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  1. Pat Woodell at the climax of The Big Doll House. Dual-wield machine guns. It's only a couple of seconds but it's the coolest motherfucking thing.
  2. If they can't make the second part they could just take a leaf out of Bakshi's book: just stick a voice-over in there saying the good guys won in the end.
  3. It's one of those things that stuck with me too, though I was older than you when I saw it so I remembered it specifically being part of that series (the wife saying "Nuceelar war" was kind of a running joke with us for years). I checked it out again several years ago and it's a neat little story that holds up pretty well.
  4. I got story information right here: Killer Klowns from Outer Space.
  5. I still(suit) think this is looking great. It may be a hard sell after the initial marketing push, but that's got nothing to do with how good the movie is.
  6. Is it the Child's Play episode of Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088909/?ref_=ttep_ep12
  7. How do you go to the toilet in a Stillsuit? .... like that.
  8. Put the novel down in one sitting today, something I rarely do these days. Loved it. It's more 'The book of the film' than I was expecting, just expanded in character backstories, inner monologues, and extended scenes. Some cheeky business in there as well with the stepdad and his own imagined filmography. Like the film the book feels like a momentary wallow in a time and place, without much purpose (and as K points out, the Manson stuff essentially fizzles to nothing. If you hadn't watched the movie you'd be completely baffled by its inclusion). The clear winners are the extra scenes with Cliff. I wonder if his opinions do mirror Tarantino's own. It's hard not to project when the subjects are so specific and a little arcane.
  9. Because whenever I've virtually put together a compact PC that comes anywhere near the specs of my desktop, it ends up costing as much as a desktop that would be twice as good.
  10. I like this for the idea of it essentially being like a docked Switch. Something that just sits next to the TV rather than this chonking great big box under the desk.
  11. I didn't really know anything about Kang but I still enjoyed the encounter with the character, and I thought the explanation and setup was compelling. I don't think it makes a difference narratively whether you come loaded with history or not, aside from a tingle of recognition.
  12. I read something about the Phalanx box art (probably on here, duh). Apparently the marketing people knew they just had another generic shmup in a sea of generic shmups, so they went with that cover because they knew it would at least catch the eye and be remembered.
  13. The Wizardry series has always been the core of this idea for me. You don't so much build a base, but you have to return to town to level up and buy equipment and provisions, all the while inching further into the labyrinth. I guess a lot of modern 'Roguelite' titles fit into this category as well, though of course the exploration bit is often determined by random generation.
  14. His Loki has definitely adopted a particular stance. Chest out, arms and one leg slightly back, almost like he's gearing up to break into a sprint.
  15. Too Old To Die Young (Prime) and Maniac (Netflix). The latter was a contained story so fair enough, but I would have accepted a steady diet of TOTDY for years.
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