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  1. Oh, that's fab! The kindle version of Paperbacks from Hell is £2.29 at the moment.
  2. The earliest arcade game I remember playing regularly was Space Firebird, which was in the chip shop at the end of our road. I specifically remember standing on a footstool to play it. The swimming baths had Kick and Run, which was the highlight of any swimming lesson. In the dithering about getting changed and gathering everyone together there was always time to stick a 10p in that. Later they had Marble Madness but I found that too aggravating to fork out on. I guess 87-91 were my most committed arcade years. Previous to that I'd always play things whenever we went to the seaside (rarely though). That was the only place I encountered sit-down Outrun, Afterburner, Enduro Racer and the like. We had a local arcade and one in the city centre, and my biggest rotation locally was R-Type, Gauntlet, Wonderboy in Monster Land, Soldier of Light*, Super Contra, Kiki Kaikai, Tiger Heli, Altered Beast, and... Shackled. I even remember the placement of those machines. The arcade in the city had a stand-up Outrun which was the highlight until Street Fighter II came along. I have to admit though, once we got that SNES version at home I never considered heading into town again to play it. Same for everything that came after really. Once we got to the Playstation era the attraction of arcades had completely worn off for me, so I never got into any of the mid-late 90s big-hitters. * yes!
  3. Speaking of License to Kill, I'm making my way through the books at the moment. While Casino Royale was reasonably close to the eventual movie (though expanded greatly on screen), the novel of Live and Let Die contains a fair chunk of what ended up in the movie version of License to Kill, has barely any of the voodoo, and none of the car/boat chase, dumb sheriff, and crocodiddlio stuff. Mr. Big does kiiiind of get exploded at the end, but certainly not in the way the movie has it. Moonraker the novel is going to be fascinating for sure.
  4. Took me this long to notice the Rebel Alliance flight suit vibe from the prison uniforms.
  5. RIP Kevin O'Neill I remember reading Metalzoic and thinking it must have taken him days to draw every page. What a talent.
  6. A second season of The Mosquito Coast just started. I stuck out the first season, but more out of bloody-mindedness than genuine engagement. I just assumed it had been quietly consigned to the bin.
  7. The Konix Multisystem. Holy shit did I want one of those. At the end of the day it was just a bunch of plastic gubbins surrounding an Amiga-level console, and ironically the only taste of it I ever got was the Amiga version of Hammerfist.
  8. I desperately wanted to win that FM-Towns. It seemed like a whole other world of technology at the time.
  9. There are a couple of droids in the opening scene of A New Hope.
  10. I guess that's how fleets of Star Destroyers, and eventually Death Stars, get made.
  11. Any mention of Yaddle just takes me back to an old GFW Radio podcast, and a lengthy tangent about milking her.
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