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  1. I haven't seen Stripes in forever. On one of the episodes of The Movies That Made Me podcast Josh Olsen talks about revisiting it to show to friends, realising it absolutely didn't hold up to his memory, and actually feeling embarrassed that he'd recommended it.
  2. If this works out for them they'll surely put Black Widow out the same way. This is it.
  3. I need to get back on those. I'm about ⅔ through The Surgeon's Mate, and every one so far has been magnificent.
  4. How weird the world is. I came very close to putting this down the other night, but went with Kitano's Boiling Point instead. Of all the nothing movies to make a coincidence from
  5. PSO with a frying pan? Done it, mate. I'm terrified of this coming to Steam. I've cast all gaming time-sinks aside, and yet... it's found its way onto my wishlist
  6. Sabreman


    I'm still chipping away at this, it's basically been all I've been playing since polishing off Persona 4 Golden. Just finished the Core B-Side (1542 deaths) so C-Sides are unlocked and I haven't even looked at Farewell yet. I'll probably save that for the very last. 65 hours so far out of this platformer, from someone who in recent years had completely rejected difficult games on an "I'm too old and impatient" stance. I've had the best time. You just never know.
  7. Strangely enough I haven't completed the main filmographies of most of my favourite directors. Carpenter is the only one that springs to mind. Some because I'm hanging on for HD restorations (Kurosawa, Fukasaku, Ray, Suzuki), and some because I just haven't gotten round to it. I'm almost 100% on my big guns; from Kubrick I still need to put down Barry Lyndon, even though I've owned it on bloo for years. Aside from docs and shorts I still haven't managed to get round to Who's That Knocking On My Door and Boxcar Bertha from Scorsese, War Horse from Spielberg, and a handful from Allen. I've seen all Wong Kar-Wai, Lynch, Fincher and the Andersons (Wes and PT), but most of those barely scrape two figures.
  8. It's something about the smoothness of the nail going through his foot.
  9. I pretty much won't replay anything with a big story any more. I used to, especially in the PS1 days where I'd play Resi or FF round and round. Since then though, games that I loved and finished (two criteria that are rarely met): Fez - One of the absolute best games I've ever played, all-time top ten stuff. So much of it was in the discovery though, the eureka moments and the exploration of the world. I'm not going to recapture any of that no matter how many years I leave it. And yet I keep it installed almost in tribute. Mass Effect Trilogy - I never really enjoyed the 'game' parts of ME. Clunky third-person combat that frustrated me, and just had me impatient to get back the The Normandy so I could talk to the guys again. Thing is, I had my ME story. I wouldn't change anything just to check out alternate events, so there's really no point in going back. All the Tomb Raiders post Legend - Again, it's the exploration and discovery that I enjoy rather than the action, so it feels like repeating it all would be an autopilot exercise.
  10. It's. Too. Fucking. Small.
  11. Godfather Part II has such a stellar rep as a sequel that's better than the original, and I won't deny it's an absolute masterpiece - but so is the first! For a movie of its length and scope it seems a bit daft to say it's tight, but every time I revisit it I'm amazed how it flies.
  12. The last one took decent money (though quite a drop from what they're used to), so there's an audience out there. It just depends how much of that audience went to see Depp in particular.
  13. Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981) This has got a great rep but ultimately it's shackled by being a TV movie. As usual you can feel things stretching out to fill a primetime spot (with ad breaks), and being a vengeance thriller it could really use a splash of red here and there. Two deaths are so heavily signposted you can only roll your eyes when they happen exactly as expected. Cast is good, including Charles Durning as a postman who seems to live in his uniform, and bug-eyed wall of teeth Lane Smith as two of a quartet of trigger-happy vigilantes quick to action after a tragic misunderstanding. There is a nice little mystery you can juggle in your head as clock counts out, but it's not really worth going out of your way for. 3/5
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