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  1. Absolutely loved this episode, and yeah, I felt really put out when the credits rolled.
  2. The world has changed. We're now (mostly) comprised of generations that grew up playing video games, or at least have had them as a major part of popular culture and pastimes. I've never stopped doing the things I enjoy doing, and balls to anyone who scoffs at it. If anything, games are perfectly suited to giving my crumbling brain a reason to keep functioning.
  3. I liked Zemo legit shitting himself when he thought Bucky was going to clobber him.
  4. The iTunes version of Shin is dubbed only, I can confirm. I excitedly bought it when it dropped to a gimme price.
  5. I subbed to NowTV for a while and I did get a lot out of things like the Sky Arts channel, but yeah, for watching anything else it was astonishingly poor. I used to download stuff I had access to just for better quality.
  6. I didn't notice any iffy moments myself. Probably because they kept away from digital humans, which is usually the biggest offender these days.
  7. Umm... snap. Except I haven't seen Rampage. Maybe I'd put 2014 above Shin.
  8. It was a packed episode for sure, almost tripping over itself with pace. Ironically maybe this show does need a couple more episodes to flesh things out.
  9. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I actually ended up renting it. I gotta put my money where my mouth is on this home premiere stuff, if it's something I genuinely would have gone to the cinema for.
  10. I'll be downloading and watching it this Friday, and buying it the moment it comes out to, er... 'own' digitally.
  11. I was telling a friend about that plot point the other day, but wasn't sure whether it was down to me missing something.
  12. Sabreman

    Disco Elysium

    Some streamers have it early and I tuned in a bit. I think it's going to be a case of YMMV on the voice work, some of it is definitely not working out for me. Having said that, I'm not sure this is a game I'd replay anyway. It was so much about investing myself in the world and characters, and being genuinely gripped by the story and its ideas, that I'm not sure I'd get anything out of re-treading it.
  13. Time to see if 16 years of acting classes have paid off.
  14. Has Doyle been involved in that? I know he and WKW fell out.
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