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  1. Ah, I added that to my list after watching Avengement the other day. Good crunchy fun.
  2. I'm not getting Atmos through on anything I've sampled via Apple TV 4K (and indeed don't seem to be getting 4K either). It's definitely being throttled - sometimes almost down to DVD quality it seems. Not the greatest start but I totally understand it.
  3. Although I do enjoy fundamentals of the cinema experience - the huge screen, the scale of the sound, and that feeling of experiencing something special with a packed (and well-behaved) audience - it's really only impatience that has me going these days. I detest adverts, and ironically the only ones I ever see are when I pay to go to the movies. Home systems are so good and screens are so large now that anything less than an XPLUS or IMAX viewing feels like a waste of time. I'm with Broker on Nottingham's Broadway. I basically lived there in the 90s and I love the ideal of it, but the only screen worth bothering with is the main one, and even in there the seats are very uncomfortable with little leg room. I've always said I'd happily pay more than cinema prices to stream a movie day one at home.
  4. Still this bad boy. Tingles.
  5. Heh, there was a little kerfuffle over that art initially - it seems the artist had used an action figure as reference, and accidentally painted part of the stand in between the legs
  6. 2015 1. Mad Max: Fury Road 2. Sicario 3. Creed 2016 1. The Neon Demon 2. The Nice Guys 3. The Handmaiden 2017 1. Blade Runner 2049 2. mother! 3. Phantom Thread 2018 1. Avengers: Infinity War 2. Annihilation 3. Leave No Trace 2019 1. Long Shot 2. The Lighthouse 3. Monos 4. Marriage Story 5. Parasite 6. The Farewell 7. Ad Astra 8. Her Smell 9. The Souvenir 10. Pain & Glory
  7. I wonder if I should re-read Dark Empire. Does it hold up?
  8. I really enjoyed Ford Vs Ferrari, but I did chuckle throughout at anyone's attempts to paint Miles as a problem character. He seemed like a great father and husband, a loyal friend, a dedicated, hard worker and a tremendous talent behind the wheel. Josh Lucas's character was borderline snarling comic villain in his attempts to discredit him.
  9. Just Before Dawn is really good, well worth revisiting.
  10. The ending of The Fury cracks me up. There's just like... half a dozen shots too many, so my brain goes right through "This is cool!" and straight into "What the fuck lol".
  11. "You want to be able to turn your head". "Well fucking yes. Yes please".
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