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  1. I'd like to hear Carpenter's version of that score. In fact, just imagine if he segued fully into scoring horror and sci-fi films.
  2. Bad movie. It's so scrappily put together at the start it feels like a breathless clip show, and it never finds its own identity or rhythm after that. I see that they're trying to echo Halloween II with the direct continuation, and even Laurie sidelined at the hospital, but the film never feels like it even starts. The mob hysteria (a nod to 4 maybe or just clumsy social commentary) doesn't convince, Michael himself has stepped out of a different type of horror film with his open-air rampages, and because they're keeping our main characters safe for as long as possible we just have him take out a bunch of pop-in-pop-out victims (the 'two Johns' occupying his family home at least get some decent screen time). The practical effects are good, and there are some striking images, but on the whole it's an unsatisfying mess.
  3. I don't know what you guys have been smoking, but this looks fucking wicked.
  4. Batman trailer's going to be the very last thing, isn't it.
  5. I put a few hours in but even though I was excited to go into it, I probably shouldn't have done so immediately after polishing off Sea. Everything that worked a little differently bothered me (a ridiculous criticism for a sequel, I know), and while the combat in Sea was hardly the slickest experience I found Skies to be a bit too chaotic. It is absolutely beautiful though. It's been majorly updated since I played it, with a lot of apparent QoL stuff, so when I swing back to playing slower games it'll be near the first in line for sure.
  6. I got deep, deep* into this at the start of the year. Proper notebook filled with trade routes and discoveries. Kind of went overboard** in wringing every last drop out of the story but I enjoyed the writing and the sense of place so much. Ended up putting over 150 hours in and I did pretty much everything you can do, but I still think about going back to it just to soak up the atmosphere of the world. I have to say though, that Zubmariner completely breaks the balance of the game, and once you're able to start farming flukes the economy goes to pot. *sorry **not sorry
  7. How many recent shows have we been through where the structure is such that answers to big questions are left hanging for a while? It's par for the course, but every time it happens people are so puzzled and impatient about it. Just let it play out.
  8. I just read a box office report on No Time to Die, stating the production budget of $250 million and a promotional cost of $100 million... and I know these numbers aren't unusual at all but it got me wondering just how the promo part gets that high and where exactly it goes. In the age of social media, which is essentially free advertising and boosting, surely it's a case of dropping a trailer on YT, twitter, Instagram - what have you - and letting the internet kind of do the rest for you? Maybe there's a glitzy premiere that you put on, and you pay someone to cut a trailer and another to design a poster. Pay for some billboard space. Nobody is unaware that a new Bond film is out, and I'm confident that awareness is mostly absorbed the way everything else is these days. The number seems astronomical to me. What am I missing?
  9. I thought this was moved to theatrical only?
  10. I'll bet people become completely obsessed with this game.
  11. I'm sure I mention this every time a new Bond film comes out, and so the discussion over what's good and bad gears up again, but I genuinely consider QoS one of the very best in the series. In fact I impulsively watched it again last night. Yes the editing is hyperactive, but it moves like lightning and has some great sequences, very dry humour, and not only functions as a direct sequel to CR but also pushes an ongoing arc forwards (something only Craig's run has really attempted to do). Camille is a great and capable ally and I love the shadiness of the CIA.
  12. I've watched the trailer multiple times and I'm very excited for the film. Not only has PTA never let me down, he's delivered a handful of the best movies of the past 20 years.
  13. I love "As you've never seen him before!" as a selling point. It could mean absolutely anything, good or bad.
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