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  1. Makes sense. Both those guys love killing off characters.
  2. Sabreman

    Gaming things a younger you would never believe

    I don't think I ever considered the possibility that video games would look like 'real life'. Like, I always thought they would continue to look like video games - with better graphics, but still just 'graphics' if you know what I mean. This from the perspective of someone playing on a Spectrum in the 80s, and thinking screenshots from Amiga games were the be all and end all, or that Tron was the ultimate representation of visuals. I guess I just couldn't imagine computer technology advancing as much and as rapidly as it did.
  3. Pattinson is great. Everyone is terrible in the Twilight films, but you can't do anything with that material. I've watched almost everything he's done since then and have been constantly impressed.
  4. Sabreman

    Doris Day RIP

    One quote I always remember from many years ago regarding Doris Day was that "She had a voracious appetite for sex". I thought surely not... Doris? RIP. I have quite a soft spot for many of her light and fluffy movies. I think when someone actually retires and then goes on to live for many more years, you just assume they're not around any more. 97 is a damned good number.
  5. Sabreman

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    Banshee ended pretty much perfectly, and perhaps undermined expectations quite a bit considering what the show was.
  6. His circumstances had changed dramatically - five years of raising a daughter with Pepper, rather than just believing he was going to die alone in space.
  7. Sabreman

    Streaming service costs!

    £9.99 for 4K Netflix - Can't see myself ever cancelling this. £7.99 Amazon Prime - I love going down the rabbit hole of random shit they've got underneath the obvious stuff. £9.99 Apple Music - A revelation to me that I never gave a thought to before. £7.99 NOW TV - Mainly for the Sky Arts channel, but it serves for GoT and West World. If other things were cheaper I'd bite. MUBI at £9.99 is a little steep considering its selection. Nothing we've got here really caters for much pre-1980s. I'd be all over Criterion if they got their act together, and the scale of the Warners catalogue has me interested in their upcoming service. I'm pretty much over buying blu-rays, aside from a handful that I really 'need' in the best quality. My iTunes library is rapidly catching up to the kind of numbers my physical media ever got to, and picture quality on streaming is so good now it's really only the sound I miss the full beefiness of. Even that's improving with things like Atmos on Netflix and iTunes. I'd happily add a couple more services to the monthly list if it completely freed me from individual purchases of either discs or digital copies.
  8. I'm more hopeful that their old live action movies will make an appearance - I have a soft spot for many of them. I'm not too bothered about their animation aside from a couple of favourites, and all the Marvel / Star Wars movies I already have in digital and disc libraries.
  9. I'm just boggIed that they seem surprised by the reaction. If you aren't aware your main character looks like garbage, how can you even gauge the quality of the film you've made?
  10. Sabreman

    RIP Director John Singleton

    Ah, that fucking sucks. I heard about the stroke but I kept my hopes up for him.
  11. Special Oscar for RDJ, in the shape of an Iron Man suit.
  12. MCU power creep means that over time everyone can handle an Infinity Stone or two.
  13. What time does this generally turn up on Now TV? I tend to watch it Monday evenings.
  14. Regarding the Soul Stone. It's more that you have to exchange something you love for it, whether that thing goes willingly or unwillingly isn't important. Clint and Natasha love each other (platonically), so either of them dying there would 'award' the Soul Stone to the other.

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