getting framed, and we've got it down on our movie day list to watch.
  10. I always liked his work. Even though there's a lot of mechanical and architectural stuff it has a kind of soft, comfy feel somehow.
  11. I've watched the first three. It's great to be back in this type of show, but I wish they wouldn't wring so much drama out of the obstacles they choose to put in front of themselves. More amazing locations and connecting with the people, less "Will the battery run out" please.
  12. I've found myself defaulting to it for re-watching the Marvel movies, when previously I would have gone to the bloos.
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