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  1. This seems pretty snug. There are lots of coloured lights around. I wonder why he would disguise himself though? Looks like he's come out of the gate swinging after all, so it's not like he pretends to be friends so you invite him over, and then he mechs out and smashes the place up. Looking forward to all of this being explored over 150 minutes.
  2. Why is Big G grumpy? I'm going thorn in the paw.
  3. Oh shit, because I'm terrible with names I had gone to IMDB to check hers for my comment. I did do the whole 'put a hand up to the screen so I don't see anything else' bit, but I guess I did spoil myself anyway.
  4. I had a look at some of the new Muppets stuff the other day, and it's pretty damn funny as well. It's going to be a wild nostalgia blast revisiting the original show.
  5. Inherent Vice gets better every time you watch it. You have to see it multiple times just to catch all of Owen Wilson's dialogue for a start.
  6. You know... you don't have to actually watch the credits. What a bizarre debate.
  7. I think the sitcom is supposed to represent this perfect version of American living, which Wanda has retreated into. Everything present and correct and perfect, and any 'problems' are just little social misunderstandings. It does makes a little less sense that she would construct this as a fantasy considering she's Sokovian, but maybe they imported these shows
  8. I thought the stuff at the office was legitimately funny at least. The combination of Vision's human masquerade, and the nebulous nature of companies that seem to exist just to create and process paperwork.
  9. Although I really liked the Netflix interpretation of the character that's fine with me. Up the budget for the suit though.
  10. I think they're just timing it to trickle straight into Falcon & Winter Soldier, and that into Loki, and so forth. I am enjoying it but I agree they've spent too long on the setup. I think it damages the show to have two whole episodes devoted to the idea that everything's fine and fun in sitcom land but oh no something's up. They've basically told the same story twice.
  11. For some reason I just got round to starting Mexico, despite Narcos being one of my favourite shows in recent memory. Of course it's great, but can I just say... Kiki's DEAlivery Service.
  12. Sabreman


    That was... genuinely amazing. All C-Sides and golden strawberries on a dance mat.
  13. Loving daft comedy Johnny. He's way more entertaining when he's not involved with Cobra Kai. Who else paused the screen to read his all caps reply to Ali?
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